4 Common Myths and Misconceptions about LASIK Surgery

Most people are sensitive about their eyes and some will be apprehensive at the idea of getting any type of surgery on them. Most people who have vision issues know about LASIK surgery, but might be afraid to use it for a variety of reasons. Some might be skeptical about its efficiency, and others might simply be scared that something might happen.

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This is perfectly understandable, but you must also know what LASIK surgery is really about to know if any of those fears are warranted. You’ll also have a better idea of what you can expect from the procedure. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about LASIK surgery. 

Everyone Can Get it

This is a very common one. Some people think LASIK is a cure all treatment for any kind of eye issue, but that’s not true. For instance, LASIK is not the best option for people with irregular or thin corneas or people with specific eye viruses or diseases.

LASIK surgery may be the perfect solution if your eyes are generally healthy, you have the right cornea size, and have no pre-existing conditions like lupus, for instance. People suffering from autoimmune diseases or uncontrolled diabetes are also at higher risks of complications.

LASIK is Painful

This is one of the biggest yet damaging myths about LASIK surgery. The procedure itself is completely painless. This is because anesthetic drops will be applied to the eye before the procedure starts.  

Some people, however, do feel some discomfort slightly after the procedure. This will usually manifest itself for a few hours after the procedure and can usually be treated with over the counter medication like aspirin. It’s also important to note that the large majority of people don’t experience any kind of discomfort whatsoever.

Once you get the Procedure You Won’t Need Glasses or Contacts Ever

Another misconception is that LASIK will make any issues go away never to come back again. But vision changes naturally as we age, and you might need things like reading glasses at some point. You might also need to wear some glasses at night. So, don’t assume you can throw away your glasses or contacts yet.

All LASIK Procedures are More or Less the Same

While LASIK is performed the same way, it doesn’t mean that the person you’re working with makes no difference. You can’t afford to gamble with your eyes and you have to go with someone with experience and a good track record. Making sure that they have a reputation for good results and are in good standing with the board is essential before you work with anybody. And, don’t make the mistake of going for the absolute cheapest options out there.


LASIK surgery is a very safe and efficient procedure to fix a wide variety of eye issues. However, before you decide to go for it, you have to make sure to speak with a qualified professional and make sure that you do your homework beforehand.

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