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Onion Juice for Hair Growth, Hair Loss and Greying

Can you use onion juice for hair growth, hair loss and greying? Sounds crazy, I know. Most people will frown at the idea of using smelly onions on their hair. Studies show that onion juice has potent components that can treat baldness and reverse greying by stimulating new hair growth. Below, learn how to make and use onion juice for hair growth with useful reviews.

Is Onion Juice Good for Hair Growth? Does It Help?

Is onion juice good for hair growth? Most people would raise a brow at the idea of using onion juice on their hair let alone the potent smell that comes with it.  Studies on natural hair growth remedies show that using onion juice can help prevent hair loss and treat related hair problems such as dandruff and fungal infections. It is also effective in slowing the process of premature graying of hair.

What are the benefits of onion juice for natural hair
What are the benefits of onion juice for natural hair?

Onion Juice for Hair Growth and Regrowth

Drop those harsh chemicals that are so expensive and do not always give expected results. Onion juice for hair growth and regrowth is considered safe and effective. It is cheap and easily available with promising results at the comfort of your home save for the strong smell. Onion juice has been used since ancient times to revive dull hair, promote growth and prevent breakage.

Scientific studies on natural remedies for hair growth and regrowth proves that application of onion juice to the hair and consumption of onion stimulates hair growth and regrowth. It also helps to treat dandruff and other hair conditions that slow down hair growth.

How does onion juice help in hair growth? Onion juice is very rich in Sulphur content. Application of the juice to the scalp stimulates and improves blood circulation. Hair grows from the follicles in the scalp. Better blood supply to the scalp brings nourishment to the hair follicles which promotes hair growth.

It also stimulates the production of protein collagen which is responsible for stronger, thicker hair. This reduces thinning and breakage increasing the volume of your hair.

Onion is a good source of calcium, magnesium and iron. It also a powerful antiseptic that is rich in vitamins A, B and C. The antibacterial action of onions helps clean the scalp and prevent and treat scalp problems like fungal infections, bacterial infections and dandruff that cause hair loss. Onion treatment clears dandruff, itchy scalp and controls sebum production.

Onions have a very strong smell. It is best to use scented products when using onion recipes for your hair. You can also use essential oils to tone down the scent and get added benefits for your hair. The smell from onions may linger for a while even after you wash but it will go away in time. It is advisable to use the onion juice while it is fresh. If you have no time to keep blending, divide it in potions and refrigerate. The maximum shelf life should be 5 days to avoid a stronger stench. DO NOT warm the onion juice or heat it up when on hair as this will make it loose the important elements it has for hair.

Other than using the usual onion juice and honey for hair growth, there are many other recipes that give you the benefits of other natural ingredients for optimal benefits. Here are some of the ways you can use onion juice for hair growth by incorporating other essential elements that accelerate hair growth.

Onion juice and conditioner

Mix onion juice with your conditioner and apply after shampooing your hair. Cover your hair with a light head towel and wear a shower cap on. Let it sit for 45 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.

Onion juice and honey

Onion Juice for hair growth and loss recipes
Onion Juice and honey for hair growth and loss recipes.

This is the commonest and most effective recipe. Extract onion juice and in one or two teaspoons of honey. Apply this to your hair and let it stay on for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair as usual. Honey serves to make your hair stronger and thicker.

Onion juice and beer

Make a hair mask with onion juice and beer. Apply this twice a week to speed up hair growth. Beer helps get rid of frizzy hair and adds a lot of volume to your hair. While onion juice serves to treat, cleanse and stimulate the hair follicles, the malt in the beer nourishes and smoothen hair while the yeast strengthens the strands and pumps the volume. Onion and beer is also a good hair pack recipe to treat hair loss.

Onion and lemon

Lemon is very rich in vitamin C that helps with the development of strong hair. It binds residue that usually leads to hair damage and breakage. In a bowl, put equal parts of lemon juice and onion and make a mixture. Apply this to the scalp and massage. Be very careful not to let lemon sit on your hair for too long as it can have a bleaching or highlighting effect.

Onion and rum for hair growth

Chop 1 onion and add it to half a cup of rum. , let it sit for 24 hours. This allows for the onion to blend well with the rum and minimizes the onion smell a little. Strain out the juice using a piece of cloth. Apply this mixture daily to the scalp and massage for ten minutes. Bay rum is good for mild scalp infection, hair loss and growth.

Garlic and onion juice for hair

Garlic for hair growth is a very effective home remedy. It has lots of sulfur, selenium, minerals, B vitamins and C vitamins which are very good for hair growth. With all these benefits, a concoction made from onion and garlic juice makes a lot of sense when used for hair growth. The only problem would the combination of garlic and onion juice smell.

Onion Juice for Hair Loss

Onion has been used since ancient medicine as a remedy for falling out hair and greying. It is completely safe for preventing hair loss and promoting new hair growth without any effects. I bet there is a very small percentage of people who have allergies to onion making this the safest method for treating hair loss.

According to James Dudley of curejoy.com. “Genetic sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a major cause for genetic male pattern baldness. Onions has proved to provide the hair follicles with nourishment that has been blocked by DHT sensitivity or due to lack of nutrients from an unhealthy diet.”

Onion juice is one of the best DIY home remedies for hair thinning and hair loss. It is very rich in sulfur content, a primary building block of every human cell including hair. The sulfur content in the onion has strong antibacterial properties which help prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast which are responsible for infections that cause thinning and hair loss. It increases hair strength and prevents breakage.

Stop hair loss with onion juice
This kitchen remedy can help with alopecia problems.

A study done by the National Institute of Health shows that using crude onion juice is the most effective method for treatment of alopecia areata with faster and higher results. In combination with bay rum or malt beer, onions speed up hair new hair growth and fill up the hair line. Application of these onion juice recipes at least twice a week consistently for up to two months prevents hair loss and adds up to the volume making it thick and strong.

Onion Juice for Hair Greying

Grey hair is considered a natural aging process. Hair becomes grey when the color-producing cells stop producing pigment. It is said that grey hair is a result of stress, alcohol and diseases. However, studies show that genes play a big role in premature hair greying. A study done by Bradford University in 2009 on grey hair revealed that, the buildup of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles and scalp. This causes the hair to bleach itself from the inside out hence the premature loss of hair pigment. Onions are very rich in the enzyme catalase which neutralizes hydrogen peroxide and reverses greying of hair.

Onion juice for grey hair is a simple remedy that has been in use way before hair dyes were made. Rubbing the onions or massaging the juice into the scalp will help reverse the process of hair greying by neutralizing hydrogen peroxide. Try the power blend of onion juice and lemon juice for effective topical treatment for grey hair. Rub the mixture into your scalp and massage every day. You should be able to see a difference in the first 21 days of treatment.

Onion juice for hair dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair problem among teenagers and adults alike. It can occur at any age. It presents as a burning sensation on the scalp, itching and flaky skin. This can also lead to hair fall in no time. Over-heating hair, gels, greasy products and fungal infections can lead to dandruff. Onion juice is a very powerful remedy for hair dandruff.

Onions treat flaking and kills bacteria. It provides nutrients and strengthens hair. It stimulates the scalp to improve blood circulation to the roots and hair follicles. As long as you understand the benefits of onion juice for prevention and treatment of hair dandruff, here are onion juice recipes to prevent and treat hair dandruff with added benefits;

  • Onion juice and lemon
  • Onion juice and aloe vera
  • Onion juice and beets for dandruff
  • Onion juice and vinegar
  • Eggs and onion juice
  • Onion juice and coconut oil/ olive oil

Onion juice for natural hair

To grow thick natural locks on your hair, try any onion for hair recipes for faster growth and maintenance of thicker stronger hair. Onion juice for natural hair is a good way to treat and nourish hair without chemical treatments and harsh hair products that leave a lot of residue on your hair. Make onion paste or juice and apply to your hair regularly on your natural hair for increased strength and added volume.

How to Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Here’s how to make onion juice for growing your hair longer, thicker and healthier.


Faster hair growth with onions
Faster hair growth with onions.
  • Onion- number according the length of your hair
  • Honey
  • Essential oil of your choice (sandalwood, ylang ylang, argan, tea tree)
  • Blender/ food processor/ grater/ juicer
  • A strainer
  • A bowl


  1. Peel and chop any number of onions according to the length of your hair
  2. Using a food processor, blender, grater or juicer make a pulp
  3. Using a strainer, press on the pulp to extract the onion juice
  4. Add 2 teaspoons of honey
  5. Add in any essential oil preferably sandalwood

Since the smell of onion is so potent, sandalwood helps tone down the potent smell of onions. The essential oils and natural oils so not only help tone down the smell of onion on your hair but also help in hair treatment and conditioning.

How to Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth

If this is the first time you are trying out onion juice on your hair, I recommend you do a test on a small area to rule out if you have any allergies. A mixture of onions and honey can be taken orally every day or applied to the hair for best results. Well, this might sound a little ”eish” for some of you but the idea is just to increase the your daily onion consumption. Eating at least one onion daily is very good for your hair and body.

  1. Apply this treatment to your hair focusing on the roots and the ends
  2. This helps to stimulate the roots and prevent breakage at the ends
  3. You can choose to cover this up with a paper foil and soft head towel for deep conditioning and let it sit overnight
  4. Shampoo and condition your hair in the morningOnion Juice for hair growth and hair loss

Onion Juice for Hair Loss and Growth Reviews and Results

Understanding the benefits of onion for hair can in many ways help you use this natural home ingredient to improve the health of your hair and prevent fall. If you are among those who consider this a crazy idea, do not worry. There are many who share your thought. It is only when you try this on hair, you will be able to gauge the kind of results you get depending on what your problem is. It is however important to note that onion juice for hair loss results will not always be positive. This is greatly influenced by what causes your hair loss.

Onion juice hair treatment may not be effective in most cases of hair loss due to low levels of hormone DHT in your body. This is because topical application does not address the systemic DHT. You are likely to benefits from onion hair treatment if hair loss is due to stress, disease, alcohol or harsh hair products.

Most onion juice for hair growth reviews are positive. According to some them, most recipes work fast enough for hair growth compared to using them to reverse hair loss especially in male pattern baldness.  Here are some of the reviews;

“onion juice or slices of onion rubbed on those bald areas do a great job for regrowth of hair……..” (in.answers.yahoo.com)

“I have tried it, it really works……” (indusladies.com)


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