Best Blue Lipstick in Dark, Royal, Matte and Light Shades

Blue lipstick in any shade such as dark blue, light blue and navy blue will get you noticed. In this article, discover how to wear blue lipsticks, best brands of blue lip sticks and shades such as blue red. Also find out where to buy best lipsticks in blue color below.

Blue Lipsticks – Can They Look Good?

Blue lipstick can be worn to make a statement. It is one of those best lip cosmetics that you can wear either to attract attention or as a layer over some other lipsticks in order to cool down the undertones. Dark blue lipstick, navy, bright or light, or any other shade of blue is not obvious as a lip color. However, you can combine blue lipsticks to achieve a shade of violet lip color. For example, if you have red lips, wearing royal blue based lipstick will give you a lip stain that looks like purple.Dark blue lip color

When you want to wear any shade of blue based lipstick, you will need to learn a little bit of accessorizing your outfit well. For instance, your nail polish should be done very well. Choosing nail lacquer colors such as blue, exactly the shade of your blue lip stick will be appropriate if you want to look great.

As noted above, blue shades of lipstick are not so common, just like black lipstick, gold lipstick, white lipstick and even yellow lip colors. Therefore, not so many brands or lip cosmetic companies make blue based lipstick products. However, here are the best blue lipstick picks you will find on the market today.

Best Blue Lipstick to Buy

So, what is the best blue lipstick to choose? What brands of blue based lipsticks are available in the market today? Below, we’ll look at the best blue based lipstick brands such as Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick you can try on as well as the best shades of blue lip color you can wear on any day.

Best Blue Lipstick Brands

The following are some of the best brands we found. They are top-rated blue based lipsticks according to many reviews around the web.Light-Blue-Lipstick

  • Nicka K Lipstick with Vitamin E Moody Blue 990
  • Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick 521A Fushia with Blue Pearl Lipcolor Lip Color
  • Fran Wilson “Mood Matcher” Lip Color
  • Kaâoir By Keyshia Dior Doll K’oir
  • Lime Crime No She Didnât Opaque
  • L.A. Colors Moisture Lipstick 342 Bright Blue Lips Lipcolor
  • Fran Wilson “Mood Matcher” Lip Color Won’t Wear Off, Vitamin E, (Light Blue)
  • MANIC PANIC AFTER MIDNIGHT Blue Luscious Metallic Lipstick Goth Punk Rock
  • L’paige Lipstick “Basic Blue” Aloe vera Long-Lasting Moisturizing (Lâpaige Blue Aloe Vera Lipstick)
  • WET N WILD Silk Finish Lipstick – WW521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Cabernet (deep blue red)
  • MAC Lipstick “Haute Altitude” (midtone blue pink)
  • MAC Lipstick VIVA GLAM I 1 (Intense brownish blue-red)

Best Shades of Blue Lip Color

When learning how to wear blue based lipsticks, it is important to know the right shade to pick. Of course your lip color as well as skin tone will play a bigger role in determining the best blue shade lipstick. Here are easy to find yet best shades of blue lip color.costume

Dark Blue or Navy Blue Lipstick

Quite common and very captivating is dark blue lipstick. This shade is very good for parties. You can wear it as part of your costume, especially Halloween costume with some crazy contact lenses on. Actually, dark blue lip color or navy blue lipstick appears to have black or dark undertones and may look as if it is a metallic or matte lipstick with excellent coverage.

Light Blue Lipstick: Well, if you don’t like the gothic-like dark blue tones on your lips, then light blue lip stick might be the way to go. You could wear this with light blue glow in the dark nail polish to make a fashion statement.

Blue Red LipstickBlue-Red

Also called blue based red lipstick, blue red is actually a type of red lipstick but comes with blue undertones in it. Wearing this matte lip color will make your lips look a little bit metallic, and will make your teeth stand out as whiter. One of the best blue red lip colors is Catrice Stay On. Blue red lipsticks are the best for any skin tone or skin color, from fair to olive. Other good blue red lipsticks are Catrice Rouge Satin, YSL Rouge Volupte in #18 Red Taboo, Maybelline Superstay, and Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick.

Royal Blue Lipstick, Bright Blue and Baby Blue Based Lipsticks

Generally, people tend to get tired of common colors. With royal blue, bright blue or baby blue shades, you will be able to achieve a light blue lipstick shade but with a different twist on it.

Where Can I Buy or Get Blue Lipstick?

Does Walmart sell blue lipstick? Can I buy blue lipstick from Amazon? Are shades of blue lipsticks listed on eBay? Well, since blue shade lipsticks are a bit weird and not very common, you will find it hard to get them. However, I have found a few places where blue lip colors along with other odd lip stains and colors are listed. eBay is one of them, with very many top brands making blue lip tints having their products listed there. From baby blue to dark blue, to navy blue and almost any other shade you want. If you have bought it before comment below and tell us which brand and where you found it on sale.

Celebrities Who Wear Blue Lipsticks

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kesha (Ke$ha), Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Perez Hilton, are all celebrities spotted to wear blue lipstick either in their music videos or just as a blue lips fashion trend. In fact, it almost became a name on its own – Kesha blue lipstick. Amber Rose also wears electric blue and some people think she rocks while others think she looks awful with blue lips.

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