Best Socks for Sweaty Feet – Keep Feet Dry with Good Dress & Working Socks

What are the best socks for sweaty feet? What socks can you use to keep feet dry? Here are top rated sock material for excessive sweating feet in winter including choosing tips for shoes and men’s socks for cold sweating feet for running, work socks and dress socks too.

Best Sock Material for Sweaty Feet

Choosing a good pair of socks goes a long way in keeping your feet dry and skipping or reducing the duration of the sogginess usually associated with clammy feet, thanks to plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive and unpredictable sweating of the feet for no apparent reason).

Sweaty feet in winter can be annoying
Sweaty feet in winter can be annoying

The question then arises, what is the best sock material for sweaty feet? Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, you should always go for natural materials since, they are not only breathable – that is, they allow the feet to breathe – but are also best suited for absorption of moisture from your feet.

Cotton always makes for a good choice. Unlike synthetic materials such as rayon, nylon, and Lycra, cotton is absorbent and aloe the feet to breathe better and allow better evaporation of moisture while minimizing sweating.  You will especially want to go for thicker socks with high percentage of cotton; preferably more than 80 percent.

What Are the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet in Winter?

During winter, more than summer, you will also be looking for the best socks for sweaty feet. When winter hits, it is time for everyone to keep warm and what a good way to do this than with a good pair of shoes coupled with a warm pair of socks.

Spending too much time with the shoes (and socks of course) however often means more sweating and sometime foot odor, especially when proper foot care is not taken.

It can also worsen plantar hyperhidrosis (a condition characterized by excessive and unpredictable sweating of the feet for no apparent reason).

Choosing an appropriate pair of socks for sweaty feet in winter is critical to maintaining lowest levels of moisture in your shoes and your feet. Failure to this can lead to heightened sweating of the feet and this coupled with poor air circulation and absorption of sweat can create the perfect condition for clammy feet that you will not at all like.

The best socks for winter are ideally:

  • Made of at least 80% natural fabrics, either cotton or wool
  • Thick (texture-wise) to retain maximum amount of moisture and keep your feet dry for longer

Shoes and Socks for Sweaty Cold Feet – Tips for Choosing

What are the best shoes for sweaty and cold feet? What should I look for when buying the best socks for sweaty feet, and specifically socks for cold sweaty feet?

“I tend to get sweaty cold feet even when the weather is not as hot. What is your advice with regard to my choice of socks? What would be the best shoes and socks for sweaty cold feet?” Cassidy

Best Scocks for Sweaty feet - Breathable socks are the best for plantar hyperhidrosis
Breathable sock material.

According to what Cassidy describes, it seems very likely that he is suffering from plantar hyperhidrosis which makes the feet to tend to sweat a lot more than normal even when it is not hot.

If you have a similar problem, your best bet would be to wear thick socks made of natural fabric. Wool makes the best choice for sweaty cold feet since it is best at retaining warmth and does an equally job at facilitating air circulation and moisture escape. You can easily find such socks by looking around in online sores selling hiking supplies. Cotton is also not as bad.

In addition, try sprinkling cornstarch, talcum powder or baking soda on the sweaty feet every now and then. Applying an over-the-counter antiperspirant product may also help to reduce sweating; ask at your local drugstore.

It also helps to wear a new (alternated) to change your socks every now and then (two times a day is best) and wear a new pair of shoes everyday to allow time for the pervious pair to dry.

Best Dress Socks for Sweaty Feet

When dress socks are chosen carefully, you not only protect your feet from excessive sweating but also maintain that stylish appeal.

Dress socks come in a whole range of materials and styles. The materials range from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo fiber (not good for sweaty feet), wool, cashmere, and silk-blends, to synthetic fibers such as acrylic, nylon and polyester.

Although synthetic fiber dress socks are typically cheaper, they are usually less breathable and may thus cause even more sweating.

We sought to look out for some of the best dress socks for sweaty feet in online stores and here is what we came up with:

  • Pantherella Cotton Lisle Blend Over the Calf Socks
    Wear the right socks for sweaty cold feet and your feet will be comfortable
    Wear the right socks for sweaty cold feet and your feet will be comfortable
  • Drymax Men’s Dress Crew
  • Gold Toe Men’s Uptown Crew
  • Calvin Klein Men’s 3 Pack Cotton Rich Dress Rib Socks
  • Sakkas Men’s Cotton Blend Ribbed Dress Socks
  • Calvin Klein Men’s Egyptian Cotton Dress Socks
  • Mercolioni Lido Checks’ Socks
  • SockShop Colour Burst Cotton Sock for Men
  • Shoppy 90% cotton
  • Basico men’s socks – Woolen
  • Basico Men’s Dress Casual Crew
  • Marcoliani Men’s ExtraFine Merino Over-the-Calf Ribbed Italian Dress Sock
  • Men’s ExtraFine Merino Fun Dots OTC Italian Luxury Socks

Best Work Socks for Sweaty Feet

What are the best work socks for sweaty feet? What brand of socks do you recommend I wear to work to curb my problem of sweaty feet?”

Well, any brand of socks can do so long as it is made of natural materials. You can never go wrong with cotton work socks even though wool and “polypro” socks can as well do a job at keeping your feet dry for longer. Try also to get a pair of socks that is thick enough to ensure maximum period of absorption and dryness during work.

Best Running Socks for Sweaty Feet

Is there anything like the best running socks for sweaty feet? What type of material should I look for when buying running socks for people with plantar hyperhidrosis? Should I go with natural fiber or cotton running socks?

“In my quest to lose 10 pounds in the next 6 months, I have taken on a program that entails running on the treadmill for 30 minutes everyday. Unfortunately I tend to sweat a lot and my feet have started stinking.

This happens even with the pair of shoes I wear to work even though I never had this problem before. My friend doesn’t suffer from the same problem even though we have similar Nike pair of shoes. Could this be due to an underlying skin disease or medical condition?”

It is normal to sweat more when exercising. Wearing a good pair of socks (and of course shoes) should help to prevent excessive sweating and related problems such as foot odor. So, what make for good running socks for sweaty feet? Well here is a breakdown of things to look for when buying the best socks for sweaty feet, and specifically for running:

  • Choose socks made of natural fabric e.g. cotton or wool. According to Andrew Weil, MD, director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, athletic-socks made of merino are an especially good choice.
  • Socks made of a synthetic blend of merino wool and other fabrics, called “polypro” are also a good choice for athletes as Dr Weil says.
  • Go for thickness also when choosing your socks to ensure higher absorbency.

In addition to choosing the right running socks, the following will also help you deal with foot odor:

Buy breathable socks - they are the best socks for sweating feet for work
Buy breathable socks – they are the best socks for sweating feet for work.
  • Wash your feet after exercising with warm water and salt
  • Change your socks everyday
  • Rotate your shoes to allow them time to dry or use a shoe dryer e.g. Peet’s Shoe Dryer, to dry them
  • Apply talcum powder on your feet to keep them dry
  • Use a brush or callus remover to get rid of the white layer of dead skin ells that usually grows on the sole of your feet

If all this doesn’t seem to help, talk to your doctor. Prescription antiperspirants or oral medications may be recommended if you are found to suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis. Other common treatment options for excessively sweaty feet are Botox and iontophoresis.

Best Socks for Men with Sweaty Feet

You can get the best socks for sweaty feet, but research has shown that men are the most affected with excessive perspiration or the so called profuse sweating. Do men need to get special socks too when they suffer from excessive foot sweat?

And finally there is this question from David, “What are the best socks for men with sweaty feet?”

Well, the rules of choosing appropriate socks for sweaty feet apply equally to both men and women and that rolls down to getting a thick pair of socks made of an absorbent material like cotton or wool (polypro is also not a bad option according to Dr Weil). Try to get a pair that is made of not less than 80 percent of the material chosen.

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