Best Nail Fungus Medication – Prescription & OTC Toenail Fungus Medication

Are you looking for the best nail fungus medication? Discover nail fungus prescription and over the counter medication that will clear your unsightly nails. Toenail fungus medication is available in drugstores near you or from a podiatrist’s clinic.

Nails do not lie about your health. If they are discolored and shapeless then you ought to be concerned. Furthermore, if there are debris underneath the nail bed you should consult with a podiatrist as soon as possible. You could be having nail fungus or other conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, yellow nail syndrome, nail bed tumor and trauma among others. Only a podiatrist can determine what is ailing your once healthy nails.

OTC Best Nail Fungus Medication - Nail Tek
OTC Medication – Nail Tek

The importance of having them checked as soon as possible is that you avoid passing the infection to your other healthy nails. Here are the causes of nail fungus. It is by fighting some of the causes that you get to deal with the problem at the root. Toenail fungus unfortunately is more prevalent than fingernail fungus infection. This is because the toes stay hidden in shoes all day and sometimes do not get cleaned or dried properly. Nevertheless, toenail fungus medication is available on prescription and over the counter basis. Fighting nail fungus with medication is easy if you know how to go about it.

Toenail Fungus Medication – Considerations

You know for sure that you have fungus on your toenails if you experience the following toenail fungus symptoms. The appearance of the nail will also make you understand that you do not have a healthy nail, as it will grow upwards and out of your nail bed instead of along it. It is a common belief that if you use medication any skin problem will disappear. Toenail fungus is not any different.

However, when it comes to settling for toenail fungus medication, you must bear a few things in mind. For starters, the medicines will kill the fungus, but may not necessarily improve the appearance of your nail. Your toenail will still appear deformed even after a new nail has grown out.

Furthermore, you require using the medication for several months and probably a year in order to see the new nail growing out. It requires using the medication with a lot of patience as you cannot see the results instantly. In fact, it is possible to use the medicine bought over the counter or prescribed by your doctor only not to see the infection responding to it.

Toenail fungus medication when taken may either start to show results after a few weeks, mostly in about four weeks time or way after you finish your dose. It is believed that the medication stays for nine months in the nail after you have finished the dose. Therefore, do not be surprised if you do not notice improvement on your toenails when using the medication, but way after completion.

If you have both fingernail and toenail fungus, the infection on the fingers may clear before that one on the toes. I do not know why it happens this way, but I guess your fingers are washed more often than the toes. Therefore, they tend to be cleaner than the toes.

Oral toenail fungus medication is not recommended for women who are pregnant, nursing or working on how to conceive. It is advisable that you ask your doctor to prescribe topical medications or advise you on how not to get pregnant if you wish to proceed with treating toenail fungus with medication as a woman.

Your doctor will prescribe oral medication to treat the funguses on your toenails and a series of tests before and after using it. This is to ensure that the drugs will not harm some of your vital organs. Consequently, prescription medications may turn out to be more expensive than over the counter kinds where you do not have to pay for the tests and doctor’s fee.

Fingernail Fungus Medication – How Long Will It Take?

While treating your toenail fungus may seem like a lifetime affair, fingernail fungus medication works within a short time. You may require swallowing the tablets for four to six weeks. Even before this time ends, you are likely to see remarkable results. The longest time you can get any medication for fingernail fungus is about three months.

However, in most circumstances, by the time, you finish the dose the fungus will have died and the nail will have returned to normal even though it will still appear slightly deformed.

Nail Fungus Medication Over the Counter

OTC nail fungus medication is readily available in drugstores. You do not have a prescription from your doctor in order to obtain these over the counter nail fungus medication. Furthermore, you do not have to pay any doctors fees or tests for your kidneys, liver or bone marrow.

Nail fungus medication over the counter can be cheap, but most are questionable when it comes to their effectiveness. If you have to buy a brand, ensure that you read various best nail fungus treatment reviews online before you purchase. Buying without paying attention may cause you to spend hundreds of dollars and remain with funguses under your nails.

Fungimix nail fungus medication before and after (courtesy of fungimix)
Fungimix nail fungus medication before and after (courtesy of fungimix)

Here is a list of over the counter nail fungus medication:

  • Myocide NS
  • Saprox
  • Nail Rx
  • Zeta Clear
  • Nail Tek
  • Fungicure
  • Nail Fungus care
  • Fungimix (Fungisil)
  • Pur Nail
  • Tineacide

Nail Fungus Prescription Medication

Most people avoid nail fungus prescription because they fear the possible side effects it can present to the users. However, if you are using it under the supervision of your doctor, it is one of the best for curing your toenail or fingernail fungus.

This is because it is 60%- 80% effective unlike over the counter medicines. Furthermore, it works from killing the fungus internally since the main problem of nail fungus begins from overgrowth of yeasts inside the gut. Therefore, oral medications are in a better position to treat the beginning of the problem. Most over the counter medications are usually topical.

If you want to clear your nails off fungus without the chances of it coming back, then using nail fungus prescription medication is the best option. Furthermore, you should have your doctor supervise you to ensure that all your vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and bone marrow are in good condition before and after the medication.

What is the Best Medication for Nail Fungus?

While it would be cheaper and easier to go for the over the counter medications to treat fungus on nails, the best medication for nail fungus is prescription medication, which is mostly oral. This is because it works to clear the fungus internally before proceeding on the outside where the infected nail is found.

Furthermore, the podiatrist will prescribe the best depending on your type of nail fungus because he or she will have taken some debris from under the nail and viewed it under a microscope and judged the best treatment to destroy it. If you follow the instructions of the podiatrist while taking the medication and keep all the appointments for tests of your kidney and liver, then you will have fungus free nails without complications.

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