Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews – Natural, Home & OTC Treatment

Are there good reviews on nail fungus treatment? Which is the best nail fungus treatment according to these reviews? What works best to cure nail fungus is it natural, home or over the counter treatment.

Do you have a beautiful pair of sandals that you want to wear, but you are embarrassed to because of the discoloration on your nails? Your embarrassment could soon be over when you discover the best treatment to cure your toe woes. Nail fungus can have those around you thinking that you are unhygienic or you have the most dreadful disease.

Best Nail Fungus Treatment - Zeta Clear topical treatment for nail fungus.
Zeta Clear topical treatment for nail fungus.

However, the truth of the matter is that fungus can attack anyone even those who are super hygienic or healthy. The environment just needs to be right for the plant parasites to thrive under your fingernails or toenails, warm, moist and dark. Having black toenail fungus or green fingernail fungus is not in the least chic.

Using nail polish or closed shoes will also not make the discoloration go away. The best treatment for nail fungus on the other hand, can make the nasty parasites disappear for good. Discover the best treatment over the counter, natural and for home use here below.

Best Treatment for Nail Fungus

Before finding the best treatment to cure your fingernails or toenails fungus, it is important to understand that you will not make the parasites disappear overnight or after a few days. It may take months and probably a year for the fungus to die and a new nail to grow. Therefore, patience and consistency in application of topical creams or ointment is required. Furthermore, if you are using oral antifungal tablets, you have to swallow them as directed by your doctor.

The best treatment for nail fungus is the oral nail fungus medications. However, they happen to be very expensive. Furthermore, they have unfavorable side effects on some of your vital organs. Therefore, if your doctor insists on prescribing terbubafine, itraconazole, flucanazole or griseofluvin, you will have to use under his or her supervision.

Your liver, kidneys, skin and bone marrow could suffer greatly from the use of these drugs. However, if you take them while adhering to the doctor’s instructions, you will be all right and within no time, your nails will be fungus free. Even with this assurance, most people still find it difficult to go for the oral antifungal, yet they eliminate the fungus internally so that the effects can show externally on affected nails. Consequently, topical creams and ointments are more popular.

Zetaclear Nail Fungus Treatment is among the best topical solutions among Funginix, Pur Nail, Fungicure and others. If you have to use any of these topical creams or ointment since they happen to be the cheapest, you have to know how well to do it. Applying the cream or ointment to the already affected nail will not work. You have to remove it all first.

Therefore, clipping your nails especially the infected part is very crucial. Use clippers specially meant for the infected nails and make sure that you sterilize after use. You may also want to file the nails to get rid of some of the thickness. Do so with a disposable file or one that can be disinfected after use.

Once the infected part of the nail is completely cut off, soak your feet in warm water with some salt or vinegar. This will make your nails soften and further remove the gunk that was under the clipped nails. The nail bed will become clean to be able to absorb the best treatment for nail fungus.

Pick the preferred cream or home solution and apply liberally after drying your fingernails or toenails. Using paper towels to dry your nails or a blow drier would be more effective and would ensure that you do not transfer the infection to the other digits. Your nail should show improvement if you stick to the process of trimming, soaking, drying and applying

Best Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews

When looking for the right treatment over the counter, it is always advisable to read several nail fungus treatment reviews online. This way, you can make an informed decision based on what seems to work on other people with the same problem as yours. Although positive reviews cannot guarantee that the product will work for your type of fungus, how you follow the instructions may help.

Best Nail Fungus Treatment - Reviews of before and after pictures
Reviews: Before and after.

These are some of the best treatments for nail fungus according to various reviews online. I have sampled a few so you can get a clear picture of what to expect with some of these over the counter products. Here are two on Zetaclear and Funginix as found on

“Just a thank you for Funginix! I’m 77 and have suffered from nail fungus over 15 years, including time living in China where natural remedies were abundant. None succeeded. Your Newsletter got my curiosity because of effectiveness reported for older people care, and I ordered a bottle of Funginix a month ago. Following your instructions, my nail fungus has nearly cleared,…”

“I have suffered from nail fungus for over 10 years and my condition can be considered severe. Zetaclear is the first treatment that I have used that I can see working. Thank you for your advice!”

Here are more positive nail fungus treatment reviews on the products Kerasal and Nail Fungus Treatment & Cure respectively as found on

“This is a slow process and anyone with a toenail fungus should know that. But in due time, I feel my nails will be back to normal thanks to kerasal nail.”

“If your nails are really thick you’ll need to use a stiff brush or a nail cleaner to scrape the crusty gunk from under your nails as the Kerasal softens them. Once we started doing this and the medicine really started to penetrate the difference was very noticeable.”

“If you follow the directions on the package, it works very well. I don’t like the smell, but the product really works.”

Best Natural Nail Fungus Treatment

Sometimes the over the counter ointments and creams may consist of harmful ingredients to the skin and the nails. It is therefore safer to seek natural nail fungus treatment in products that have worked to cure other skin problems. Some of the products can even be ingested.

Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus Reviews
Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus Reviews

It does not take going to the garden to find the natural products that would work as also the grocery stores stock some of these products. Here is the best and natural nail fungus cure. You may also want to try the following:

  • Apple cider vinegar- good as a topical solution and for ingesting
  • Listerine- it goes to the mouth to clean it and so it can also work in curing the fungus
  • Grape fruit seed extract
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Snakeroot leaf extract
  • Baking soda mixed with water
  • Salty water foot soak

Any of the above works well as a natural nail fungus treatment.

Best Toenail Fungus Home Treatment

Fungus under toenail is the most persistent of all infections. It may take sometime before killing the parasites under the toenails. This is why most people opt for home treatments because this way they get to save hundreds of dollars they would have spent on ointments and creams that probably would never work. Some people have also reported of making use of oral antifungal tablets only for the infection not to budge.

There are various toenail fungus home treatments. However, the best depends on what you prefer most. While the products used are harmless because they have no side effects except maybe for an offensive smell, they may also take a while to show improvements on toenails.

Foot soaks are the number one toenail fungus home treatment. The efficacy has to do with the ingredients you put in the water. Some prefer using salt, which has no smell, while others love to make use of apple cider vinegar or just white vinegar. Soaking feet in vinegar and Listerine as a combined solution is also common.

These solutions are believed to lower the pH in the infected nails, therefore making it difficult for the fungus to thrive. An effective soak is one that is used twice to thrice daily until the infection shows improvement.

Other topical solutions for toenail fungus home treatment involve applying:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Vicks vapor rub for nail fungus
  • Bleach among others

Topical Nail Fungus Treatment – Advice

If you plan to use topical nail fungus treatment, ensure that you also work to destroy the yeast, fungus and molds inside the body. This way, your nail fungus will cure both from the inside and outside. The best way to do that is through a proper diet.

Some foods create a suitable environment for yeast and fungus to grow. Such foods include sugars, dairy products, and white flours, foods with yeast and processed foods and juices. If you want to be healthier internally and eliminate yeast and fungus for good stick to mostly vegetables, fruits and good fats from fish and meat.

Nail Fungus Treatment Over the Counter Top Rated Brands

OTC creams and ointments continue to promise fungus free nails without delivering. However, a few brands have positive reviews because they have left other sufferers of nail fungus happy. You could be among the happy lot if you make use of the following nail fungus treatment over counter brands:

  • Zetaclear
  • Funginix
  • Pur Nail
  • Claripro
  • Fungicure
  • Kerasal
  • Tineacide Cream
  • Nonyx gel
  • Clotrimazole

Using any of these nail fungus treatment over the counter brands could leave you with beautiful nails such that you do not have to wear nail polish.

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