African American Hair Growth – Rate with Biotin Pills, Vitamins & Natural Remedies

Is biotin good for African American hair growth? What is the growth rate of hair on dark skin women? What are the best treatments for African American hair growth? Here are natural remedies, regimen and vitamins for growing long and thick hair for black women. Also learn how to grow African American black hair long and thick fast.

African American Hair Growth Rate

African American Hair Growth
How to grow black hair long

What is the average hair growth rate for African Americans? There is a very common myth stating that the African American hair growth rate is relatively slower than that of Caucasians. This has however never been proven scientifically. We all know about people, both dark skinned and Caucasian that have a growth rate that is above average. Hair growth rate is determined by many factors including genes, regular exercise regimes, the weather and eating healthy food. Here, find out how to stimulate fast hair growth rate.

Hair Growth for African American Women – Black Women and Men

The issue on growing black hair long not only affects women but also men. This article will therefore focus on Hair Growth for African American women and men. There is an array of tips to get your hair to that desired length but this article will focus on the most successful ones. We get to see what practices dark skinned men and women can embrace to enhance hair growth for that full, healthy head of hair.

Below, we will be discussing the most practical and successful remedies, lifestyle habits, healthy diets and what nutrients to watch out for like biotin, taking supplements and vitamins and exercising regularly.

Biotin African American Hair Growth

Presence of biotin in the body is known to have plenty of advantages. Biotin is a B vitamin that is highly essential for hair growth and a healthy scalp. Among its numerous advantages are strengthening of nails, treatment of diabetes and treatment of depression. We however would like to focus on the fact that biotin is very essential in accelerating hair growth. We are therefore advised to ensure that our uptake of this important nutrient is high.

So, what are the sources of these nutrients? The natural way is always the safest way to get them. Biotin can be gotten from various foods. These include eggs, strawberries, raspberries, dairy products, chicken, salmon, carrots, nuts, halibut and some vegetables like cauliflower and cucumbers. If we are able to increase an uptake of the above foods, then we are on the way to accelerating hair growth and getting a bonus of other health benefits.

However, if this is not possible, one can take biotin supplements. We advise that you visit a doctor to find out the amount you can take and how to take it. This helps in reducing side effects of the supplements if any.

African American Hair Growth Treatments

Treating the hair is also one sure way to enhance hair growth. There are a some treatments that are particularly essential in accelerating  growth rate of black women’s hair. The most effective ones must be the hot oil treatments but it is advisable to mix it up with other treatments once in a while.

It is advisable to use the following range of oils to grow black hair:

  • castor oil
  • lavender oil
  • jojoba oil
  • coconut milk
  • almond oil
  • peppermint oil

Other DIY home treatments to grow black hair include egg yolk, rosemary, avocado and many others.

African American Hair Growth Pills

Biotin Supplements for Growing Black Hair Long
Biotin Supplements

Hair growth pills are common today. Some of the vitamins and supplements come in the form of pills. But what are the best pills for dark skinned women to grow their hair? We have already looked at biotin for growing hair long and fast. It truly is the best, but that said, there are other pills in the market that you can use to make your mane thicker and longer. Here are some of the top rated pills from reviews, testimonials and before and after pictures.

  • Biotin gold or Biotin, 5000mcg, 60-Count
  • Fast Grow Ethnic Hair Growth Enhancer 90 capsules

There are also a number of pills that we can take to ensure hair grows fast in dark skinned men and women. It is however advisable to consult your doctor before taking any pill. As earlier addressed, biotin supplements come in handy in ensuring growing of hair is maintained or even accelerated. A lot of pills are available for hair growth. The best person to recommend this would be your doctor. See your doctor for the best pills for growing hair in black women.

African American Hair Growth Regimen

To ensure that hair continues to grow naturally, it is advisable to come up with a hair growth regimen that is suitable for black people and most importantly, for you as an individual. The key to a successful regimen is consistency.

It is therefore wise to simplify the regimen as much as possible and also to make it is as natural as possible to reduce cost. An easy regimen must include exercising regularly, boost intake of biotin by including biotin-rich foods in your everyday meal and maintaining a regular treatment schedule.

Best Shampoo for Growing Hair Long

Here are some of the best shampoos for black women’s hair growth:

  • Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting Shampoo
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo
  • Lucence’s Moisture Benefits Shampoo

What is the best shampoo for growing long hair for black women? Can shampoo really make your hair grow thicker and longer? How we shampoo our hair is also very key in the journey to achieving longer and healthier hair. Shampooing done wrong leads to hair loss and drying of hair. You need to pick the best shampoo for your hair type to avoid that itchy scalp and dry hair after shampooing. When buying shampoo, consider the condition your hair is in.

If it is dry, then look for balancing shampoo, if the scalp is itchy; consider medicated shampoo and so on. It is also very essential to condition the hair after shampooing to avoid drying of the hair. Conditioner reintroduces the essential oils and moisture that are stripped out by shampoo. Avoid washing your hair daily. Only do it when you feel it is necessary to avoid stripping the hair of the essential oils.

Shampoo for African American Hair Growth

Vitamins for African American Hair Growth

There are many vitamins that ensure African American hair grows in a healthy way and really fast. Most of these are B vitamins like biotin. Others include Vitamin A, C and E. It is advisable to eat foods rich in these vitamins or take these supplements to boost hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp. Foods rich in these vitamins include eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Natural Home Remedies for Growing Hair for Black Women

Natural remedies are the most successful practices that we should embrace to ensure our hair is growing as healthily and as fast as possible. These home remedies include, increasing the intake of B vitamins especially biotin, keratin and essential fatty acids, reducing the amount of meat you eat, taking one of the traditional herbs known to boost hair growth for ages – saw palmetto, eat food rich in iron and regularly use oils like rosemary and castor oil on the scalp to boost hair growth.

African American Hair Growth Tips

Whatever you do, if you need to achieve hair growth, pay attention to these 10 secrets and tips on how to grow hair long and fast for black women.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Watch what you eat – eat foods rich in the vitamins that accelerate hair growth e.g. biotin.
  • Follow your hair growth regimen
  • Regularly treat your hair
  • Avoid over shampooing
  • Choose the right shampoo
  • Avoid hair styles that promote hair loss
  • Cut back on meat
  • Add essential fatty acids to your diet e.g. avocado and fish
  • Get enough sleep

You will never go wrong with these tips and secrets on how to grow hair long, thick and fast for black women and men.

There is nothing as appealing as a full head of healthy black African American hair. To ensure growth of natural African American hair, we need to come up with a regimen that we follow to the letter to avoid hair loss and having coarse, undesirable hair. The importance of sticking to the regimen cannot be overemphasized. With natural hair, if you want to see results, you must pamper your hair.

Before and after pictures
Before and after pictures


Before and after african american hair growth 2
Before and after pills and vitamins


Black women hair growth with biotin before and after
Black women hair growth with biotin before and after


That myth most of us had that how to grow African American hair fast is a tough task should already be dispelled by now. Whatever we do, let’s follow the tips provided here. For that full head of hair, let’s exercise, take biotin, shampoo wisely and follow our regimen. Anytime you feel like you are losing this battle, just read this article for some direction.

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