Do Probiotics in Deodorant Work?

Do your armpits start to smell foul halfway through the day, even though you applied deodorant just a few hours earlier? You’re not alone. Lack of reliability is a common complaint among those who wear many of the top name brand deodorants gracing drug store and grocery store shelves. This may because standard deodorant does nothing to stop the unpleasant reaction that occurs when the bacteria on your body meet your sweat. Many natural deodorants claim to stop or minimize body odor better than competitors. The best all natural deodorant companies even go so far as to put probiotics in their formulas. But, do probiotics in deodorant really work? Here’s what you should know.

Why Sweat Stinks

Contrary to popular belief, sweat doesn’t stink. You may be shaking your head right now and thinking “clearly, you’ve never smelled my sweat!” But the truth is, sweat – on its own – has no smell. It only starts to create the unpleasant odor you know so well when it combines with the bacteria on the surface of your skin. The bacteria begin to feed on the components of your sweat and create the scent that you know as body odor. Since the bacteria on your skin may be different from the bacteria on your best friend’s skin, your BO most likely smells different from hers.

Why Antiperspirants Don’t Work

Antiperspirants seek to stop body odor by blocking the body from releasing sweat. Unfortunately, since sweat really isn’t the culprit, these products are trying to solve the problem in the wrong way. They simply plug the sweat ducts temporarily so sweat doesn’t ever mingle with the bacteria on the skin’s surface. They do this with aluminum-based compounds that are absorbed into the skin.

Unfortunately, by blocking the body from perspiring, antiperspirants prevent toxins from naturally being released out of your system. Additionally, the sweat-blocking compounds in popular deodorants may increase the risk of certain types of cancers. So, what can you do to protect your body from the harmful effects of top-selling deodorants without losing the battle of the underarm stink? Probiotics may be the answer.

How Probiotic Deodorants Work

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts. But wait a minute, didn’t you just find out that bacteria make your sweat smelly in the first place? The answer is “yes,” with a large caveat. There are good and bad types of bacteria. Probiotics are good bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria and provide you with a variety of health benefits. When applied to your underarms, they can combat odor without inhibiting your ability to sweat the toxins out of your body. The best feminine product subscription service includes a probiotic deodorant that also contains other helpful ingredients such as baking soda and coconut oil. Both are natural deodorants that will help you avoid body odor without filling your body full of toxic chemicals.

When it comes to fighting off BO, there’s no need to expose your skin to harsh ingredients with questionable safety studies. Instead, opt for a gentle, all-natural probiotic deodorant that uses nature’s natural odor fighters to keep your underarms smelling fresh.

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