Green Cichlid Types, Care, Breeding, Food and Best Tank Mates

Green cichlids are of interesting characteristics. In this article, learn about types such as green terror cichlid, green Texas cichlid, ruby green cichlid, green severum cichlid, green African cichlid and green guapote cichlid. Also, find out care tips, breeding and best tank mates for the green cichlid fish.

  • What are the different types of green cichlids?Green Terror Cichlid
  • What is the best food for green cichlids?
  • What tank mates are good for green cichlid fish?
  • How do you breed green cichlids?
  • Where can I find terror cichlids for sale?

Green cichlids are part of the cichlid family of fish. As the name suggests, they are characteristically green and may have a set of unique characteristics that you might need to consider when you want to keep the fish as a pet. There are different types of green cichlid pets. Some of these are classified according to where they originate, such as the green Texas cichlid and the green African cichlid fish.

Below, we will discuss the types and delve deeper to look at the best tank mates for most of these greens, their temperament and personality, best fish tank size for your cichlids, how to care for them, the type of food to feed them and tips for breeding green cichlids.

Green Terror Cichlid – Aequidens rivulatus

Humped Green Terror Cichlid
Humped Green Terror Cichlid

Green terror cichlid is scientifically referred to as the Aequidens rivulatus. It is a freshwater pet fish that originates from the South American Pacific. Most of them are taken from River Tumbes in Peru and other rivers in Equador. A common name for the green terror is Chromis rivulata. Let us look at the profile of the terror cichlid fish.

Green Terror Cichlid Care

Most cichlids do well in fish tanks or aquariums of at least 50 gallon capacity. You can also put them in a higher capacity tank, such as 75 gallon cichlid fish tank and so on. The size of the tank will depend on whether or not you will put some tank mates for the green terror fish.

While planning the green cichlid care, it is important to note that the fish will grow up to about 30 centimeters long. Typical green terror cichlids are of about 6 to 8 inches though. The size of the fish will be directly influenced by the care you provide, specifically the size of the tank, population and food or diet. In a 90 gallon aquarium, the green terror cichlid is likely to grow to full potential.

  • Green Terror Diseases: Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ick), wich occurs as a result of overcrowding and too much nitrates in the fish tank.
  • Personality and Temperament: As the name suggests, the green terror cichlid is a very aggressive fish. When coupled with incompatible tank mates, the fish is likely to kill other fish such as yellow cichlids, red cichlids, peacock cichlids and many others. The fish displays a very aggressive temperament in its territory.

It can take your green terror some time to feel at home. Some people complain that the fish charges at almost anything, and may keep hitting the glass all the time. You could choose to keep a younger one and provide crevices for him to hide in until he feels at home.

Green Terror Cichlid Tank MatesGreen Terror Cichlid

When it comes to tank mates for green terror cichlid, it is important to note that the fish is very much territorial and may not accept other types of cichlids as tank mates. He is likely to display very aggressive behavior toward them, including nipping their fins, which can lead to infection son the other fish.

If you want to include tank mates in the aquarium, it is important to consider having a bigger tank, perhaps big enough so that other fish will not interfere with the green terror cichlid fish territory. You can also include mates as tank mates, but try to avoid other types of cichlids.

Green Terror Cichlid Food and Diet

Green terror cichlid is a carnivore and so, ensure the diet fits its needs. Some of the best foods for green terror cichlid include pellets, flakes as well as small fish. You can also feed them bloodworms and shrimps. You can find a lot of commercially available food for green cichlids, which are optimized as the best foods for your green cichlid pet. It is preferred that you develop a regular routine of feeding the fish. Some aquarists prefer feeding them small amounts of food several times a day, while others prefer feeding the green cichlids about three times a day.

Breeding Green Terror Cichlids

Breeding of most green cichlids can be done when they attain about 8 centimeters.

  • Encourage breeding by isolating a pair of green cichlids from different lineages.
  • Raise the water temperature in the fish tank to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Create a textured surface for the female to deposit her eggs on. Pottery fragments are preferred.
  • The preferred breeding pH is 6.5 to 7.5
  • Change the water on a regular basis.
  • Feed the fry with baby brine shrimp or finely crushed flake as soon as they are free to swim.

Green Terror Cichlid for Sale

So, where do you find green terror cichlid fish for sale? Well, most of the green cichlids are not easily found like other cichlid fishes, including yellow electric cichlid, zebra cichlid, blue cichlid, parrot cichlid and peacock cichlid. However you can find green cichlid for sale in places such as LiveAquaria and Gumtree.

Now, let’s have a look at profiles of other green cichlids.

Green Texas Cichlid

Green Texas Cichlid
Green Texas Cichlid

The green texas cichlid is fairly common. It is also called Pearlscale Cichlid. It is pearly green in color and is considered one of the amiable fish pets. The male, when dominant, can grow up to 12 inches long. When the fish are tending the fry, they turn black on the body except for the pectoral fin. It is best kept in a 50-gallon tank made with ample hiding spots.

The green Texas cichlid is very aggressive, therefore, when choosing tank mates, go for those fish pets of almost the same size as well as those with a similar temperament. The fish is known to be omnivorous, so you can feed them with tubifex, ocean plankton, bloodworms etc.

Ruby Green Cichlid

The ruby green cichlid originates from Lake Nawampassa and Lake Kyoga in Africa. It is also known as the Haplochromis sp. and male adults may measure up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) female adults may measure up to 7 centimeters (3 inches).

  • Food/Diet for Green Ruby Cichlid: This fish is an algae grazer but being an omnivorous, it can also eat smaller fish, blood worms, and fish pellets commercially sold.
  • Care for Ruby Green Victorian: Put the fish in a fish tank of at least 50 gallons. The fish will color up when there are favorable tank conditions. The male is likely to lose its color when there are no females in the tank, or there are other dominant variants present.
    Ruby Green Dominant Male
    Ruby Green

Green Severum Cichlid

Also known as the banded cichlid, or the Heros severus. The fish has an iridescent shine to its scales but has off white background color. The background may also appear as green. It is one of the known trusting fish pets, and can eat food directly from the aquarist’s hand.

  • Care of green severum cichlid: Put the fish in a tank about 50 gallons. Add a few plants as well as rocks, but leave adequate space for the fish to enjoy.
  • Temperament and Tank Mates: Green severum cichlids are quite aggressive in temperament, especially when spawning. Therefore, avoid housing them in the same aquarium with other aggressive fish such as the green terror cichlid discussed above.
  • Diet/Food for Severum Cichlid: It is carnivorous and will eat freeze-dried bloodworms, ocean planktons, tubifex, cichlid flakes and pellets.
    Green Severum Cichlid
    Green Severum

Green African Cichlid

Green African cichlid is a general term used to refer to green colored cichlids that originate from Africa. Some of them are called Victorian cichlids because they come from Lake Victoria, while others from Lake Malawi. Examples of green African cichlids include jeweled goby cichlid, Moliro Green, green yellow peacocks, Venustus Cichlid and many more.

Green Guapote CichlidGreen Texas Cichlid

Also known as the Cichlisoma Severum, the guapote cichlid has an average size of 8 to 10 inches. The maximum size is 12 inches though. It originates from the northern Amazon and tributaries. It has a semi aggressive temperament. Therefore, the best or suitable tank mates for green guapote cichlid are those that keep to the bottom of the aquarium and to themselves. Feed them high quality pellet food. At least once a week, include meat foods such as bloodworms, krill and some tubifex worms.

Which tank mates are suitable with your green cichlid? Leave your reply below.

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