Best Callus Remover Cream & Professional Homemade Heel Callus Remover

Though calluses are no source of health risks, they can be uncomfortable. This post discusses callus remover products. Find out about the best foot callus remover, callus remover cream, liquid callus remover, professional callus remover as well as natural and homemade callus remover.

Best Foot Callus Remover

There are many foot callus removers. These range from home remedies, creams and medical procedures. The best foot callus remover is determined by a number of factors.

Callus Remover - Bread and Apple Cider Vinegar
Callus Remover – Bread and Apple Cider Vinegar

For people who like it natural, the best would be some homemade natural removers.  This though requires one to spare some time to make. For people who cannot afford to get enough time for this, remover creams would be best suited for them. Severe cases of calluses on the other hand are best removed using medical procedures.

Emjoi Micro-pedi Callus Remover is one of the best foot callus remover. It is a battery operated machine suitable for both professional and home use. They get rid of calluses with the help of spinning rollers leaving the feet supple and gentle to touch. It is more effective and safer than other metal scrapers.

Callus Remover Cream

Callus remover creams that are mostly made of salicylic acid are the most commonly used in the treatment of calluses. They are available both over the counter and on prescription. Used consistently, they soften up and get rid of hardened calluses. Other alternatives to salicylic acid as a main ingredient are urea and lactic acid. Remover creams containing them work as well.

Flexitol Callus Remover Cream: This contains alpha hydroxyl acids which easily penetrate callus tissue as well as break it down without hurting the rest of the skin. The cream is non-greasy, does not need one to use application pads and can be used twice daily.

Liquid Callus Remover

Use of liquid callus remover is another way of getting rid of irritating dead skin on the feet. Most of these are made up of salicylic acid which makes the callus to peel off gradually. They increase moisture amount in the skin and then dissolve the substance that holds the dead skin cells together making it easy for the callus to be shed.

When using them, one should strictly follow the instructions given. Where one is not certain about the usage, they should consult a doctor. This will prevent wrong usage that could lead to irritation or further harm. Ensure that no other part of the skin apart from the callus comes into contact with it.

Liquid remover should be used for a reasonable period. In case one feels that it is not yielding the desired results, they should seek medical attention. An example of such a liquid is Dr. Scholl’s Liquid Remover.

Heel Callus Remover

Calluses tend to affect us when we subject the feet to constant pressure and friction. The heels tend to get a fair share of these. There are heel callus remover products designed to get rid of them.

Best Foot Callus Removal Cream,
Flexitol Callus Removal Cream

The Callus Blaster Gel is a triple action gel that helps to remove calluses by penetrating deep into the dead skin. It exfoliates without causing irritation on the skin since it is made up of acid free formula. Its dead skin removal is through gentle derma abrasion.

Professional Callus Remover

It is possible to get calluses removed through surgical processes. This is best done by a professional callus remover. Podiatrists can help do this in a safe and secure manner as they are doctors who are experienced in dealing with foot matters. There also are some salon professionals who can undertake pedicures to professionally remove calluses.

Companies have come up with professional callus remover products. These should be used strictly according to instructions. One such is Scrapeit Professional Callus Remover Tool. It is a callus removal tool designed to get rid of calluses effectively, quickly and safely. It is also gentle on the skin.

The tool removes only the hardened dead skin cells and will stop to scrap the callus when it gets to normal skin. This facilitates complete removal of calluses without hurting the surrounding normal skin.

Natural Callus Remover

To make a natural callus remover, one can make use of lemon juice to make a paste for daily use.  Rub this simple paste on a callus to soften it as often as needed. Lemon juice has some acidity that helps to peel off the calluses hardened skin. Olive oil on the other hand moistens it up helping to counteract the after effects of the acidity. Baking soda has crystals that will help to exfoliate the callused area. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and enables the paste remain consistent and not to dry out.

  • Add three tablespoons of lemon juice into a bowl
  • To it, add two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Add some baking soda to the mixture until a thick paste is formed.
  • Put this in a jar that has a tightly fitting lid and store away from direct sunlight.
  • Each day apply a thick layer of it on the callus until the callus is gone

Homemade Callus Remover

At times, drugstore products may be too costly. To save some money while at the same time achieving some desired results on callus removal, one can try making a homemade callus remover. Below is a recipe for one.

Bread and vinegar homemade callus remover

These ingredients can be used to make a callus remover paste. Vinegar acts as an antibacterial agent. Its acidic nature helps to soften up callused skin. The bread is used to make a paste or it could also be used as a means of application. It takes the place of a pad or sponge.

  • Start off by soaking your feet in water and filing off any loose dead skin.
  • Pour ½ a cup of either apple cider or white vinegar into a bowl.
  • Drop a slice of bread into it and leave it to soak.
  • When sufficiently soaked, place it on the callus and use adhesive tape to secure it around.
  • The size of the piece of bread soaked can be varied to suit the size of the callus.

How to Use a Callus Remover

Before making use of any callus removal products, it is important to read the instructions that come with it. Doing this will enable one learn how to use a callus remover and thus avoid any repercussions that may arise as a result of wrong usage. Most callus removers contain salicylic acid. These should not be used by people with diabetes as well as those who have circulatory problems.

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