What is Electrolysis Hair Removal? Reviews and Best Machine

This post gives extensive information on electrolysis hair removal including what is electrolysis hair removal, how to choose the best electrolysis hair removal machine, electrolysis permanent hair removal and electrolysis hair removal reviews including from Boston, NYC and Atlanta.

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

One of the methods used in getting rid of unwanted hair is electrolysis hair removal. What is electrolysis hair removal? This is a cosmetic procedure that is over100 years old. It was initially developed to get rid of ingrown eyelashes but has with time developed to doing more than that. It is currently the only hair removal method that is approved as being permanent by various medical institutions such as the American Medical Association and the Food and Drugs Administration.

The method works by destroying the hair follicle. This is done by an electric current which is directed to the follicle through a needle-shaped electrode. A metal probe could also be used. When the follicle is destroyed, it loses its ability to produce hair permanently.

One can have one of the three types of electrolysis done on them. These include thermolysis, galvanic and blend. Before settling for this procedure, it is important to analyze its costs and benefits. This is more so because the process is irreversible and should be done when one is absolutely sure that it is what they want.

Best Electrolysis Hair Removal Machine

Electrolysis can be done on anyone including people with sensitive skin. To reduce the risk of scarring from the process, it is best done by a professional electrologist as opposed to having it done at home. It is gentle enough and rarely causes skin irritation. The person on whom it is being carried on may feel some stinging irritation though.

Whether one is a professional or looking for an at home device, it is important to know how to choose the best electrolysis hair removal machine for the best results. The machines are available both online and in walk in stores. There is a wide variety of brands and various models under the same brand names. It is important to check out various features to see which is most suitable.

Although it mostly is a personal choice what one picks, it is important to consider what part of the body the machine is to be used on. There are small and portable kits that are designed for facial hair removal. Bigger devices may be suitable for use on larger body parts.

One’s budget is also important to consider. Those seeking machines for professional use are better of investing in long lasting professional machines. These should be operated by qualified electrologists. These normally have a higher current than the home versions. Those seeking one for home use could get affordable designs meant for use at home.

For people who are concerned about the size of the system especially when shopping online where one cannot see the actual size, it is important to go through the product description. This will show the product measurements from which you can decipher if it is too large or too small.

The larger machines normally contain more than one probe to allow for removal of more than a single strand at the same time. They also come with a digital display which monitors the current being applied on the follicle.

Benefits of Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Having electrolysis permanent hair removal comes with its fair share of advantages. It is the only method that is certified for permanent facial hair removal. This sets it apart from other procedures. One can therefore rest assured that the unwanted hairs will not grow back.

The process though invasive is fairly natural.  It does not make use of chemicals to destroy the hair follicles. The risks are minimal. It does not result in ingrown hairs, there is no scarring and the slight sensation experienced is bearable.

It is also appropriate for all types of hair as well as skin. It not only gets rid of the hair but also ensures that the hair follicle is destroyed ensuring no more hair grows from it.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Reviews

While electrolysis is a great method, it also has its cons. The process gets rid of a single hair strand at a time and is therefore time consuming. Various sessions will be required depending on a person’s hair density. The many sessions required to get rid of hair may turn out to be quite expensive as well. It is also possible to experience temporary inflammation.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Atlanta

There are many electrolysis hair removal Atlanta centers. For one to operate as an electrologist, they ought to be licensed. Other than the professional qualifications, it is also important to compare costs. This might end up saving you some money. During consultation, be sure to pay attention to the tiny details such as cleanliness and general attitude towards clients.

Electrolysis Hair Removal NYC

Electrolysis hair removal is an unregulated field of practice in NYC. Electrologists in NYC are not required to be registered and licensed to practice. While this is the case, there are some practitioners who have undergone through the necessary training and are licensed but practice in NYC.

It would be important to have your electrolysis hair removal done by them. Although these may be relatively expensive when compared to the rest, their results are likely to be more impressive. Licensed electrologists use RE for registered electrologist or LE for licensed electrogist after their name

Electrolysis Hair Removal Boston

While looking for electrolysis hair removal Boston, finding out the details about the procedure is important. Find out if the electrologist uses disposable, pre-sterilized needles. You should ensure that the person follows the safety precautions as well as proper sanitation.

Apart from having the right equipment for the process, necessary skills are also crucial. They should have undergone some form of formal training in an electrology school.  Great skills and equipment will ensure that you get quality and effective treatment while remaining comfortable.

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