Best Absorbent Armpit Sweat Pads for Men & Women, Reusable

Armpit sweat pads can help to keep your clothes dry and give you that dry feel that you may desperately want if you suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Here a list of the best armpit sweat pads for men, women including how to make homemade reusable underarm sweat shields.

Best Underarm Sweat Pads or Shields

What is the best brand of underarm sweat shields? Using an antiperspirant is a great way to stop excessive sweating but if that fails, a common alternative is to wear underarm sweat pads. Here’s our list of the best underarm sweat pads from extensive reviews online:

Improved armpit sweat pads
Improved armpit sweat shields combined with underwear.
  • Purax Pure Pads – Unisex and all natural i.e. no chemicals according to manufacturer
  • Kleinert’s Ultra Absorbent Underarm Shields – Unisex and hypoallergenic
  • Sweatex Self-Adhesive Pads – Aloe vera scented and noiseless (according to manufacturer)
  • Advadri Armpit Pads – Some are reusable armpit sweat pads (washable)

Also known as underarm shields, garment guards, or dress guards, underarm sweat pads help to create a physical barrier between your armpits and your shirt, dress, or blouse. Most varieties feature a sticky surface on one side and all you have to do is to peel the paper backing and then stick the pad on the armhole of your dress or shirt.

There are also a variety of sweat pads that feature elastic arm straps which hold on to your body rather than your clothing.

Varying from disposable to reusable (washable) types, sweat pads prevent the formation of those wet patches and stains that are associated with excessive sweating.

Take a quick search online using Google (or any other search engine for that matter) and you are sure to come across a whole lot of underarm sweat pads to choose from which then begs the question, “Which are the best underarm sweat pads?”

Well, what a better way to decide than to look at online reviews from real customers in online shopping sites like Walgreens, Amazon, Boots, and eBay among others. Looking at the expert reviews online is also a good way to go about.

Being the good guys that we are 🙂 we spent some time doing exactly that and here is what we came about with and the list is the one above.

Best Underarm Sweat Pads for Men

What are the best underarm sweat pads for men? “I keep getting wet patches below my shirt while at work and it is getting to my nerves. I have hit and miss days with my prescription antiperspirants and I am considering trying underarm sweat pads. In your opinion what are the best underarm sweat pads for men?” Mike

Armpit sweat pads or shields will help stop armpit sweat
Cover your armpits well to stop wetting the armpits.

A good underarm sweat pad should be made of a good absorbent material (usually 100% cotton) to keep your armpits dry for longer, sticks well on clothing, and feels comfortable on your skin.

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Walmart, The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools ™ Pit Protectors are easily the best armpit sweat pads for men.  According to the manufacturer, these sweat pads are designed to not only soak up sweat but also to absorb odor.

Each pack comes with 10 self-adhesive sweat shields and goes for about $5.

Purax Pure Pads and Kleinert’s Ultra Absorbent Underarm shields also popular among men judging from reviews on online shopping sites such as Amazon and Walmart among others

Underarm Sweat Pads for Women

What about women’s armpit sweat pads? We sought to find out what underarm sweat pads are designed for and/or specifically popular among women as requested by one of our readers.

Our research was inconclusive since most of the armpit pads available out there are designed for both genders, perhaps the only exception being The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools ™ Pit Protectors which is marketed for use by men only.

In addition, women also tend to use and review underarm pads online more than men on a general scale. This leaves overall review as the only indicator for the most appropriate underarm sweat pads for women. The following are always a safe bet for women:

Before and after wearing underarm sweat pads
Before and after wearing underarm sweat pads
  • The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools ™ Pit Protectors – For Men Only
  • Purax Pure Pads
  • Kleinert’s Ultra Absorbent Underarm Shields
  • Sweatex Self-Adhesive Pads
  • Advadri Armpit Pads
  • Axilla Underarm Pads

How to Make Armpit Sweat Pads (Homemade Sweat Pads)

Are you a DIY-junkie who likes to get his hands dirty and/or take new challenges? Are commercial armpit sweat pads more of a luxury to you? Then here is how to make armpit sweat pads at home:

Method 1: Who knew that panty liners could make such good armpit sweat pads? I agree that this is not as such as DIY thing but it works fabulous

Requirements: A panty liner; Scissors

Steps for Making Homemade Underarm Sweat Pads

  1. Check to see if the panty liner fits in your armpits. If not, use the scissors to trim the edges as necessary
  2. Stick the adhesive strips to your clothing (dress, shirt, etc)

Method 2: For more extensive sweating, use a sanitary pad with maximum absorption capacity. Go for pads with short length; otherwise trim the edges as is necessary to ensure the pad fits snugly in your armpits and is not making a bump in your shirt. It is advisable to fit in the pad while wearing the shirt or dress.

Method 3: For these homemade sweat pads, you will need baking soda; a pair of socks;  and a small (1 inch or so) synthetic webbing.


  1. Cut two strips of webbing to your all round armpit-shoulder-armpit length
  2. Join the tips of the webbing together by sewing or place snap fasteners on either end. This will serve as the harness for your armpit sweat pad
  3. Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the inside of a pair of small socks
  4. Attach the socks (now a sweat shield) to the harness (one on either end) so that they sit comfortably on your underarms
  5. Wear the sweat shield before putting on your shirt or dress in the morning
    Good sweat shields will prevent excessive perspiration
    You can stop the problem of hyperhidrosis with good shields.

It might feel a bit uncomfortable to walk around with those homemade sweat pads at first but you will soon get accustomed to them. The best part is that nobody will know that you are wearing sweat pads – unless of course you tell them – and you will not have to worry about getting sweat-stained shirts or dresses.

Best Sweat Absorbent Pads for Armpits

What are the best absorbent sweat pads for armpits? “I have an inherited hyperhidrosis and have been using all manner of deodorants and prescriptions but they only seem to work for a short time and then fail. My friend thinks using absorbent pads can help. Please recommend the best sweat absorbent pads for armpits and where I can buy them at the best price.”Jean

There are many brands of underarm pads (or absorbent pads for armpits as you may call them). Here’s a list of top rated as best absorbent pads for armpits to help you control underarm sweat:

  • Purax Pure Pads
  • Kleinert’s Ultra Absorbent Underarm Shields
  • Sweatex Self-Adhesive Pads
  • Advadri Armpit Pads
  • Axilla Underarm Pads
  • The Decent Man’s Grooming Tools ™ Pit Protectors – For Men

You can order your preferred product on online shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens etc. Just make sure to compare prices (especially on Amazon) as different sellers may have different prices for the same product.

You can as well order the underarm pads from the manufacturers’ sites directly.

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