Best Body Hair Removal for Men – Cream, Products for Male Hair Removal

Male body hair removal continues to gain popularity each day. Learn about body hair removal for men which includes the best body hair removal for men. Also get information on the best body hair removal cream for men, permanent removal and various products.

Best Body Hair Removal for Men

Body grooming is no longer a preserve of the metrosexual. It has now become part of most men’s grooming regimen. There are various ways through which full body hair removal for men can be achieved. What the best body hair removal for men is depends on personal preferences. Among the methods they can use include:


This is best for areas that have coarse hairs such as the groin area. It is also ideal for men who do regular shaving as it has the ability to get rid of hairs with different lengths. The wax adheres to the skin after which it is pulled off coming off with the unwanted hairs.

During the process, it is important to be relaxed. This will make the experience more comfortable. This could be achieved by listening to some music so be sure to carry your phone, iPod. To avoid in-growns and get rid of dead skin cells around the area to be waxed, it is important to exfoliate. This should be done some time before or after the hair removal and not right before or after. Exfoliating regularly helps to get rid of debris that lead to in-grown hairs. It also opens the hair follicles making the hair removal easy. Using ingrown relief lotion once the waxing has been done could also go a long way. For effective removal, one should let the hairs grow to at least a quarter inch so that the wax can stick on them.


This is a method that makes use of all natural ingredients. It gets rid of hair from the roots and lasts up to six weeks. Though this method uses the same technique as waxing, it is less painful. It thus is most appropriate for people with sensitive skin. It is less sticky and thus less irritating. One can get professional sugaring or do it at home. For the best results, one should hold the skin taut before pulling off the sugaring.

While having waxing or sugaring done, it is best to have the skin dry. This will enhance the stickiness one can use talcum powder to get rid of excess moisture. Avoid body lotion before the process to prevent the hair from breaking off as opposed to its being pulled off from the roots.

Threading: this method is most suitable for men who use skin thinning medication or whose skin is very sensitive. The string pulls the hair out from the root as opposed to pulling it from the skin. the method is one of the gentlest and almost  painless. Since the method gets rid of a single hair at a time, it is the best body hair removal for men seeking removal on small areas such as brow shaping, hair on toes, knucles and stray hairs.


Lasers: this is most appropriate for men who want to get rid of body hair for good. If you are  fine with having a bare chest or back forever, this is the method for you. The method is approved as a permanent hair reduction method and can be used on large body areas. the method though does not leave you completely hairless. It progressively reduces the hairs with various sessions before getting rid of them permanently.

Electrolysis: this method of removal is approved for permanent hair removal. It is therefore most appropriate for men who do not want hair on particular parts of their bodies. It doesn’t reqire one to have specific type of hair or skin color.

Best Body Hair Removal Cream for Men

Also known as depilatories, hair removal creams are less painful and take less time to use compared to other removal methods. They provide quick hair removal solutions for men and are meant for topical application. To decide which of them is the best body hair removal cream for men,it is important to pick on a specific product and compare what advantages it has to offer when compared to others.

When the creams are applied on a  selected area, they are left for a few minutes. This differs depending on manufacturer instructions. They work by breaking the protein bonds that hold the hairs onto the skin. with time, they become light enough to be wiped off the surface of the skin. the best body hair removal cream for men wwill depend on each individual. It all depends on the area of removal, the skin type and amount of hair to be removed.

Removal creams are a great alternative. People with sensitive skin though should be careful as the creams may cause irritation. It is important to follow the give instructions to avoid negative effects. Also test some small skin patch before applying it on larger areas. Among the best rated hair removal creams in the market include:

  • Veet for Men Hair Removal Cream
  • Nads Hair Removal Cream for Men
  • Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream

Body Hair Removal Products for Men

In the past few years, the need for male grooming has risen to great heights. Following this trend, there is an upsurge of body hair removal products for men. These provide for a wide range of options depending on what suits each man’s circumstances.

Depilatories are chemicals that helping getting rid of body hair. They can be found in the form of gels, creams and serums. Epilators on the other hand  are hair removal devices. These range from springs, electric tweezers and electrolysis devices. For people who wish to have the removal done with natural products, products such as sugar, honey, lemon juice and turmeric can go a long way in helping them achieve their goals.

Permanent Body Hair Removal for Men

In case one is tired of the regular hair maintenance procedures, there are methods for permanent body hair removal for men. Electrolysis is a method that has been approved as a permanent method. Laser hair removal could also be used for permanent reduction of hair growth. With time, it achieves permanent hair removal.

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