Top Anti Aging Supplements for Men, Women Skin Dietary Supplements

The signs of aging on the outside tend to be a continuation of aging at cellular level. This can be put on check by supplementing what the body lacks. Find out the top and best anti aging supplements, antiaging products for men and women as well as for skin.

Top & Best Anti Aging Supplements

A number of theories have been put forward as to the reason why we age. One of them attributes the process to oxidative stress subjected to mitochondria. These are what produce energy for the cells and are seen as powerhouses for the cells. In the process of energy production, there is formation of free radicals. These damage the mitochondria.

best anti aging supplements
best anti aging supplements

With time, the mitochondria in the cells become upbeat and their number reduces as well. This causes a mitochondrial dysfunction which is what causes aging. Correcting this will help halt aging. This can be done using the best anti aging supplements such as those discussed below.

Coenzyme Q10

Taking a pill for a considerable amount of time and in the right dosage will help to regain your youth. Among the best anti aging supplements is coenzyme Q10. This is commonly referred to as CoQ10. For mitochondria to function, it has to be present.

This substance improves the effectiveness of mitochondria. In its absence, mitochondria becomes dysfunctional, something that accelerates aging. Supplementing CoQ10 helps to maintain the necessary levels of energy. It also lowers oxidative stress in mitochondria. This helps to keep us looking healthier and strong.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a type of carnitine that is available in supplement form. It is believed to have anti-aging effects because it improves the function of the memory. It is also believed to increases sperm count in men which normally decreases with age.


The heart is an organ that needs to remain healthy for one to live a healthy life. Aspirin taken in low doses can help achieve this. It reduces the risk of getting a heart attack and lowers the risks of blood clotting. Taken when one starts experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack, it could save your life. Omega-3 fatty acids also work in the same way. It helps maintain a constant blood flow in the same way as does aspirin.


Also known as DHEA, this is a hormone that the body uses to facilitate production of other hormones such as estrogen and testerone. With age, the hormone decreases. It has been found in great levels in people who live longer than average. This can be taken as a supplement.

Antioxidant PQQ

The antioxidant PQQ is needed in animals. When it is in sufficient amounts, it helps to increase the number of mitochondria in the cells. This improves the energy transfer. Studies have shown that when animals are deprived off this antioxidant, their immune system weakens, fewer mitochondria are present in the tissues and there is stunted growth. These contribute to fast aging. When it is supplemented, the effects are reversed.

Anti Aging Supplements for Men

resveratrol best anti aging element
resveratrol best anti aging element

Aging in men happens systematically within the body. This occurs both at cellular level and at the skin’s surface. When choosing anti aging supplements for men, it is important to choose products that will work synergistically leaving one looking young and healthy.

In order to maintain high energy levels and optimize the sugar metabolism level, men should take energy producs. Oxidants are also important. They help to clear up existing damage while protecting the body cells from future oxidative processes.

Also to be considered for supplementation is collagen boosters. Collagen is a component that takes a beating with age. When it is broken down or decreases in the body, the skin becomes less firm. Taking supplement goes a long way in reversing the signs of cellular aging. It also helps to protect the protein structure in the skin.

Hormonal supplements help to boost testerone levels and lower the level of estrogen in men. These enable men to perform better at work, athletics as well as in the bedroom. These not only take off years from the skin but also help one have the needed energy to add years to life and life to years.

Anti Aging Dietary Supplements

Eating right can go a long way in taking away a number of years from our face. Anti aging dietary supplements keep us looking young. Among some foods that one can consciously consume to fight the signs of aging include:

Raw Organic Eggs: Eggs contain nine essential amino acids. They also have high quality proteins which are necessary for repair, maintenance and building of tissues. They benefit the eyes because they contain lutein. Choline helps keep the brain healthy as well as put cardiovascular diseases away. One should look for free range chicken eggs as opposed to commercially raised chicken eggs. The eggs should also be taken raw for a healthy skin.

Leafy green vegetables: These include kales, spinach, romaine lettuce, and collard greens. They are a source of lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants. These help to reduce age related macular degeneration risks. Spinach has folate which helps to improve memory and lower the risks of heart disease. It is also high in oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This makes it useful in preventing the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Blue berries: Studies have shown that they contain anthocyanins which help to combat oxidative stress which is the main cause of aging. They also aid the brain in dopamine production which is essential for memory, coordination and mood boosting. Full of antioxidants, blue berries neutralize free radicals before they can harm the body.

Anti Aging Supplements for Women

anti aging natural supplements
anti aging natural supplements

Women tend to be most conscious about their looks. For a youthful and healthy look, try taking the following anti aging supplements for women.

Resveratrol: This is the same chemical found in red wine. It is found in the skin of berries and grapes. Research has shown that it increases the lifespan of lab animals.

Whey Protein: This has been seen to increase glutathione in the body which is an antioxidant. They also counter the shortening of telomeres which is attributed to aging.

Turmeric: This tends to be a protective antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory product. It has been found to shield people from age related conditions.

Multi vitamins: These go a long way in maintaining a woman’s healthy look. In a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, it was discovered that women taking multivitamins had longer telomeres. These are protective caps found at the end of chromosomes and which tend to grow shorter with age.

Anti Aging Skin Supplements

The skin tends to be the ultimate show off for the years we have piled up. While aging is inevitable, its signs can be control. Below are some skin supplements to keep your skin looking young.

Fern Extract: Some pills such as SunPill have been found to reduce UVA related damage. For maximum protection, one should take pills with fern extracts a week before their time in the sun. This will give time for the buildup of antioxidants.

Biotin: This is most necessary during summer especially for people who swim. It will help prevent skin breakage from too much chlorine and salt.

Prim rose oil: This helps to promote a healthy skin. It is hard to get it in the diet so supplementing it should do the job.

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