Best Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews, System & Machines for Face

We give detailed information on home laser hair removal including information on home laser hair removal machines, at home laser hair removal for face, home laser hair removal for men, at home laser hair removal systems as well as home laser hair removal reviews.

Choosing Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

Home laser hair removal is a cheap and convenient option when compared to professional lasers. However, to make the best out of it, the right choices in picking home laser hair removal machines have to be made. For this to happen, there are things that one ought to consider. Depending on what is convenient for you, consider if the machine is corded or not and if it makes use of a rechargeable battery or not. This will be most important for people who are on the move and will help pick the best.

Also to consider is if its parts are replaceable. Some of the batteries come with a given charging lifespan after which they self-destroy. Inquire if these are replaceable. In case you are shopping online, find out what the shipping costs will be and if the item will be taxed. This will help you get a clear picture of the exact cost.

The flexibility of the settings is also important. Check out if it has a setting that matches your skin and hair. Also see if it has different levels of pain tolerance settings. These are important in ensuring that the process is comfortable enough.

Home Laser Hair Removal for Men

Home laser hair removal for men can be a great way of permanently reducing the amount of hair on their body. Whether one wants the removal done on the face, back, chest, legs and arms, home procedures can help achieve this.

Since men tend to have more body hair which tends to be coarser than that found in women, it is important to look out for home laser systems meant for men. This will enhance effectiveness. For the method to yield results, one is required to be committed and follow the treatment schedules as may be directed by the manufacturer.

At Home Laser Hair Removal for Face

Professional laser facial hair removal is quite common in getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Men who are tired of regular shavings and women who have unwanted hair have it done effectively. While this is normally carried out by people who are well trained and experienced, can the same be replicated using at home laser hair removal for face?

To start off, it is important to know what to expect before going for this option. Sun exposure or any other activity that may cause tanning both before and after the procedure should be avoided. When making a purchase, be sure to read the instructions well and see if your choice of machine is meant for the face. There are some that should not be used on the face. Those that allow it are mostly meant for use from the cheeks downwards.

Once you already have the machine, carry out a patch test before using it on the face. This is in order to ensure that in case of any adverse effects, they are experienced away from the face. If it works well, follow the instructions to have hair removed from your face.

It is worth noting that doctors recommend the use of home laser devices on easy to reach and see areas such as the legs and arms. The face is best left to professional removal since it requires one to use a mirror. The reverse movement may affect the results. This may be embarrassing if it alters how we look as there are no ways of hiding damage on the face. Redness, swelling and reactivation of cold sores are some of the negative effects there may be.

Best at Home Laser Hair Removal System

The results attained from home laser hair removal for men and women may vary form one person to another even when they are using the same removal system. What the best at home laser hair removal system is for one individual may not be the best for another person.

For the greater part, results are mostly affected by the hair color and the skin tone of the person. It is therefore important to check out the product before making a purchase. For the best results, one is expected to work on the hairs on a consistent basis. Among the top rated laser hair removal systems include:

Tria laser 4X: This is a diode type of laser that has clearance from the FDA. It has a total of five settings and is suitable for use on the legs, arms, bikini line, back and chest.

Silk’n Flash & Go: This one is also cleared by the FDA and can be used for the whole body hair laser removal with the exception of genitals and nipples. It can be used on the face from cheek-line downwards as well.

Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Before settling for home laser removal procedure, it is important to evaluate whether this is a worthy investment. A lot of home laser hair removal reviews done by users reveal that it has its own advantages and disadvantages. While home systems do work, they take longer than when the procedure is done by a professional. Evaluate some of its advantages and disadvantages below.


Affordability: Compared to the total cost of having professional laser done, investing in a laser hair removal system is cheaper. One only needs a one-time investment of around $1000.

Convenience: With a machine at home, one does not require to schedule appointments. There is flexibility in use when one is free.

Privacy: People who tend to be self-conscious, nervous and shy about exposing some areas can get rid of hair on the areas by themselves.

Safety: When one purchases FDA approved machines, they are safe.

Regulation: Since you are operating the machine, you are at ease controlling the intensity and thus regulating it to levels of tolerable pain.


It is slow: Machines meant for home use have a low light intensity which makes them consume time working on a small area.

Less effectiveness: This is caused by the low intensity of the machines. The rate of hair regrowth is faster and the results are not as long term as professional treatments.

Limitation on skin type: The machines are not appropriate for all skin types. They work best on light skinned people with dark hair. Those that come with an option for choosing the skin and hair color may cause permanent damage in case the wrong selection is made.

Laxity: Although the device comes with convenience of use, a lot of discipline is required to adhere with the schedule. It is likely for one to fail to complete treatments as they should which will result in disappointing results. This is as opposed to making appointments with a professional, which one is bound to honor.

Low intensity: Since the intensity levels are adjustable, using those that are too low may not yield great results.

With the pros and cons laid bare, home laser hair removal reviews indicate that the home option is most appropriate for people who cannot easily access laser centers and who are concerned about the cost of treatment. Using home systems does yield results but it takes longer. One also gets value for their money. The cheap devices do not give impressive results but most of those on the higher end do deliver.



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