Foot Callus Treatment – Natural Treatment & Cream for Toe Calluses

There are many options that one can opt for when looking for callus treatment. From this post you will learn how to treat calluses, toe, heel, hand and foot callus treatment, callus treatment cream and natural callus treatment.

How to Treat Calluses

For successful callus treatment, it is important that the repetitive and prolonged actions that lead to their formation are eliminated. Though there are various means on how to treat calluses, it is important to follow these up with self-care practices such as getting well-fitting shoes and using protective foot pads.

Callus treatment using salicylic acid
Peeling calluses using natural treatments such as salicylic acid

Callus treatment is mostly sought after various home remedies and topical applications fail to work. Among the medical solutions on how to treat calluses are:

Salicylic acid: This involves the doctor applying patches that contain a certain percentage of salicylic acid. Some of these are also available in drugstores. The doctor will advise on how frequently you need to use them.

Trimming: The doctor may decide to use a surgical excision using a scalpel to get rid of the callus. This should be done by a professional to ensure that the normal skin surrounding the callus is not affected and also prevent infections. One should never try doing this at home.

Corrective Surgery: This is normally suggested when a person has foot deformities. Corrective surgery is carried out to re-align the toe bones in case they are the ones that have been causing formation of calluses.

Foot Callus Treatment

There are various options that one can opt for when searching for foot callus treatment. One’s choice will be determined by how much money and time they are willing to dedicate to the removal process. The cheap methods tend to take some time while one has to cough out more for fast callus treatment.

Mild cases can be treated using various forms of home remedies. One can soak the affected area in warm water for 20 minutes. After this, rubbing the callus with a pumice stone will get rid of the dead skin. One could add some essential oils, lemon juice or vinegar to the water for better results. Aspirin can also be used to get rid of calluses.

Callus removal creams are also available for callus treatment. These are meant for topical application. Salicylic acid tends to be among the major ingredients in the creams. There are those that are only available on prescription while others are available over the counter.

In case the above do not work, one could be suffering from plantar callus. This could make them undergo surgery as a form of plantar callus treatment. The structural cause of callus will be corrected and thus keep the patient free of calluses.

Toe Callus Treatment

Calluses tend to affect the toes. At times, they are caused by the constant pressure and friction exerted on them. Where this is the case, eliminating the source of the friction or pressure is the first step in toe callus treatment. This will help to alleviate aggravation as well as recurrence. This can be done by getting appropriate foot wear.

After elimination of the cause of the callus, give your feet a soak in warm water. This acts to soften the callus. Use a pumice stone to rub on the toe callus. Apply moderate pressure to avoid hurting yourself and keep rinsing the area after a few rubs to get rid of the debris. Rub until the callus is gone and stop before you get to underlying skin. Apply antibiotics on the area to prevent infection.

In case after this process of removal and prevention there is a recurrence, the cause of the calluses could be an abnormality in the toe bone structure. This would require a corrective surgical procedure to help in straightening up hammer toes and such abnormalities.

Natural callus treatment
Natural callus treatment

Hand Callus Treatment

Having callused hands can make one self-conscious especially when it comes to giving or receiving handshakes. One can conduct some home hand callus treatment to take care of this. In the morning, apply an alpha hydroxyl acid cream on the hands. This will keep them moisturized and help to increase production and replacement of dead skin cells throughout the day.

In the evening, soak the calloused hands in warm water for at least ten minutes. Use a rough piece of cloth to rub against the callus and rinse the hands after you are done. Dry your hands after this and apply petroleum jelly on them. To enhance its penetration, wrap the petroleum jelly covered hands with a warm damp piece of cloth for 30 minutes.

A manicure can also help get rid of calluses on hands. Show your hands some love by getting one from a professional. A spa that has impeccable hygiene standards, makes use of quality products and has highly trained staff would be ideal.

Heel Callus Treatment

The heels are a prime location for calluses. It is possible to carry out a heel callus treatment by yourself. This is best done when the calluses are soft therefore soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes. In case your calluses are severe, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water. After this, dry your feet and apply a heel callus softener. This will help the callus to get off easily.

Scrub the callus using a pumice stone. Ensure that the stone is wet as you do this.  Rub it on the callus until there is no more feel of it. Where one has a heavy buildup, it may be necessary to soak the feet more than once to achieve desired results. Avoid being too aggressive as this could tear up the skin. Finish off by applying a moisturizer.

Callus Treatment Cream

Use of callus treatment creams saves one a lot of time that would be spent if one were to prepare home treatments. It is also not as expensive as the medical procedures. Most callus treatment creams contain salicylic acid.

These are meant for topical applications. They help to thin up thickened dead skin. With regular use, they soften them up and eventually get rid of them. For people who have severe calluses, the most appropriate cream would be a strong remover cream. Some of these are only available on prescription. Talking to your doctor will help.

Natural Callus Treatment

There are many natural remedies that one can use for natural callus treatment. These are easy to make and use. They also cost much less as they are mostly products that one already.

A lemon and aspirin paste can help get rid of calluses. Crush some aspirin tablets and add some fresh lemon juice. Apply a thick layer of this on the callus and wrap up the area with a damp piece of cloth. Rinse the area up after 10 minutes and moisturize.

Another natural callus treatment is a chamomile tea soak. This helps to soften up the calluses. Add chamomile tea to water in a tab. Soak your feet for 20 minutes to soften the area up. Apply a deep moisturizer on the callus after this for them to remain soft.

Milk has lactic acid that helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. Add equal parts of milk and water into a basin. Soak your feet in it for five minutes and scrub the callus with a pumice stone after that. Rinse the area using warm water, pat dry and moisturize.

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