Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women & Men, Cream & Home Options

Both men and women can undergo permanent facial hair removal if they so wish. Get information on the best permanent facial hair removal options, permanent facial hair removal at home, permanent facial hair removal for men and women as well as the best permanent facial hair remover.

Best Permanent Facial Hair Removal Options

The fact that there are so many products and procedures aimed at permanent facial hair removal may make it hard to make a choice. There are a number of factors that one should consider before deciding which one to make use of.

The time that it takes for the method to work is something that should be considered. While the natural remedies work, they take time for results to be seen and are therefore not appropriate for a person seeking a quick solution. On the other hand, professional procedures work fast but are expensive. One therefore has to know if they are in a financial position to have them done on them. Consider the different aspects to ensure that the best option is settled for.

When the choice is made based on effectiveness of the procedure, the professional options are the best. These include:


This method is the most effective in permanent facial removal. This could be attributed to the fact that it destroys the source of the unwanted hair. It involves the insertion of a needle into the hair follicle and the use of electrolytic rays to destroy the follicle permanently. Since the cells from which the hair grows are destroyed each at a time, the hairs do not grow back making it the best of the best permanent facial removal options.

Laser Removal

Laser therapy for hair removal makes use of light energy to destroy the hair root. The hair removal effect does not occur instantly. Instead, it weakens the hair with time and makes it fall off. One form of laser known as duet suctions the hair and allows the laser energy to penetrate deeper thus giving better results.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal at Home

Before seeking professional help for permanent facial hair removal, it is important to try out permanent facial hair removal at home. There are various remedies that can be combined or even used singly to help in getting rid of unwanted hair forever. Patience is all that is needed for one to achieve the desired results.

Papaya and Turmeric Paste
these two combined give great results in hair removal. Make a paste by blending raw papaya and adding a spoonful of turmeric powder. Massage this on the area where you want hair gone. Rinse it off after15 minutes. Do this every once in a week until results are achieved.

Egg, Sugar and Corn flour Paste
The egg white is an important ingredient in hair removal. Separate it from the yolk and add one teaspoon of corn flour and one teaspoon of sugar. Apply this mask on the skin and leave it to dry. When it is completely dry, peel it off the skin.

Basil and Onion Paste

As a method of permanent facial hair removal at home, the thin transparent onion membranes are used. Get membranes from two onions and about ten basil leaves. Crush these together until a paste is formed. Apply this on the part of the skin where want the hair gone. Consistency will yield permanent results.

Honey, Sugar and Lemon Juice

This mixture acts as a homemade wax. Mix 4 parts of sugar, two parts of honey and two parts of lemon juice. Apply a thick layer of this on the face and leave it to dry. Pull the mask off after it has dried. Use it twice a week until the hair is permanently gone.

Thanaka Powder and Safflower oil
Thanaka powder is a yellowish product derived from the bark of Thanaka tree and is commonly used in cosmetics. Mix this with safflower oil to make a consistent thick paste. Apply it on the unwanted hair and give it time to get absorbed by the skin. You can leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning. Consistent use will yield permanent hair removal within a few weeks.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women

Hirsutism is the medical term used to refer to having excess hair. The reasons why women develop facial hair are varied.  Being overweight or losing an excessive amount of weight can make the hair follicles to be more sensitive to androgens and other male hormones which in turn cause hair growth.

The two types of facial hair that form are vellus and terminal hairs. Vellus hairs tend to be unnoticeable due to their light colored natured. Terminal hairs are more noticeable and are normally vellus hairs that have changed their features as a result of age, hormonal changes and health conditions. They become thick and dark and therefore quite visible.

Permanent facial hair removal for women is mostly done on the terminal hairs. This provides relief from the embarrassing condition.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Men

The moment men reach puberty, they have to contend with regular beard trimming and shaving. This may not be desirable for some people. Fortunately, male grooming is now gaining popularity and it would not feel or look awkward for them to seek permanent facial hair removal for men.

They can make use of the same methods as do women. Electrolysis and lasers remain the most preferred methods for removal. These yield permanent results. With lasers, an annual or biannual retouch will be required.

Getting rid of facial hair leaves one well groomed. It also saves one time spent in regular facial removal sessions. This should be considered by any man looking for a permanently well groomed face without having to undergo the daily agony of shaving.

How to Choose the Best Permanent Facial Hair Remover

Each individual, male or female, is different. This makes our preferences different as well which makes it difficult to pick which is the best permanent facial remover technique. The determining factors on what is best for an individual include how much time one has for grooming and their skin type. Also to be considered should be the coarseness of the hair, the density of the hair to be removed and skin sensitivity. Preferences in terms of how much pain one is ready to bear also affect choice.

When the correct remover technique and product is picked, it makes getting rid of the facial hair permanently easy and effective. Due to the uniqueness in the needs of each person, the rules may be bent a little to achieve the best. Some products will work well on some people and not in others. Consider your preferences seriously to enable you settle for the best remover.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal Cream

There are creams that inhibit the growth of facial hair. Permanent facial hair removal creams are a convenient alternative to professional hair removal. They are much cheaper, easy to use and work just as well. All that the user needs is follow manufacturer instructions and wait for the cream to work its way to getting rid of the hair.

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