Eyebrow Dandruff Cause, Treatment & How to Stop

While dandruff is most common on the scalp, it can still occur on any other part of the body. It is possible to experience eyebrow birthmarks especially during the winter. In this post, we explore eyebrow dandruff cause, eyebrow dandruff treatment and how to stop eyebrow dandruff.

In normal situations, the skin undergoes gradual renewal through the shedding of dead skin cells. This is usually hardly noticeable since the process is quite slow. Proper washing of the skin and scalp shampooing tend to be enough to get rid of these cells.

Eyebrow Dandruff Cause, Treatment & How to Stop
Eyebrow Dandruff Cause, Treatment & How to Stop

This does not always happen though. At times there is an increased turn-over of dead skins cells while in other situations there is a buildup. These then become visible as some flakes on the skin and are what form dandruff.

Eyebrow Dandruff Cause

There are a number of factors that could lead to the formation of dandruff on the eyebrow skin. Knowing the possible causes helps to decide on what treatment one should adopt. Below are some of the eyebrow dandruff causes.

Dry skin: When the air is dry, the skin also gets dehydrated. This makes it to dry up. When the skin below the eyebrows dries up too much there is flaking. This tends to be common a lot in winter months. The flakes experienced will normally be small and white in color.

Malassezi: Malassezia is a fungus that is found on hairy parts of the body. It is always present and feeds on oils produced by hair follicles. In ordinary situations, its growth is limited. As an eyebrow dandruff cause, malassezia has to have grown out of control.

This occurs when there is an over-production of oil on the skin beneath the eyebrows. When this happens, its acidic by products irritates the skin causing additional production of skin cells. As a result there is an increased production of dead skin cells which cause eyebrow dandruff.

Psoriasis: This is a skin disease that tends to affect various parts of the body. In case one has it, the flaking is experienced on the scalp and face. This renders the eyebrows vulnerable. In case some psoriasis patches are evident on other parts of the body, there is a possibility that it is the cause of eyebrow dandruff.

Seborrheic dermatitis: This is a skin disease that arises as a result of overstimulation of seborrheic glands. This leads to an overproduction of oil on the skin. As a result, the dandruff manifests itself as large oily white flakes on the eyebrows. At times they could also be yellowish.

Eyebrow Dandruff Treatment

How to treat eyebrow dandruff depends on its severity. It is possible to treat eyebrow dandruff at home with over the counter products or even homemade remedies. Knowing what the cause of the dandruff is could go a long way in helping treat it. The methods used could either eliminate or reduce the condition thus making it manageable. Since the skin around the eyes tends to be very sensitive, it is important to use appropriate products that will not lead to other skin complications. While at it, ensure that none of it gets into your eyes.

To start off, one can use a mild cleanser on the eyebrows. This is to be done twice a day until the flakes disappear. If no notable difference is experienced, one can move on and try other stronger treatments.

Dandruff shampoos can also be used as an eyebrow dandruff treatment. They are readily available and one can buy them over the counter. It will help to clear up the flakes found on eyebrows when used regularly. When using it, massage the eyebrow area as you clean up. Do this for around five minutes. One should ensure that this does not get into the eyes. Also ensure the residue is rinsed off completely to avoid buildup.

Where these two forms of eyebrow dandruff treatments do not work, it is time to opt for stronger options. One can request a dermatologist to prescribe a medicated shampoo stronger than the ones they have been using. They could also offer steroidal creams.Eyebrow Dandruff Treatment

These should not be used for long as they could have negative effects on your skin. It is important to be cautious with them and only use them as advised. The dermatologist can also diagnose if the eyebrow dandruff is as a result of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or dry skin. This way it will be easy to come up with a working treatment.

Where the eyebrow dandruff is as a result of dry skin, some simple facial care routine could help just as a good eyebrow dandruff treatment. Use a facial cleanser to clean your eyebrows. Follow that up with a moisturizing cream. Where it is caused by an allergic reaction to facial products, use of the product should be stopped.

Other than these home treatments, one can employ home remedies. Try using ice cold milk rubs on the eyebrows to see if the dandruff will go away. Simply soak a piece of clean cloth in the milk and hold it on the affected area. Wash off with a mild shampoo after this.

How to Stop Eyebrow Dandruff

Once eyebrow dandruff has been treated successfully, it is important to put into place measures that will stop it from re-occurring. Below are ways on how to stop eyebrow dandruff. Try them out to keep the flakes away from your eyebrows.

  • Use a herbal face wash twice daily. Use clean cold water to rinse off.
  • Get rid of scalp dandruff as what causes it might be the same cause of eyebrow dandruff.
  • Use hot oil treatments on the eyebrows to keep them well moisturized. Almond, coconut oil and castor oil are great for this.
  • Another good way on how to stop eyebrow dandruff is to use mild exfoliating creams to exfoliate eyebrows and get rid of any dead skin once a week. This will help prevent buildup of dead skin cells which are the main cause of eyebrow dandruff.
  • Applying a soothing gel or a baby lotion on the skin on which the eyebrows grow every night will help keep eyebrow dandruff at bay.
  • So as to control sebum production, avoid junk food but eat healthy fats. A healthy diet consisting of zinc will also help control dandruff.

Try these methods on how to stop eyebrow dandruff and you will easily get rid of eyebrow dandruff.

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