Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair – Top Products for Thick, Natural and Frizzy

Best flat iron for curly hair will depend on your exact needs. In this article, we list the best and top brands of irons for different types of curled hair such as frizzy, fine, thick and coarse hair types. Also, learn types of products such as those for straightening, for natural hair and even chi flat ones below.

Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair - Sedu
  • What is the best ceramic flat iron for curling hair?
  • What is the best straightener that curls too?
  • Best hair straightener for thick hair?
  • What is a good iron for frizzy hair?

You could be having frizzy, dry curled hair. This type can be very stubborn since you might need to straighten it almost everyday. Such hair gets messed up very fast, and without the right products or tools for maintaining it in good shape, you can end up destroying it. All you need is very simple – a good flat iron that will iron your hair and leave it in good condition for a long time.

Some products are specifically made for naturally curly hair, while others are good for commercial hair products such as curly remy and many other types of weaves, wigs and extensions. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to get home with the most appropriate product. Below is a list of the top rated flat irons that you can use for different needs on your curlicious hair.

Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair – Reviews, Top Brands

Reviews of straighteners and conditioners of this type of hair can be confusing, but only professionals know exactly what will work well. The experience of using different brands can tell a lot when choosing a flat or chi-flat iron for thick curly hair or frizzy. After this list of top rated and reviewed brands, we will discuss the criteria to look for, or how to choose a good brand for your needs.

Top Rated Irons Above Average Flat Irons Average Flat Irons
Sedu Brand Iron Chi flat iron T3
Kenta Hai Big Sexy
Solia Paul Mitchell Andis
Infrashine Babyliss

Other brands that you can choose from, but have mixed reviews include Vidal Sassoon, Conair, Revlon and Bed Head. Most of these brands can be bought from drugstores where they are stocked. You could also purchase them from online stores where they go for cheap prices.

Best Flat Iron and Straightener for Curly Hair

Many variables will determine the type of wavy hair straightener you will buy. While getting a cheap flat but quality iron can be a priority for you, considering your type of hair, for instance, will end up as a more important aspect when choosing the straightener that will work well. Natural curly hair, frizzy, thick, fine and coarse hair types will determine your choice.

Here are tips for choosing a good iron for your curling hair.Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair

  • Plate material is almost everything when it comes to this. Ceramic irons are good for curly hair. Therefore, look for 100 percent ceramic plates, tourmaline-ceramic or choose one that is made of titanium plates. They are also good for this type of hair texture according to professional reviews. Their heat distribution and retention is excellent and can eliminate any damaging spots easily. If you have thick curly hair, go for these types of plates since they can easily straighten it.

Best Ceramic Flat Iron for Curly Hair

Purely ceramic plated flat irons are the best for making frizz-free hair that is shiny and natural looking. They produce very minimal damage to individual strands.

  • Price and Durability – The material of the iron is very important as seen above. Not only will it determine the straightening power, but also the ability to last long. Price is also important. You definitely want a cheap flat iron for curly frizzy hair. Titanium flat irons may not be the best when it comes to protecting your hair but they are considered some of the most durable products to try, especially if you have coarse curly hair. These produce adequate heat for flat ironing curly hair. However if you have frail natural curly hair, this plate might not be a preferred choice.
  • Colored and chemical treated hair might require special attention though. A titanium one should be avoided as a straightening iron for curly hair because it can easily damage it, especially when used three times a week.
  • Temperature of the iron should be looked at carefully. Fine curly hair might be easy to damage, hence you need less heat on it. Generally, thick, coarse and frizzy hair may be the most difficult to deal with, so you will need to get top results with about 430 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Plate width – larger plates on chi flat iron for curled hair will work best. However, if your locks are long, choose a plate that is about 5.1 inches. If you have short curly hair, go for a plate that is just about 1 inch.

Keep in mind that cheap irons will rarely give your hair the type of sleekness and shine you might be looking for. In addition, too much use of the irons, depending on the brand, can cause damage to your hair. Other than this, once you get the best flat iron for curly hair, ensure that you know how to use it appropriately. Each of the brands come with a manual. If you have no clue, see a stylist to help you with it.


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