Best Mousse for Curly Hair – Top Gel, Drugstore Volumizing for Frizzy, Thick, Fine Curled Hair

With the best mousse for curly hair, you can evenly increase the volume of your hair all the way from the root to the tips of the strands. In this article, find out the top mousse gels in drugstore category, good volumizing mousse for thick, frizzy and fine curled hair.

Coconut Milx Organix - best mousse for curly hair
Coconut Milx Organix – best mousse for curly hair
  • What is the best mousse for curly hair?
  • What mousse is best for curly hair?
  • Which one works best with curly hair?
  • What if I have frizzy curls?
  • I have thick curled hair, which product is best for me?
  • Which mousse or gel is good for volumizing fine curly hair?

There are different mousse hair products in drugstores and beauty stores around. However, when choosing one, there are considerations such as your exact type of hair and the ingredients added to the product that will help you condition it to the exact volume you want. Products such as Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Hair Mousse are top rated from reviews around the web. Let us see others you can choose as a good mousse for curly hair.

There are a couple of things to consider before you select the best curly hair product such as good flat irons, shampoo, conditioner and many other hair products. One of the most important things to look at is what type of curly hair it is meant for. Each of the hair products are designed to work best for a particular type. For instance, a girl with type B curly hair will have a different mousse from that with type A curly hair.

That known, here are tips and considerations to look at when choosing the best mousse for curly hair.

How to Choose the Best Mousse for Curly Hair – Reviews and Ingredients

There are definitely many things to look at when deciding on a mousse that will be fitting for your hair. There is a wide range of hair gels to choose from, so the top product is definitely going to be difficult to choose. However, salon and drugstore gels and mousses can be filtered in terms of quality.

These should be your considerations:

  • A good mousse should moisturize or hydrate your curls. Curly hair is naturally dry and any product you buy for it, be it shampoo, conditioner or volumizing product should have moisturizing effect.
  • There products categorized as the drugstore best mousse for curly hair in men. If you are a man and looking for something specific for men, ensure you check out the labels for this specification. However, some of the best hair volumizing products are for both men and women.
  • Read around for the best mousse for curly hair reviews. This way, you will be able to find one that will give you nice curls without the trouble of crunch, poof and frizz.
  • Avoid mousses that contain alcohol and alcoholic ingredients. These are not the best since it dehydrates your hair completely. You already have dry hair, so avoid going for a hair product with such an ingredient.
  • Instead of buying mousse for curly hair with alcohol, go for vitamins and other natural conditioners. Some of the best mousses for curling hair may contain UV sun protection (or SPF).
  • If you want to color your hair, you may use a mousse for curly hair that will color the grey hair and create a good style as well.
  • Thick curly hair, frizzy curly hair, naturally curly hair and fine curly hair have different types of products. Choose well along this line. The best mousse for curly frizzy hair may not be the same as the best mousse for thick curly hair.

There is definitely a lot more to consider when buying the best mousse for curly hair. Below are the top mousse products according to reviews and votes around the web.

Best Mousse Gels for Curly Hair – Top Brands

Whether you like a messy look, or a totally defined curly mane, you will get a product right just for your needs. The best gel or mousse for curly hair will can be chosen from the ones listed below as top products for curly hair.

  • Organix Coconut Weightless Mousse
  • Carol for Unisex Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse
  • Rene Furterer Vegetal Mousse – Volume & Hold
  • Tresemme Curl Mousse
  • Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse
  • Redken Body Full Instant Bodifier Volumizing Foam
  • Ouidad Play Curl Foaming Liquid
  • Fekkai Full Volume Mousse
  • Pantene Curly Hair Series Curl Defining Mousse
  • Paul MitchellBest Mousse for Curly Hair

Some of the mousses are can be used for fine curly hair, and thick curly hair. Some people with wavy hair, straight hair and even mixed hair can also use some of these products to increase volume significantly. Look for the following in the product description and features:

  • Safety – most of the mousses may be flammable.
  • Look for the ingredients. Water is one of the most important ingredients for curlicious hair.
  • Can the brand give your mane a lush boost?
  • Mousses that keep humidity out of your hair are even the best.
  • Can the mousse brand keep your hair springy and shiny?
  • Price of the mousse for curly hair women is also a determining factor.
  • Similarly to when choosing the best shampoo for curls, avoid products that have silicone in them.

 Best Drugstore Mousse for Curly Hair

These are hair products you can find in most drugstores around. They are actually drugstore brands. Head over to Walgreens, CVS or another drugstore to buy a gel or mousse for your curls. In most cases, these are considered cheaper. Here are some of the best drugstore mousse products for curls.

  • Clairol 3 in 1
  • Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curling Cream
  • Captivating Curls
  • L’Oreal EverStyle Alcohol-Free Curl Activating
  • Aussie Aussome Volume Styling
  • Got2b Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse

Best Volumizing Mousse for Curly Hair

This category of a product will amplify and add an incredible amount of volume to your hair. Once you use it, you will find your hair visibly thicker, shinier, stronger and fuller. It is considered the best mousse for curly hair because it works by penetrating the hair strands, thus increasing the diameter while expanding your hair from its inside out.

  • Samy Fat Hair “0” Calories Amplifying Mousse
  • PlayCurl Volumizing Foam
  • Ouidad Playcurl Volumizing Mousse
  • Tresemme Volumizing Mousse
  • Agadir Argan Oil Volumizing Styling
  • Suave Max Hold Volumizing

If you have thin curly hair and would like to have it thick and volumized, the above products are worth trying. It is important to look at the label to ensure you are getting a product that will boost the volume of your hair. If you do not find a product that will suit your type and style of hair, you can try a leave-in conditioner that serves the same purpose.

Other Types of Products

Best Curling Mousse for Straight Hair: Having naturally curly hair can be great, but when you have straight hair and would like to go the curly way, you can try using a curling mousse.

Mousse for Frizzy Hair: These are specifically meant to be used by people who have problems with curly and frizzy hair. If your hair keeps on entangling and frizzing, go for this type to de-frizz it while you condition it. Most of the times, it will leave your hair soft and easy.

Best Mousse Products for Thick Hair: Thick hair can be very stubborn. In fact, it ends up being frizzy almost all the times. Buy a mousse for thick hair in order to condition it just perfectly and reduce the tangles it may form.

So, should one go for gel or mousse for curly hair? Well, it all depends with your preference. Most gels foam well compared to mousses. However, you should find it easier to get the best mousse for curly hair of your type although there are gels as well.

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