Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Benefits:

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Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Benefits:

As we get older our skin gets duller and has a harder time producing elasticity and collagen. One beauty product that is sitting in your pantry that you may not know about the great benefits it can do to your skin is apple cider vinegar. This delicious vinegar that usually spices up your salads can also helo you spice up your beauty routine. Apple Cider Vinegar is a very common beauty product for women and men. The fermentation process that the apples go through creates antibacterial and antifungal properties that when used on the skins it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, reduce age spots, fight acne, and many more wonderful things. Here are some apple cider vinegar skin benefits that your skin is going to love.

Prevent Acne: Acne forms on your skin due to bacteria blocking your pores. Your pores become irritated and inflamed so a pimple starts to form in order to get rid of the bad bacteria. Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties due to the fermentation of the apples. When ACV is used as part of a daily skincare routine it may help to reduce the growth of bacteria in your skin.

How to use: Mix one part ACV and two part water, in a mixing bowl. Grab a cotton ball or a dry facial wipe, and put the solution in the affected area, or where you have most breakouts. And let it soak for about ten minutes. Rinse out with warm water, apply a couple of times daily for a few days for best results.

Heals sunburn: When it’s a bright sunny day it’s hard to resist going out and enjoying the beautiful day. When you get a sunburn the sun’s ultraviolet rays can take a toll on your skin. The sun’s rays have so much energy an power and when you stay out there for too long your skin starts to get red and dry. Since ACV can feel very cool on your skin it can help with the throbbing of your skin.

How to use: Mix half cup ACV with 4 cups of water in a bowl, grab a hand towel and soak it in the solution, take the towel and lay it on your skin to help soothe the pain. Massage it on your skin for about two to five minutes. Do this a couple of times a day or until your sunburn heals.

Exfoliate the skin: ACV can make your skin look supple and replenish. Since its a very high concentrated acid it removes the dead skin cells from your face and body. Removing dead skin cells from your body helps your skin generate new skin cells that give off the effect of younger-looking skin.

How to use: Fill your bathtub with warm water, add about half a cup of vinegar and soak your body in the solution. It is recommended to sit in the bathtub for about 15-20 minutes or however how long you want to stay inside and relax.

Skin toner: Since bacteria loves to grow and stay on your skin, it causes your pore to clog up, that’s why we get pimples. In order to unclog the pores from impurities adding ACV to your skincare routine will help up seal and tighten those pores. It also helps balance out the Ph levels on your skin making it great for people who suffer from oily skin.

How to use: Mix one tbsp of ACV to five tbsp water ratio in a bowl. Soak the solution in the cotton ball and apply evenly all over your skin. Leave this on for a few minutes about three to five. And rinse out with lukewarm water. Continue with your usual skincare routine.

Removes age spots: Age spots appear overtime as or skin gets exposed to ultraviolet light. The overproduction of melanin in our skin produces high concentrations of age spots and clumps up melanin together. These spots usually appear mostly where the sun hits your skin the most.

How to use: Grab a Q-tip, and dip straight into ACV and put it on the age spots. This is a very high concentrated amount of ACV so be careful it may burn, try to sample how it feels on your hand first before putting it on your face. After wash off your face with lukewarm water and follow your regular skincare routine.

Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles: As we get older it is unavoidable to get wrinkles our skin starts to get less elastic and it is not able to protect itself from regular sun exposure like it used to. ACV acts as a barrier and helps protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

How to use: Mix 1tbs of ACV to 3 tbsp water mix in a bowl, dip a cotton swap in the solution, and apply evenly to your face. Leave there for a few minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Helps control dandruff: ACV may help with mild symptoms of dandruff. ACV has antibacterial components that help fight the bacteria that form dandruff.

How to use: You can add ACV to you shampoo its that eas, you can add a few tbs into your bottle bu there is also apple cider vinegar shampoo that works wonders.

Taking care of our skin at an early age is very beneficial, we are able to strengthen the skin barrier and exfoliate our skin from harmful pollutants that it accumulates over time. Using these tips to take care of your skin will help you achieve a youthful glow.

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