Facial Hair Removal for Women – Permanent, Natural, at Home & Reviews

Women do not have to put up with unwanted facial hair. Get the various methods and reviews for female facial hair removal including facial hair removal for women at home, facial hair removal for black women, natural facial hair removal for women and permanent facial hair removal for women.

Facial Hair Removal for Women at Home

It is possible to carry out facial hair removal for women at home. This is by making use of easy to handle tools. Among the things that one can do to get rid of the hair include:

Trimming: In case the facial hair that concerns you most is eyebrows, trimming is appropriate. This makes them appear less thick and dark. It is also easy and cheap to do at home.

Shave: This should be done sparingly. A lot of caution should also be used since it may cause bumps and lead to ingrown hairs. Use the appropriate tools to do this. To minimize problems that come with shaving, ensure that hair is wet before starting off, shave in single strokes and in the direction that the hair grows and relax the skin while shaving.

Threading: This is a great female facial hair removal method. It is easy and can be used to get rid of hair on the lips, brows and anywhere else on the face. All that one will need is some string. The method is not only easy to learn but also easy to do and not as painful as some other methods.

Natural Facial Hair Removal for Women

For the lovers of natural remedies, there is some natural facial hair removal for women suitable for them. These have to be carried out with consistency and patience as they are no miracle works. Sample some of them below.

Turmeric: Mostly known in helping women attain a better complexion, turmeric is also good at natural facial hair removal for women. Make a paste by adding some water to turmeric powder. Apply this on the area from which you want to get rid of facial hair and leave it on for some minutes. When it is dry, dip a wash cloth in water and use it to wipe off the turmeric and hair too.

Sugar mask: Sugar can be used to make a homemade wax for effective hair removal. This is combined with lemon and honey. The sugar will provide stickiness, the lemon will act as a bleach and honey will soothe the skin. Add a teaspoon of sugar, an equal amount of honey and a few drops of lemon in a vessel. Microwave the mixture for a smooth paste. When the mixture is still a bit warm, apply it on the face where you want hair removed. Use a strip of cloth to cover the area and pull it off immediately.

Egg mask: This method is also similar to waxing and is effective for female facial hair removal. It makes use of the egg white. Add half a tablespoon of corn flour and one tablespoon of sugar to the egg white. Beat these to form a consistent paste. Apply it on the area with unwanted hair and leave it to dry. This will form a thin mask which you will pull off carefully but firmly. The hair will be pulled off together with it.

Facial Hair Removal for Black Women

The hair on the face of black women tends to be thick and coarse. Never the less, facial hair removal for black women uses the same methods as any other woman. Although the color tone may influence how certain removal methods result, the choice should be determined by location and amount of hair that one has. Some hairs may necessitate periodic removal at home while others may require professional treatments.

Women who do not have intensive facial hair can make use of home remedies. Among these are natural treatments for female facial hair removal. Some of these include making use of sugar and egg white masks. Topical application of eflornithine can also help. This is a prescription strength medication which prevents enzymes from facilitating cell division responsible for hair growth. Other methods include waxing, tweezing, and use of epilators and depilatories.

Where the unwanted facial hair is excessive, the most appropriate facial hair removal for black women is through professional methods. Lasers are one of these. Although most of them are appropriate for light skinned women, the American Academy of Dermatology advises that black women can safely make use of lasers with longer waves of energy emissions.  These can penetrate hair follicles without harming the skin. Black women can also make use of electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal for Women

It is possible to have permanent facial hair removal for women. This helps to get rid of the ugly tiny bits that should not be there in the first place. Consider some of the following:

Electrolysis: The permanency of this method of hair removal is certified by the Food and Drug Administration. This method makes use of a tiny needle which is normally inserted through the skin into the cell that is responsible for the hair growth. The hair is loosens up and slides out not to grow again. This method is quite effective although it comes with the risk of scarring. People with darker complexions are at a higher risk for this.

Laser hair removal: This facial hair removal for women uses light energy to damage the root of the hair. Light energy is sent through where the hair shaft is to the follicle. This way it destroys the root of the hair. The hair does not come off immediately but does weaken and fall off with time. It is best used by light skinned people who have dark hair. With time, yearly touchups will be required. It significantly reduces the appearance of hair.

Hormone treatments or oral contraceptives: The doctor can determine whether your hair growth is based on hormones. Where it is, hormone treatments which can be done using oral contraceptives can regulate them and return the hair growth to normal.

Facial Hair Removal for Women Reviews

Although there are many female facial removal methods, none of them comes without some risks. Facial hair removal for women reviews indicate that there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with the various methods.

Electrolysis may lead to scarring at the point where the needle is inserted. This is more so for people with dark skins where there is increased hyperpigmentation and risks of keloids. Some lasers are not appropriate for people with dark skins as they increase the risk of dark spots, burning and scarring.

When waxing is done, the whole hair including the shaft, root and bulb is removed. This leaves the follicle wide open making it prone to infections. One should take precautions such as using an antibacterial cream to prevent this. Shaving on the other hand may lead to ingrown hair. This is more so for people with coarse hair. Instead of the cut hair growing out, it may curl and grow back into the skin. Depilatories are not recommended for use on the eyebrows.


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