Best Keloid Removal Cream for Scar & Ear Keloid Cream

Using creams to treat skin conditions tends to be less intrusive. These are great at getting rid of keloid scars as well. Find out what keloid removal cream products there are including properties for the best removal creams, ear keloid creams and agnijith keloid removal cream.

Keloid Removal Cream

Getting rid of keloids does not always have to be done through the invasive methods. Keloid removal creams can as well help to diminish the scars effectively. These provide a less risky, more comfortable and effective alternative.

Though not all scar creams are formulated with keloids in mind, there are those that can work whereas others are specially formulated to get rid of keloid scars. Using topical keloid removal cream as a method of managing and diminishing keloids brings forth a lot of benefits.

Kelo Cote keloid cream
Kelo cote cream

First, the use of pure and undiluted silicone ingredients in their making helps to get rid of unwanted scars without having to face the scalpel. Since their use is topical, it does not interfere with the skin beneath. It only addresses the location of the scar growth. The side effects tend to be minimal as well. These keloid scar creams can be used from the comfort of one’s bedroom. With time, the visual difference in how the keloid looks is drastic.

Choosing a keloid management and treatment option may seem daunting. Going for creams is a great choice which will ensure that keloids are gotten rid of in the least invasive way. Silicones have been used over the years to diminish keloid scars. Among some of the best keloid creams available in the market include:

Kelo-cote: This contains bio-compatible and bio inert silicone components to soften, flatten and smooth scars. It also assists in healing.

Scarinex: This is formulated with ingredients known to be highly effective through research and which have been proven to reduce scars. Its main ingredient is pure medical grade silicone; the same one used by plastic surgeons to get rid of scars.

H-Scars: This is not only an all-natural product but an organic one as well. It helps the body to reduce the appearance of a scar. It contains essential oils from plants. Immortelle helps in cell regeneration and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Talsyn- CI: This great product helps in reducing keloid scars. It helps to get rid of redness on scars as well as fade them off.

Revitol: This is a great product made up of all natural ingredients. These help to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of scars without using chemicals.

Best Keloid Scar Removal Cream

There are very many brands in the market claiming to work miracles. Knowing which the best keloid scar removal cream is can be frustrating. However, with a few things put into consideration, it is possible to get hold of the best. Among the things to consider are:

Scarinex is marketed as one of the best scar removal creams
Scarinex is marketed as one of the best scar removal creams

Effectiveness: The best cream should be in a position to progressively get rid of the keloid scar. On its label should be indicated the time within which one should expect results. One can tell whether the cream is effective by checking out what people who have used it before say about it.

Time taken for results to be seen: While creams may not yield results as fast as the medical procedures, the time taken for the cream to take effect should be reasonable. Visible changes should be seen within a reasonable time. Any time between a month and two should have a diminished scar.

Ingredients: The cream should contain ingredients that have been known to work on keloids. Silicone creams have been proven to work in diminishing scars. For people with allergic skins, the best keloid scar removal creams would be those made up of natural ingredients.

Product Safety: This mostly boils down to the ingredients found in the product. Great creams should not be made up of any harmful ingredients. It should be safe for use across the various age groups and skin types. The product should not cause hypopigmentation.

Kelo cote before and after
Kelo cote before and after

Other things that one should consider when deciding which cream is the best is the price and success rate. With these factors in mind, choosing the best should not be difficult. The above details concerning products are easily accessible from online consumer and professional review sites.

Ear Keloid Removal Cream

Ear piercing may at times lead to formation of keloids. Using an ear keloid removal cream can help reduce and eventually get rid of keloid scars. Some brands that could help are:

Mederma: This cream contains allium cepa which is a keloid scar treating ingredient. It works well and can be applied twice daily for great results. Application should be done sparingly as the cream is quite strong. Wash the area before applying and rub some bit into the scar until it all gets absorbed.

Scarinex: This cream contains ingredients that have been reviewed by external sources. The cream is also endorsed by doctors and derives its effectiveness from its powerful ingredients.

Agnijith Keloid Removal Cream

Agnijith cream for removing keloids
Agnijith cream for keloids

Agnijith is an alternative ayurvedic medicine used for treatment of keloids. It is known to naturally cure scars. It has the ability to effectively heal wounds, get rid of dead cells as well as put a stop to bleeding or oozing that may occur during the healing process

Agnijith keloid cream contains high anti-microbial properties which easily get absorbed into the skin. This helps to increase circulation of blood as well as refurbish the skin with vitality. It is a cream that is highly recognized for its keloid diminishing ability. Below is how to use it:

  • Apply generous amounts of the cream on the scar so as it can form a thick layer on it.
  • Keep it on for two hours. In cases where one has an open wound keloid, reapply after every two hours.
  • Wash off the cream with a mild soap and sterilize it.
  • Always ensure the cream is stored in a cool place. It should be applied at room temperature.


  1. hello, am in Kenya and am looking for agnijith to remove my earlobe keloid that occurs after ear piercing i have tried many treatment but they have failed on my keloid and so my question is where can i find this cream in Kenya Nairobi.


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