Best Pink Lipstick and How to Wear Light Pink Lipsticks

Pink lipstick is trendy and on every celebrity’s pout. Learn how to wear, best brands, good shades such as hot pink, bright pink, light pink, baby pink, neon pink, matte pink, pale, Barbie and other shades for dark skin, fair skin and so on to buy below.

Pink lip makeup has many variations when it comes to shades. You cannot take just about any pink and wear on your lips. Whether it is pink lip gloss or even a pink tinted lip balm, it is important to learn how to wear pink like the celebrities do. From bright pink to hot pink, baby pink to pale pink, neon pink to matte lipsticks, you will wade through very many shades to find the best pink lipstick for your skin tone.

Below, we’ll make it simple for you and guide you on how to wear hot neon pink, bright pink and any other shade you may want to put on your lips. Ensure you read our section on how to wear light and bright pink below.

Hot Pink Lipstick and Bright Pink Lipstick Trend

Hot pink is very bold fashion statement; whether it is nail polish or lipstick. The trick for wearing bright pink lipstick, whether you are a redhead, blonde, brunette etc. is to ensure that you keep your skin as fresh as possible. You need a natural glow to add to the bold lip stick color you will be wearing.

Remember to start applying pink lip stick with a neutral lip primer. This will anchor not only hot pink but also bright pink lips-stick but also electric pink, neon and other shades of pink listed below. A good lip primer and liner will help your baby pink lips last longer. Let’s see the best shades of pink you can choose from below.

Best Pink Lipstick Shades (Light, Baby, Barbie, Orange Undertones)

  • Nude pink lipstick: If you already have pink lips and would like to try the nude lipstick trend, you can go for Smash Cosmetics Nude Pink Almost Nude Pink Lipstick.
  • Baby pink lipstick: This is a bit pale, and can be classified as a pale pink lip color. KAOIR have a baby pink lip makeup for all skin tones. Another top pick for this is Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick, Baby Pink.
  • Neon pink lipstick: Neon lipsticks were discontinued in the 80s but brands such a K’Oir have produced their own neon lip makeup that you can try on. The lipsticks are rich in color and will make your lips very bright, something more than hot pink or warm pink that you are used to.
  • Matte Pink Lip Stick: Sometimes texture is very important when applying lip makeup and nail makeup. Talk about matte pink lips and the thought of summer and spring trends creeps in. You can upgrade any lipstick with a light dusting with translucent powder to get rid of too much sheen.
  • Blue Pink Lips: Pink lip color with blue undertones in it. This is good for dark skin tones. One of the best lipstick picks for this shade is Angel by MAC Blue Lipstick, Pink Freeze by Maybelline.
  • Orange Pink Lip Color: Thinking about orange pink lips? Well, you have seen Taylor Swift wearing orange-pink . She has made it her trend. See more on coral lipsticks.
  • Coral Pink Lip Stain: Whether it is lipstick, lip color or lip tint, coral is also a summer trend on the lips. See more about the coral lipstick trend.

Other Shades to Try

Bold colors have a long list of shades that you can wear. Like red lipstick, pink has a wide range of hues and shades that one can choose from. Other than the best shades listed above, you can apply Barbie pink, bubblegum pink, dark pink, peach, frost, soft, baby, pastel, electric, warm, pretty pink, sheer and deep rose pink lip colors.

Best Pink Lipstick Brands – Top Rated Color Shades

  • M.A.C.’s Candy Yum Yum
  • JOUER Hydrating Matte in Whitney
  • Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Betsey
  • Maybelline New York in Vivid Rose
  • NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Funny Face
  • YSL Provocative Pink
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics in Saucy
  • Yves Saint Laurent in Provocative Pink
  • M.A.C. in Viva Glam Nicki
  • beautyADDICTS Beautyfull Lips in Sinful
  • NARS Cosmetics in Funny Face
  • Hollywood Cosmetics in Pout
  • Body of Royalty in Goddess

How to Wear Pink Lipstick for Fair Skin and Other Complexions

Hot pink, also called warm, is a huge trend year in year out. You must definitely know how to wear pink lipsticks in order to look trendy. One important thing to consider is the tone of your skin. Light pink makeup for dark skin or for black women will not be the same as that for olive skin. Below is a quick guide for choosing the right shade of for your undertones and complextion.

Pink is a cousin of red lipstick, so you really need to know how to choose according to your undertones. Unless you are wearing candy lipstick for the fun of it, it is important you get the right shade of pink for your lips.

  • Pink Lips for Dark Skin: Black women or girls with bright complexions, ensure that you avoid the pale pink lipsticks or lighter shades. To avoid looking like you had dipped your lips in some powder, choose dark pink lipsticks and pinks that have some shades of purple in them.
  • For Olive Skin: Do you have an olive skin tone? Avoid pink with red undertones or simply pinkish red lipsticks. You definitely have some yellow undertones, so the best pink lipsticks for you would be darker shades with purple undertones. You can also go for neutral or nude pink lipstick shades.
  • How to Wear Pink Lipstick for Fair Skin: Pale skin or fair skin complexions such as those of Nicki Minaj can wear sheer hues of pink, nude pink, pale rose, mauve, light pink lipstick and beige pink. Simply avoid colors that are shouting or bright shades of pink.
  • For Light Complexions: Wear this rich color ranging from pale pink to deep. Peachy pink, shades of magenta and those with hints of violet and bluish-red undertones will look great on light skin tone.
  • Wear Pink for Medium Skin Tone: If you have a medium skin tone, just about any shade of pink can look good on your lips. From brownish pinks to berry pinks, deep to mauve and other shades of pink such as caramel are good for you.
  • Type of Lips: if you have large lips, avoid bright pinks.

Celebrities in pink make the color look so trendy, and yes, it is a trendy lipstick. Have you seen how Nicki Minaj wears a pink pout? Do you know that she inspired two shades of MAC lipsticks? Nicki Minaj pink lipstick is a popular trend now. Kim Kardashian too wears this bright color, and so does Rihanna wear pink lipstick together with other bold lip colors. You too can wear pink lips just like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Nicki. The tips above on will help you find the perfect lipstick for you.

NOTE: Pink Friday Lipstick is a Nicki Minaj designed lipstick that was made to celebrate the debut of Nicki Minaj’s album called Pink Friday. In the same sense of art, I wonder if Pink Lipstick Drama – Dramafever Pink, Dramawiki Pink Tevevision series were inspired by the boldness of this lip makeup.

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