Herbal Body Wrap – Reviews, Homemade Recipes for Weight Loss

Is herbal body wrap valuable for weight loss? Discover whether body wraps work for weight loss as indicated in various body wrap reviews. You can make your own herbal homemade wrap or buy the body wrap supplies in beauty stores near you.

Weight loss management is a nightmare for most people. This is because the only proven methods are diet and exercise. However, manufacturers have introduced products in the market that promise to get rid of weight, body wraps are such products. What is a body wrap? Apparently, it is wrapping your body with bandages or sheets of clothes after applying certain solutions that will not react on your skin. These could range from lotions to herbal solutions bought in stores or made at home.

Do Herbal Body Wraps Work?
Do Herbal Body Wraps Work? You can make your own homemade herbal wrap for weight loss.

Herbal body wraps are common because they do not contain artificial chemicals. Body wrappers prefer these to other types because they do not have to deal with skin allergies among other problems paused by body wraps that are not herbal. Do herbal body wraps work? This article answer this question from information found on herbal body wrap reviews. It will also provide recipes for body wraps and common supplies to buy if you are considering having a wrap.

Do Herbal Body Wraps Work?

If you go to a spa offering body wraps or happen to buy the kits yourself from the stores, more often that not you will hear of the following body wrap benefits. To begin with, you will be told that they detoxify your body from all the sweating after your body is wrapped.

Similarly, you will discover another benefit, which is to mobilize your fat cells so that they can drain the fats in the lymphatic drainage. Another claim is that they will alleviate joint and muscle pain an increase your blood circulation and flow. Furthermore, they will relieve you of stress.

Do they work? The reality is that if there is any detoxification that will take place, it only on the surface, not inside your body. Furthermore, depending on the ingredients used in the herbal wrap of choice, for example, sea salts and Epsom salts can relieve you of any pain on joints or muscles. Most people also agree that they feel very relaxed after a herbal wrap session.

Herbal Body Wrap Reviews and Testimonials

If you do decide to get an herbal body wrap you may be torn between doing it or not. Furthermore, you will want to know if you will get the results, you are expecting. For instance, if you want to lose weight you will want to know about how many inches you can lose with the solution.

Reading body wrap reviews is a good starting point before narrowing to herbal body wrap reviews. These will give you a firsthand account basis on whether the solutions will work or not. However, you must be prepared for both positive and negative reviews.

This is because just as any other body wraps they work on some people, while on others they do not. It all depends on the actual results you want. However, there seems to be positive herbal body wrap reviews when it comes to improved skin.

On weight loss on the other hand, the majority of reviews seem to be negative. Those who give positive reviews have continued to exercise and eat well and have more herbal body wrap sessions. This way, they feel the product has contributed in one way or the other even though it does not offer permanent weight loss.

The reviews also agree that the products used are organic although some supplies from stores do not have a full list of the comprising ingredients. Therefore, you should trust the reviews that give the wrap’s full ingredients. This is the only way to be sure that you are not using chemicals on your body, as they may have adverse effects on you later on.

Here are herbal wrap reviews of one product known as Simply Slender Body Wrap Herbal Sea Clay on Amazon.com:

Herbal body wrap reviews - before and after picture
Herbal body wraps reviews – before and after picture
  • “This product does not work at all! I tried it yes it made my skin smooth but if I wanted smooth skin I would have purchased lotion.”
  • “Bought this set because I had had a wrap done in a spa. Being that I too owned a sauna, what a way to get the same results at home. I must say diet and exercise play a major role in losing/maintaining weight, but this set puts a finishing touch on one’s figure. Gotta Love It; I do”

Herbal Body Wrap Weight Loss

The best way to lose weight is through exercises and eating a diet that is not high in sugars. This means you have to schedule in your day cardio exercises and targeted exercise 4-5 days in a week. Furthermore, you must avoid all white foods, white flours, white potatoes, processed foods and drinks among others. You must also drink a substantial amount of water each day.

When it comes to herbal body wrap weight loss, it is temporary. This is because your body is wrapped up in sheets or bandages and is left to sweat. If you are in a beauty spa, you will be covered with a thermal blanket that will stimulate more sweating. This sweat is actually water leaving your body cells.

As soon as you drink enough water after your session, the inches you lost during the herbal body wrap weight loss will be recovered. It is possible however, to make the lost inches permanent by continuing to exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Herbal Body Wrap Supplies to Buy

It saves you money to have an body wrap at home instead of going to the spa. You would spend between $60 and $200 in a spa, while you can do it at home and spend less than $10. In order to have a successful session at home, you would need the following herbal body wrap supplies:

  • Herbal solution bought from the store or ingredients that you would mix to make a viable solution.
  • Ingredients such as alfafa leaf powder, ground basil, rose petal, rosehip, chamomile, calendula, lavender and ginger powder or any other herbs you may want to try. Most Chinese herbs are used in detoxification. You could try some of these as well.
  • Warming suit or sauna suit, this will enable your body to sweat effectively and avoid making a mess in your surroundings.
  • Wrap clothes or bandages.  Ensure that you get the elastic kinds that compress your body for maximum benefits from the solution.
  • Natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oils among others

Homemade Herbal Body Wrap Recipes

Here are herbal body wraps recipes you can try at home:

Recipe ingredients include emspom salts
Recipe ingredients include emspom salts

Recipe 1

  • 1 cup green clay
  • ¼ cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salts
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 teaspoons alfafa leaf powder
  • 1 teaspoon lemon grass oil
  • 1-teaspoon virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp chamomile flower powder

Directions: Boil the water and dissolve the salts completely. Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer the mixture until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste on your body and wrap yourself with towels or bandages. Relax in the bathtub for best effects or lie down on a bed for one hour and cover yourself with a blanket for more warmth.

Recipe 2

  • 1-cup Epsom salt
  • 1-cup lavender powder, ginger, chamomile or calendula
  • 2 cups of water


Directions: boil the water; add the salts followed by the herbal powder. Mix well and dip towels or bandages in the solution before wrapping yourself with them. leave the wrapping on your body for 45-60 minutes before taking a warm bath.

Recipe 3

  • 8 cups of water
  • 1 cup loose tea leaves
  • 6 drops of Essential oils of choice

Directions: boil the water and add the loose tea leaves wrapped in a cloth so that you do not have to sieve. Add the essential oil and stir to mix well. Dip your towels or bandages in the mixture before wrapping them around your body

Use these homemade herbal body wrap recipes on your body after taking a hot shower and dry exfoliating your skin.

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