Best Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Reviews & System

Home electrolysis hair removal is not only convenient but also saves one time and money that would be spent in professional electrologist’s office. Get extensive information on this including on best home electrolysis hair removal and home electrolysis hair removal reviews.

Home Electrolysis Hair Removal

With the current technology, it is possible to achieve salon results through home electrolysis hair removal. Home electrolysis hair removal devices are readily available. They come in smaller sizes compared to those meant for professional use.

The device looks like a mechanical pencil with one end having a retractable probe while the other one is connected to a power unit. Normally, the area where one is supposed to hold the device has a metallic band around. The probe is attached to a spring to avoid one from inserting it too deep into the skin. When the probe gets to the papilla, the circuit is completed and heat energy is produced. This destroys the hair follicle and the hair as well. After this, one removes the hair using tweezers.

Where the hair fails to come off, one should try the same procedure one more time. The adjustable comfort control helps to change power settings to what we are comfortable in. this process comes with its own pros and cons.

Advantages of home electrolysis hair removal

When done at home, electrolysis hair removal comes with its own advantages. These include:

  • It saves you money: home electrolysis hair removal does not cost as much as one done by a professional.
  • Privacy: the fact that one does it at home ensures privacy.
  • Convenience: one does the removal at their convenient time. There are no appointments with the doctor.
  • It is also a way out where one cannot find a competent elecrologist close by.

Disadvantages of Home Electrolysis Hair Removal

While home electrolysis comes with its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. These are:

  • At times, attempts to conduct home electrolysis may fail. One ought to follow instructions to the letter for it to be successful. It also needs one to be committed and dedicated.
  • Most home users have no training. This may make home use of electrolysis devices tedious. It may also be a contributing factor to the failure of the whole process.
  • Some areas are hard to see as well as difficult to reach using the dominant hand. This may result in improper technique of usage which may cause a failure to yield permanent results as should be.
  • The temporary effects experienced after every electrolysis procedure may last longer when it is done at home. Permanent skin damage may also occur.
  • Personal treatment takes longer than professional treatment.

Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Reviews

Home electrolysis hair removal has received many reviews from both professional medics and home users. Among some of the notable issues raised in home electrolysis hair removal reviews is the pain that comes with the process. People who have had both professional and at home electrolysis feel that the home process is more painful.

Although most electrolysis hair removal systems claim to give permanent results, there is not proof to their claims. In case the unit has no unit that provides for the insertion of a probe into the follicle, the probability is the results will not be permanent.

If the hair removal is not conducted properly, serious side effects may occur. There may be permanent skin damage. In case serious scabs develop, there may be changes in skin pigmentation and in worse cases, permanent scarring.

To avoid all the negative side effects brought about by home electrolysis hair removal, the American Medical Association recommends that one limits self-treatment to areas that are easily accessible. This includes areas such as the lower arms and the legs. Areas such as the face would require one to use a mirror. This will result in reversed movements which will negatively affect the process. Such areas are best left to be done by professionals.

Best Home Electrolysis Hair Removal

It takes practice for one to learn how to efficiently and effectively perform an at home electrolysis hair removal procedure. It requires one to be highly motivated so as to be in a position to get rid of the unwanted hairs for good.

For the best home electrolysis hair removal, it is important to start with other areas other than the face. This way, if anything goes wrong, it will be in areas that are easy to conceal and you will learn to avoid the mistake in case you decide to do your face. While electrolysis is a great method, failure to carry out the process in the right way may yield devastating results. It is therefore better to get it wrong on the legs as opposed to the face.

While having a professional electrolysis hair removal session, the machines always have a probe which is normally inserted into the hair follicle so as to pass on electric current for the purposes of destroying the root of the hair. So as to get the best home electrolysis hair removal, your machine also needs to have this aspect. Anything else being marketed as electrolysis machine but works differently will most probably not give permanent results.

The size of the machine that one is using at home may also have an effect on how well the process turns out. For ease of handling, most at home electrolysis kits are small sized. This makes them easy to manipulate so as to use them on areas we want to use them without feeling awkward.  The small machines also use a lower current than those meant for professional use. This minimizes the risks of skin damage.


When conducting electrolysis at home, using Aloe Vera gel will help in soothing the skin and also ensure that the skin stays smooth and soft. The effectiveness of the process will be affected by a number of things such as the quantity of hair you are removing, its coarseness and how often you use the machine.


Where to Get Home Electrolysis Hair Removal System

Getting a home electrolysis hair removal system is quite easy. There are a lot of brands available both online and in walk in stores. However, before going making your choice, it is important to check if the product has positive testimonials.

One can know this by checking out online reviews to see what previous users think about it. Once you are satisfied about what it can do, you can go ahead and purchase it. Remember to be careful when using it and to follow the given instructions for the best results.

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