Best Gold Lipstick How to Wear in Rose, Glitter and Gracie Shades

Gold lipstick, like you have seen celebrities such as Ke$ha wear can give you a really unique look. In this article, discover the best gold lipsticks, brands, types and colors that you can wear for stunning looks. Also learn how to wear gold lipstick below.

Gold lipsticks have become a lip cosmetic trend, whether it is summer or spring, or any other season. Though you cannot put apply it everyday, but once you know how to wear gold lipstick, you will be the showgirl wherever you go.

Gold Lipstick on Golden Skin
Gold lip makeup on Golden Skin Tone
  • Choosing the best gold lipstick, such as subtle colors like the ones listed below can even give you something to wear regularly. While many people think that gold is too much of an eccentric color that can be worn for events such as parties, Halloween etc., you will find colors such as golden pink lipstick golden rose lipsticks and golden red lipstick worth trying.

Like any other lipstick, gold does not go well with a mix of a counter color of lip balm or lip gloss. Choose the best concealer for your skin type when you want to use lip liner and lip primer.

Best Gold Lipstick, Colors and Top Brands

So, what is the best gold lipstick? What color and shades s are there?

  • NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Gold
  • NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Gold (not lipstick but gloss in gold)
  • LE from MAC Soft Lust
  • Avon 24K Gold lipstick
  • L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Golden Splendor
  • Mehron Metallic Powder golden lipstick
  • Estee lauder pure color lip vinyl in Vinyl Gold
  • MAC- Fresh Buzz
  • Mary Kay signature creme lipstick in Gold Dusk
  • MAC- love dust

Metallic Gold Lipstic

Do you like a metallic lip finish? With a metallic gold lipstick, you can achieve just that. There are chrome metallic gold, pink metallic, blue and even bronze metallic golden lip colors. A good example of such mineral metallic lipsticks is the KA’OIR Golden Goodness.

With this lip makeup, you will end up with that dramatic gold, especially if you know how to wear gold lipstick, matching it with your outfit, hair color and even eye color.

Gracie Gold Red Lip Color

If you like red undertones in your gold lipstick, here are the best picks for you in Gracie gold red lipstick. This celebrity reveals that “her Gold-medal beauty look is all about ‘the lashes and lips!’ If you want to get her looks, the best pick to go for is the COVERGIRL Lip Perfection. Similar lip colors are:

  • Nutrimetics Prestige – a golden red shade
  • E.l.f. Royal Red with golden undertones

Pink Gold Lipstick

Do you love pink undertones in your lip makeup? Well, you don’t just have to use pink lip stains only. You can also apply golden pink lipstick to achieve that look. Here is one of the best picks of golden pink lipsticks you can try.

  • Cover Girl Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink

Gold Glitter Lipstick

Most of the metallic-finish tones and shades will come out as glitter. So, if you want to sport that shiny metallic lip color, the gold glitter lipstick is your best pick. But what brands out there have this particular metallic lip color? Try Stargazer glitter lipstick in gold with heels and high tops. How’s that for how to wear gold lipstick? You will look stunning with a true fashion statement right on your lips – that metallic shine.

Rose Gold Lipstick

Rose gold lipstick on lips will make your lips will look soft as petals. But if you want gold undertones, you can get that metallic look with golden rose lipstick too. I found just one golden rose lipstick (boing by the same name).Golden Rose Lipstick

  • Golden Rose Lipstick

How to Wear Gold Lipstick

Metallic pigments of both nail polish and lipstick can be very messy if not done well. So, how do you apply gold lipstick, or how do you wear gold lipstick to look beautiful while at the same time avoiding the tragedy of looking like a rack of metals or a Christmas tree? Here are steps and tips on how to wear gold lipsticks. You will need the following in order to wear golden lipstick.

  • Lipstick in a shade you like, such as rose gold, glitter, metallic, pink or gracie gold shades.
  • Lip brush
  • A good lip gloss
  • A good lip balm

Once you have everything listed above, it is time to learn how to use gold lip color. Follow the steps below on how to wear any shade of gold; or how to apply gold lipstick.

  1. Gold lipstick is not for all skin tones. Therefore, choose the right tone if you want to wear some gold lips. Most people with honey gold skin tones can wear gold lipsticks comfortably. Blondes can also wear gold since their hair color leans towards a golden accent.
  2. Start by lining your lips with a lip liner that is similar to your lip color. You may also use a good lip primer that is similar to the color of your lips, or is a tone similar to that of your type of golden lipstick. This will help keep your lip stick in place as well as give some definition to your lip area.Gold Lipstick
  3. Using a lip brush, apply the makeup such as metallic gold on the lips. A brush will give you control over the placement of the lip makeup.
  4. Start by applying in the middle of your lips, and then work toward the outside of your lips.
  5. Focus more on the center of your lips and lightly brush out.
  6. Finish by adding a little lip gloss and still focus more on the center of your lips. It will add a little sheen to your lips, which is good for flash lights from cameras.
  7. You can use a bronze eyeshadow and swipe it just once on your eye to get the perfect look.

Golden lipsticks look good on almost all types of lips. Whether they are full lips, thin lips, big lips or even large lips, it will still come out just fine. Ensure you apply lip gloss well to avoid the matte finish that is characteristic of metallic cosmetics for lips and even nail lacquers. Without it, you will appear as though you have lip lines. You might want to choose moisturizing lip gloss to help you get rid of lip wrinkles.

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