Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost, Reviews, Pictures, Side Effects & Pain

This post is a guide on Brazilian hair removal. Find out what it is as well as the Brazilian laser hair removal cost, full Brazilian laser hair removal, what Brazilian laser hair removal side effects and pain to expect and the pros and cons of the method on the Brazilian laser hair removal reviews section.

What Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

For many years now, body hair removal has been a custom for women. With time, removal of pubic hair has gained popularity not only in women but in men too. In recent times, clothes have become abbreviated and extremely narrow in both the back and the front. This has necessitated removal of pubic hair. What is Brazilian laser hair removal can therefore be said to be a treatment meant for removing almost or all pubic hair.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

How much the Brazilian laser hair removal cost will be is determined by a number of things. The type of Brazilian you want will determine the size of the area to be treated. An extended Brazilian covers a larger area than a regular Brazilian and thus the cost will vary. The number of treatment sessions necessary will also determine the cost. People with dark skin and light hair tend to take up more time which makes the process more costly for them.

The location of the clinic from which the process will be done also affects the cost. Highly populated areas tend to be more costly when compared with lesser populated areas. There are different types of laser as well as different types of laser machines. Their level of sophistication will affect effectiveness, speed and amount charged on a patient. Other factors affecting Brazilian laser hair removal cost include the treatment provider’s level of experience and line of training and amount of hair to be removed

The average range of Brazilian hair removal cost lies between $180 and $400 per session. Most clinics also offer packages of between four to six sessions which tend to be cheaper on the long run. The average cost of a six treatment session package would range from $800 to $2000.

Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

What Is a Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

The idea of not having to endure the pain of waxing or bikini bumps and bits of ingrown hairs makes Brazilian laser hair removal popular. It saves one time spent on temporary solutions such as waxing. There are different styles from which one can choose from when having a Brazilian done.

A full Brazilian laser hair removal means going completely bare in the front area. It comes with various options such as leaving some stripe, a triangle or a custom design of hair. It is a personal preference whether one wants to leave some little growth or not. However, not all designs can be done on all people. A discussion with the nurse is necessary to see if it is possible. In women the process includes removal of hair inside and outside the labia as well.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Side Effects and Pain

While choosing a professional to conduct Brazilian laser on you, it is important to choose one who is qualified. Check out if they are licensed and how much experience they have. Where possible, get a reference from someone who has had it done. This will help in minimizing Brazilian laser hair removal side effects and pain which may arise as a result of sensitivity of the area. The risk is increased where the person carrying out the treatment is inexperienced.

In a research published in the British Medical Journey, it was found out that Brazilian type of pubic hair removal can boost the risk of viral infection. The infection in question could spread easily through self-infection as a result of scratching. Another reason attributed to the transmission is the micro trauma the process exerts on the skin.

Other side effects include temporary redness and pigment color change. In severe cases, hotspots and blisters may result. For a number of days after the process, the skin will feel and look sunburned. However, other skin conditions such as warts, bacterial infection and ingrown hairs do not occur. The treated hair will fall off starting two weeks after the treatment.

Due to the sensitivity of the pubic area, pain is normal. This tends to be worse in the first session but goes on reducing with further treatment. Most technicians will administer a chilling spray to protect the area under treatment and provide relief from pain.

The pain may last some days after the process. It is also possible to burn. During the process, it is important to only take what is tolerable. In case it gets too painful, one should request that they turn down the laser. Changing the wavelength according to skin and hair type is also important.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Brazilian laser hair removal pictures are important in proving the accomplishments a laser technician has had in their practice. You can request them to show you some while going in for a consultation. There also are some pictures that one can look at online to know what progress to expect.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Reviews

When making a choice between the conventional Brazilian hair removal procedures and laser, Laser will give more long lasting results. It is no wonder then that most Brazilian laser hair removal reviews are in favor for it. One question though that one ought to put across is whether it is all bliss with this hair removal method. Could anything go wrong and do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

To start off, hygiene is important to consider. Since laser uses light and heat, it is more hygienic than most methods. It can also help in treating ingrown hairs thus reducing the risk of infection. Professional laser treatment will yield results quickly and painlessly. Although initial treatments may seem expensive, once it is over the frequency for removal reduces and only annual touchups may be necessary.

On the other hand, laser treatments are not approved for permanent hair removal. They are only a means of permanent hair reduction. As such, regrowth is expected. This though may be finer, take longer to appear and is easier to deal with. The method is not free of side effects. These range from swelling to itching as well as permanent discoloration and scarring in rare instances. These are important to bear in mind before deciding if it really is what you want.

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