Body Wraps Reviews – Ultimate Sudatonic & Luca Lean Reviews

Which body wraps reviews are helpful? Read firsthand Ultimate body wrap, Sudatonic and Luca Lean body wraps reviews.  Discover which body wrap brand you should use whether herbal, detox or for just slimming.

Doing a body wrap at home helps you save money. However, sometimes you may not have the time to mix all the concoctions together. Furthermore, you may be a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of the ingredients you have in the house or you could be allergic to them. Additionally, when you want fast results, it always seems like the over the counter products work best. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Herbal Body Wrap Reviews
Homemade Wraps for Weight Loss

All the same, is it really greener? There are hundreds of body wrap creams in the market promising amazing results for weight loss and cellulite. Do body wraps work to lose weight and cellulite in the first place so that these creams can live to their promise? The only way to find out is from various reviews online.

The internet has enabled every shopper to do so wisely because you can get body wrap reviews from thousands and probably millions of customers who have used these brands before. Therefore, before you go buying herbal, slimming and detox brands of Ultimate and Luca lean body wraps, read their several reviews to avoid any disappointments.

Herbal Body Wrap Reviews

As much as herbal body wraps promise to contain all natural ingredients, when it comes to creams just as any other manufactured product, you cannot be too sure. Some manufacturers will use synthetic ingredients in their products and claim that they are natural only to react on your skin later.

Good herbal body wrap reviews should be able to tell what active ingredients are in the product you intend to buy. The ingredients label should be visible and fully listed. There should be also instructions that come with the body wrap, at least should get this from the reviews.

You need to know whether the product actually works from the herbal body wrap reviews, but you also want to find some ingredients such as kelp, alfalfa leaf, chamomile, aloe vera, ginger, rosehip, rose petal, basil and calendula among others. A review that does not mention any of these herbs in the herbal body wrap may not be as helpful.

Detox Body Wrap Reviews & Testimonials

When you are looking for detox body wrap reviews read all you can and take it with a grain of salt. This is because it is not possible to detox your body from a body wrap solution. Your kidneys and liver do the detoxification of the body when you drink enough water. Your skin cannot seep in the ingredients that will help clean up your blood. However, a detox body wrap can remove impurities from your skin surface. Therefore, beware of reviews that promise to remove toxins from inside your body with body wraps.

Weight Loss and Slimming Body Wraps Reviews

Homemade body wraps that work for weight loss are harmless to try since you get to use ingredients you already have in the house, they are natural and you get to spend almost nothing on them. However, creams promise the same effects of weight loss and slimming.

Looking at most slimming body wraps reviews you cannot resist to try some of the products raved about.  After all, it is only human nature to be curious. I hate to burst your bubble though, if you thought that you can lose weight from just using a cream then the reviews you read online are misleading.

You have to burn fat in order to lose weight and slim. This you can only do it effectively with exercise and a healthy diet. What most slimming body wraps reviews forget to mention is that the weight you lose through wrapping your body is water weight and this is regained immediately you drink up enough water or eat food. The slimming is not permanent, but rather temporary. This ought to be very clear from the product review.

Luca Lean Body Wrap Reviews
Luca Lean Body Wrap Reviews

Sudatonic Body Wrap Reviews

Sudatonic body wrap is a brand packed with essential oils and seaweed. This is available in spa treatments because it has to be followed by an infrared body wrap, which increases fat reduction to remove unwanted toxins.  The creams are for targeted spots and the whole body as well. You may have to read Sudatonic body wrap reviews from specific spas offering the infrared body wraps treatment.

Ultimate Body Wrap Reviews

Ultimate body wrap is a brand, which claims to be a natural detox. A thin cloth infused with the herbal cream is then wrapped around the body or the specific area. It also claims to heal stretch marks and cellulite on targeted areas and that most people get results starting with the first wrap.

“I did 5 wraps. Saw no difference. I bought into the whole “not everyone sees results first time” #$%$. It just doesn’t work.” (

“These wraps are ridiculous and the “distributors” should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people who are desperate. Snake oil and nonsense is all they peddle. It’s disgusting.”

“This worked for me although it didn’t work for my sister. I lost two inches and the results stayed for a long while (months). Boot camp couldn’t achieve in 2 months what this did in 45 minutes.” (

Luca Lean Body Wrap Reviews –Why Luca Lean Works

“Has anyone else used the Luca lean Body Wraps? If so, do you know why they work so much better than the others? … I have thought about “making” my own but I would want it to produce the same results as this wrap. Oh well, it would probably be cheaper to keep buying the Luca lean, lol” (

This is probably why you will find positive Luca lean body wrap reviews online. Luca lean brand claims to work for 98%-99% of people. It is an herbal clay body wrap and has been around for the longest time in the market, over 15 years. It further claims to help you lose the unsightly belly and love handles. Although the only way to lose love handles is through exercises, you could try it for that emergency special event with Luca lean. Here is what one reviewer who had tried It Works brand had to say about it:

“I tried the Luca Lean body wrap (bought 2 jars on eBay) last night. Steve laughed at me as he was wrapping me in plastic wrap 🙂 I lost about 2 inches (off my thighs and hips). I am going to try it again tomorrow, to see if I get more inches to disappear.” (

Infrared body wraps reviews
Infrared body wraps reviews.

Positive Mineral Body Wrap Reviews

Apart from herbal body wraps, mineral kinds are also common. These come in form of clays and salts, which add various minerals to the skin such as magnesium, potassium and sulfur among others. Even in homemade body wraps, minerals are common. Mineral body wrap reviews are mostly positive for people who have lost inches especially in their abdominal section.

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