Find My Beloved Smok Alien from Vape Shop Near Me

I woke up on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with the sun beaming onto my bright white bed sheets, and the birds chirping, welcoming me to a brand-new day. I opened my eyes and with clarity realized that today was the perfect day to walk to a vape shop near me to buy Smok Alien. My eyes drifted shut once more and my mouth rested into a smile as I envision my day in the comforting sunlight. Smok Alien is the craziest shiznit that ever was, everybody wants Smok Alien.

I had often noticed that all the kids around the schoolyard that didn’t have Smok Alien generally weren’t very cool either. I don’t know if Smok Alien is just for cool kids, but it seems that the cool kids like Smok Alien for some reason, and it’s probably a good reason. Today was the day that I was going to get the product that was ‘all the rage’ with everybody that I knew who was worth knowing. I don’t know much about economic data theory, because I’m just a high school kid, but it seems to me that the product Smok Alien has a targeted demographic of consumers that is of high social value and with such a reputation. Smok Alien is a very effective status symbol. If I was outside on the bleachers smoking a Smok Alien on my lunch break all the girls would desire me and I wouldn’t even have to try. There I would sit, puffing away in the summer sun on my sleek brand new Smok Alien inhaling the pure golden taste of nicotine mixed with artificial flavors. So good. So satisfying. So happy I would be.

My eyes shot open. I had been daydreaming the first 10 minutes of my day as it transitioned from dream to reality and then to thoughts. It was okay though, today was a perfect day, there was a vape shop near me that sold the Smok Alien and I could finally get it today. At my leisure of course with no need to rush. My future is secured, Knowing that I would soon have a Smok Alien was a safe feeling. No longer will I be a have-not of society, an undesirable, a ne’ erdewell. No, today Iwas free.

I flipped the sheets back and recoiled my spine backwards into a ball, then sprung up off the bed and onto my hardwood floor. Luckily there was a vape shop near me so naturally I couldn’t wait to go pick it up, and I skiped my breakfast, shower, and getting changed instead deciding to immediately run to the vape shop near me at full velocity, nothing would stop me from having the great Smok Alien vaporizer. Iran down the street in my flip flops. They smacked the sidewalk like flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop. This went on for 10 minutes until, finally, I caught sight of the vape shop near me growing from the distance. My momentum did not stop as my flip flopped feet took me crashing through the front doors of the establishment.

With a whipping motion I pointed my finger directly at the cashier and with exuberant animated gusto I said: “I demand a Smok Alien!”

The skinny hipster said: “Should I just, like, call the cops or…?”

“I mean I would like to buy one with money”, I said.

“That will be $119.”

I handed him the cash contained in my clenched fist, dropping it dramatically on the counter. He looks down at the money, counting it handlessly as scanned his eyes across the counter for a long 15 seconds…”Yep, that’s enough”, he finally stated.

I grabbed the Smok Alien box and ran out the front doors. Like an animal, I tore the packaging apart, frothing at the mouth and shaking like a crack fiend. After struggling with the finicky child safe packaging I finally opened it after 5 minutes and after calming down enough to methodically remove the vaporizer from the box.

Finally, I looked down to see in my own hands a brand new Smok Alien the metal device glistening in the sunlight. I held it up over my head like Link from The Legend Of Zelda often does when he acquires something significant.

“Hey what’s that?” asked Becky, walking over from across the street.

“This is my Smok Alien”, I said with pride.

Her eyes lit up with lust at the sight of the Smok Alien.”I never knew you had it in you, I know we’ve never talked much but my parents aren’t home and I was wondering if you would like to come over to my place with your Smok Alien and…”

Just at that moment Julia appeared from around the corner of the vape shop near me and exclaimed “That’s a Smok Alien! I can’t believe you got one!” Then she licked her lips and winked at me.

Across the street I saw Chelsey, Megan, and Amy, strutting down the street like cheerleader sorority girls wearing all pink and white. As I watched I noticed Amy catch a glimpse of what I was holding and she gets the attention of the other girls stopping them in their tracks, then they all go “Ooooh…” in unison.

As all their eyes were fixed on me, like a hero, I coolly raised the vape to my lips and took a long magical puff and exhaled casually. I knew it would be a good day.

Hours had pas\ and at the end of the day I laid on my back on a king size bed that was not my own, puffing my Smok Alien and releasing the vapor up into the room like a cloud. There were 10 girls from my school laying on the bed at the slumber party that I was invited to because of my Smok Alien. A lot of things had happened that day and a lot of things had changed in my life. I always wondered how the other side lived, and now, finally in paradise with my Smok Alien I knew. nt-Di

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