How to Get Rid of Brown Age Spots on Face and Hands

Brown age spots are common. To learn how to remove them, it is important to first learn what causes brown dots, patches and blotches to form on the skin. Here’s how to remove the brown age spots on the face, hands and legs so as to get rid of them for good.

What Causes Brown Age Spots?

When one gets to 40 years of age, it is likely for them to start noticing brown spots on different parts of the body. What causes brown age spots? These spots pop up when the skin is exposed to direct sun light for a prolonged duration of time. They therefore form on areas of the skin where there is a lot of exposure to the sun such as hands and face.

Brown blotches, patches and dots are signs of aging
Brown blotches, patches and dots are signs of aging.

People who go out without strong enough sunscreen are likely to accumulate sun damage over time. At around 40 years, these will show up in the form of brown age spots. These could develop earlier depending on how much damage is caused.

While this is the case, there are risk factors for the same. Some people are more predisposed to get these especially in case they come from families with people who get them. Fair skinned people are also at a risk of getting the spots. The use of tanning beds and tanning lamps increases the probability of getting the spots as well.

How to Remove Brown Age Spots on Hands and Legs

Brown age spots on hands and legs can be removed. These normally take patience to treat. Some skin lightening creams are a great option. There are age spots hand creams that can be used to get rid of them as well. These are made with the needs of the hands in consideration.

Other than these, one could make use of skin lightening creams which are available over the counter. Different brands work differently and could take up to six months for results to be seen. Patience and consistency in use are necessary. These should be used according to manufacturer instructions.

In case the options above fail, seeking medical help could be the next best solution. A dermatologist will know best which medical procedure will be most appropriate for your spots. This could be determined by your type of skin and color tone.

How to Remove Brown Age Spots on Face

There are many forms of treatment to help get rid of age spots. The best treatment for brown age spots on face will be determined by how deep colored the spots are, how much we are willing to spend and how fast we want the spots gone. Below are some options on how to remove brown age spots on face.

Chemical peels can be used on the face. These are common in treatment of skin blemishes. Acidic solutions are applied on the face to remove the skin’s top layer. Depending on how deep the spots are, the acid is neutralized after some time. The skin is left to expose a lighter shade and as healing occurs, there is a healthier looking and newer skin free from the spots.

How to get rid of brown age spots on legs, face, hands
Here’s how to get rid of brown age spots on legs, face, hands.

Dermabrasion works in the same way. This though is different as the peeling is done mechanically. A wire brush is made to slough off the skin. For some time after the treatment, the skin will scab and be red. This will then heal to reveal a brighter skin.

Cryotherapy is another form of treatment for age spots on face. The spots are covered with liquid nitrogen or another freezing agent. This is what destroys the brown spots and as the skin heals, a lighter shade is exposed.

Laser treatments are also available for spots on the face. These work by destroying the calls that produce excess pigment. More than one session may be necessary to get rid of the spots completely. The treatment is not painful but a tingly sensation may be experienced.

How to Get Rid of Brown Age Spots

In case age spots catch up with you, it is still possible to get rid of them. Since they only affect the top skin layer, several treatment options will help in their removal. One therefore does not have to live with the age spots unless they wish to. Treatments involve the exfoliation of the top skin as well as hindering the growth of the pigment producing cells.

One could make use of home remedies to get rid of the spots. To begin with, one could try to use home remedies for the spots. These mostly make use of natural ingredients such as lemon juice, onions, honey and aloe vera to get rid of the spots. Other home ingredients that could be of use include vinegar and baking soda. These slough off the top layer of the skin. When used consistently, the brown spots will face with time. These are great for people who want to spend less as well as use natural remedies.

Where one wants a ready-made convenient method, they could opt for topical products. Age spot creams are available in two forms. There are over the counter products as well as prescription strength creams. These contain active ingredients that help to lighten this skin thus get rid of the spots. Some common ingredients include retinol and hydroquinone. There also are those made from natural ingredients.

Before and after Microdermabrasion removal of brown age spots on face
Before and after Microdermabrasion removal of brown age spots on face

Where all these home treatments fail to work, it is still possible to get professional treatment. There are various procedures that can be performed by a dermatologist to get rid of the spots. Dermabrasion and chemical slough the top skin layer to get rid of the top layer. This leaves the skin bare and as the area of treatment heals, new clear skin with no blemishes forms. Laser treatments make use of light energy to get rid of the excess treatment. These should be done by experienced professionals for great results.

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