Best Callus Shaver & How to Use Tweezerman Callus Shaver

Owning a callus shaver is important especially for people who are vulnerable to calluses. This post guides you on picking the best callus shaver, foot callus shaver and professional callus shaver. It also explains how to use a foot callus shaver with Tweezerman callus shaver as an example.

Best Callus Shaver

There is a wide variety of callus shavers in the market. One ought to consider a number of factors before making a choice since the best callus shaver for one individual may not meet the needs of another person. Among these are:

Best Callus Shaver - Tweezerman
Tweezerman callus shaver

Suitability: The best shaver meant for professional use may not suit home use. When looking for one, determine if it is meant for home or professional use. One meant for use by professionals should have as many replacement blades as possible.

Quality: The best shavers are made of high quality materials. The tool should stay free from rust so that it can last long.  Its handle should be sturdy enough. High quality shavers will also come with storage cases.

Hygiene: The shaver should be easy to clean. It should also have the ability to collect the debris of dead skin with replaceable strips. This eases disposal and prevents sharing.

Among some of the best callus shavers available in the market include:

  • Revlon Callus Shaver
  • Bioswiss Callus Shaver

These are of high quality and are easy to use. They are available in both walk in and online stores.

Tweezerman Callus Shaver

The tweezerman safety slide callus shaver with rasp is a 2-in-1 tool that helps to get rid of calluses as well as smooth feet. It operates under a slide and lock mechanism which helps one to conceal the part responsible for shaving when not in use. It is suitable for both home use and as a travel tool.

To reap maximum benefits from it, it is important to follow the tweezerman callus shaver instructions. This shaver should be used after one has had the calluses softened which can be done by soaking the callus in warm water. Once the callus is ready for removal, glide the shaver on the hard skin. This will remove layers of dead skin. The rasp is necessary for making the skin smooth.  To make use of it, slide the shaver back into its case by pressing the button on the handle. After the shaver is slid down and locked into place, the rasp is exposed. Use it to smooth the skin around.

Professional Callus Shaver

Professional callus shaver products should be designed to serve a wide range of customers efficiently, effectively and hygienically. For this to happen, the shaver must come with blade replacements. These should also be easily accessible in the market. This way, the tool enhances customer satisfaction by offering quality shaves while being economical to the person offering the services.

Callus shavers for professional use should be used as per the manufacturer instructions. This will ensure the tool is handled in the right way and that its storage is appropriate to allow it to last long. Following instructions also ensures that the equipment is well cleaned to avoid any cross contamination within clients.

How to Shave Calluses using Callus Shaver
How to Shave Calluses

How to Use a Callus Shaver

One of the callus remover tool that helps to get rid of the dead skin layers that compose a callus is known as a callus shaver.  This serves as a great home pedicure treatment tool and is a great alternative when one has no time for the salon. Though great, this tool requires the user to have knowledge on how to use it as inappropriate use could cause cuts as well as infections.

To be in a position to use a callus shaver, it is important to consider a number of things. Choose devices that are made from stainless steel as these will not rust. Also try to look for something that feels comfortable in your hands.

To begin the process, check out whether the callus remover has the razor blade installed. If not, check out the manufacturer instructions on how to do it. Once you know how, manually attach a clean sharp blade to the tool.

For the best results, one should pre-treat the callused area. This is done by giving it an adequate soak. Fill a tub with hot water and add some body wash. Soap the callused area for 20 minutes. Apply some callus remover gel after this, let it sit in for a minute and wash it off. Dry your feet and get a comfortable place to sit and which will make it easy to access the callus. If the callus is on the foot, you could try sitting cross legged or place one foot on the other’s knee.

After this, the callus is given a light shave and moisturized. Place the shaver on the top most edge of the callus. This should leave the blade touching it. Exert some light pressure while drawing the tool across the callus surface. When done properly, a strip of thin dead skin layer should be seen getting off the open area that is beneath the blade.  Continue doing this until all the dead skin is gone. Where pain is experienced, it is either an indication of too much force being exerted or getting to normal skin.

When only a thin layer of dead skin remains, it is advisable to stop the removal and finish it off using a pumice stone. This will help to avoid hurting the surrounding areas. Once done with the process, apply moisturizing cream on the area of treatment. Clean the shaver, sterilize it and store in a clean and dry place away from children.

People who have blood clotting disorders or diabetes should not use shavers as they could harm them.

Foot Callus Shaver

There are shavers that are specially designed to get rid of foot callus. These are easy to use and come with clear user instructions. Current foot callus shaver brands come with inbuilt catcher traps that help to collect the shaves. This caters for a mess-free callus removal process.

While using a foot shaver, it is important to have the feet cleaned first and then dried. One should then hold the shaver in hand and press it gently on the callused skin. The thickest part of the callus should be the first to be shaved. Slide the shaver to and fro lengthwise. Once done, empty the skin shavings and dispose the debris.

Callus Shaver Blades

Some callus removers come with callus shaver blades inserted while in others, one has to insert them. This is simple as all that is required is to follow instructions given by the manufacturer. There are also shavers that provide replacement blades. How many each shaver comes with depends on the brand. For people who are purchasing shavers for professional use, it is best to look for one that has many replacements.

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