Best Facial Hair Removal for Men – Permanent, Laser & Cream

Convenient and affordable facial hair removal for men continues to gain popularity each day. Learn the qualities of the best facial hair removal for men, permanent facial hair removal for men, facial hair removal cream for men and laser facial hair removal for men.

Best Facial Hair Removal for Men

Regular facial hair removal for men can be a source of anguish since it only yields temporary results. This though should not be the case. If a person makes use of the best facial hair removal for men, facial grooming should yield a lovely experience and results. This will go a long way in projecting the right image which is what every man wants. What the best method is depends on a number of factors which we may or may not have control over.

Skin Sensitivity: For people with sensitive skin, products that are not made up of harsh ingredients are the best to try. These include natural products. Shaving and trimming are great options as well especially for super-sensitive individuals. These are the best because they do not involve nicking or pulling. They only get rid of surface hairs gently sugaring makes use of natural ingredients so one can try them as well. In case one settles for depilatory creams, proceed with caution. These may not be the best as they contain chemicals that could irritate the skin. In case you go for them, test a patch before using the product on large areas.

Density of Hair Growth: When one settles for hair removal, one has to consider how much hair they have. Those with dense hair will have to use more products while or take more time using a remover. Using waxing can be effective. For the purposes of hair growth reduction, one could combine removal with the use of hair growth inhibitors. This will with time minimize the facial hair and make the one that grows thinner and softer.

Coarseness of Hair: This will determine how strong the products we use should be. Some may not be too effective on coarse hair. Failure to choose the most relevant will cause the hair to get ingrown hairs. Checkout reviews before purchasing a product to see if it is appropriate for your hair type.

Water hardness: Wondering what that has to do with facial hair removal for men? When one uses hard water before or when removing hair, the skin dries up. It also makes it hard for some products to get absorbed. In such situations, the best removal would be accompanied with highly concentrated shaving oil. This will help to moisturize the skin especially while trimming or shaving.

Given the various factors there are when choosing the removal method, there is no one single technique that can suit each person. Our best option will depend on skin type, time we are willing to spend on removal and the amount of pain we are ready to endure during the process. These, plus putting our preferences in mind will help settle for the best facial hair removal for men.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Men

For people who get irritated from shaving and use of shaving products, they can make a choice of getting permanent facial hair removal for men. With current technology, permanent hair removal is not only effective but also fast and easy. These will help in grooming one’s appearance and eliminating hair so that there is no need for further shaving. This way the irritation is prevented; there is no inflammation or bumps.

To get rid of unwanted facial hair permanently, electrolysis is the only medically proven can be used for beard sculpting. This will leave one with a smartly shaped beard. It helps to minimize the amount of maintenance required.

Permanent hair removal through electrolysis uses electric current passed through a needle. When this is passed on to the hair follicle, it impedes hair growth by damaging the hair follicles. Removal through electrolysis gets rid of a single hair at a time. It therefore takes more time.

Facial Hair Removal Cream for Men

Hair removal creams are great at getting rid of unwanted facial hair. They contain chemicals that work by getting to the follicle’s base. Once rubbed on the face, the creams breakdown the protein bonds making the hair to react and become easy to get dissolved. This makes it easy to wipe off. Facial hair removal cream for men are best suited for faces that are not sensitive and hairs that are widespread.

Before purchasing any cream, it is important to ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of the cream. People with allergies and sensitive skin may not be the best to use these. It is however better than shaving. In case during the time of use there is skin irritation or redness, usage should be discontinued.

Creams are pain free and tend to work in just a few minutes. These make getting rid of hair easy, fast and efficient. Among some brands in the market include:

  • Formula 103 Extra Strength Facial Hair Removal Cream
  • Formula 103 Extra Strength Facial Hair Removal Cream
  • Hair No More

Laser Facial Hair Removal for Men

Laser facial hair removal for men is a medical procedure performed by medical professionals. It does not require one to grow hair before the procedure. The process can take anywhere between 20minutes to an hour depending on the hair density and type of laser used.

The process uses light energy which is converted to heat energy. When the laser emits beams of light, they are specific and of a wavelength that is targeted the hair bulb, which is the center of the hair follicle, and at the hair melanin. When the hair passes through the skin, it gets absorbed by the melanin. The precise targeting destroys the hair follicle. This reduces the hair growth significantly. With time and regular laser sessions, the hair is removed permanently.

Since lasers target the hair melanin, it is best suited for hair which is darker than a person’s skin color. When they both are of the same color, the laser may target the skin melanin. People with darker complexions need long –wave laser hair removal since these will not burn the skin in the process.

Laser hair removal for men requires more than one session since the method is not effective on hairs that are in their resting phase. This will have to be treated once they get over their state of dormancy which is when they appear on the skin.

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