Are Pot Brownies Safe To Eat?

After the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states, it’s not surprising that cannabis has found its way into food products like cookies, mints, gummies, protein bars, and even pretzels. 

These marijuana-infused food products are also known as “marijuana edibles,” “cannabis edibles,” or only “edibles.” Its labels mention the amount of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical that is famous for causing the psychological effects of marijuana.

Because of the popularity of chocolate, pot brownies have become one of the most favorite edibles. Marijuana dispensaries are now regularly selling them.

In cannabis culture, four-twenty is a slang term signifying two things. It could refer to 4:20 PM, the time when five California high school students met to smoke cannabis. Or it could also mean April 20, an international day for cannabis enthusiasts. 

That is why pot brownies are also called “420 brownies.”

How is pot brownies baked?

Nowadays, you can effortlessly search online for a recipe of pot brownies or “weed brownies.” However, back in 1954, a “hashish fudge” recipe published in the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook was considered controversial. 

The recipe is not too different from baking regular brownies. The only difference is its use of Cannabutter or cannabis-infused butter. 

Raw weed has to go through decarboxylation, a heating process to activate THC. Therefore, warming marijuana in the oven is necessary before being added to unsalted butter.

A cannabis-infused brownie may have a slightly green tinge and emit a faint cannabis smell.

What are the benefits of weed brownies?

Medically, marijuana is known to treat chronic pain and to ease cancer-related symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Doing your research and finding reputable places to source high quality, safe marijuana such as the Ann Arbor dispensary is essential to using it properly medicinally. There are many benefits, but also, if you don’t find the right place to buy, you may regret it.

From the intake of edible marijuana in small doses, patients get relief from pain without feeling “medicated.” 

It also helps treat anxiety and can promote a feeling of calmness. Alternatively, it can cause anxiety if taken in high amounts.

It’s also a safer and cheaper way to consume THC. You don’t need to invest in a vape pen or keep buying rolling paper when you can just order pot brownies and even get a better high.

Is it safe to eat?

Smoking marijuana takes effect in only a few minutes and wears off in two hours. With edibles, however, the psychoactive effect will only take effect after 90 minutes, with the “high” lasting up to 4 hours. Impatient users usually eat more brownies, thinking that the first one has very minimal impact. It’s safe to eat but you also need to be patient and let the effect come in its own time.

The amount of THC is tough to measure since chocolate interferes with potency testing. According to David Dawson, a chemist and lead researcher of CW Analytical Laboratories, they cannot accurately measure the level of cannabinoids because of the presence of chocolate. So if it’s your first time trying it, it would be wise to consume a little and see how it goes.

When taken in the right amounts and in a controlled environment, pot brownies can be eaten safely without any repercussions. If you’re on certain medications, it would be advised to take caution while having these brownies. Since they resemble regular food, pot brownies can be accidentally eaten by children, pets, and other unsuspecting adults. So if you do have a batch, you might want to keep them away from kids and label them properly.


ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics report that consumers will be spending more on marijuana edibles by 2022. Therefore, now is the best time to inform the public about the potential benefits of these food products. 

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