Home Remedies for Cradle Cap – Herbal and Natural Coconut Oil Remedy

Cradle cap is common among newborns. This condition can be treated using home remedies for cradle cap. These include natural remedies such as olive oil and coconut oil as well as home remedies for cradle cap in infants and on the face. Used regularly, they help clear the flakes within no time.

Natural Remedies for Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap is not a life threatening condition and its treatment is therefore not a matter of life and death. Doctors ascertain that the condition can clear by itself within a certain period of time after its onset and thus should be left to itself.

Home remedies for cradle cap treatment
Home remedies for cradle cap treatment

This though is not always possible as most people find the condition unsightly and wish for it to be gone as soon as possible. There also are some people who may think that the condition is uncomfortable for the baby or that it may be infectious. This though is not true. Whichever the motivation is, a lot of individual do not wish their babies to continue having cradle cap. They will seek for interventions to have it gone fast.

There are those who will opt for commercial products such as shampoos to get rid of it while others will settle for natural remedies for cradle cap. Natural remedies are quite advantageous as they lack chemicals and other additives that are sensitive to the delicate skin of the baby. They also tend to be readily available and very cheap. There are a number of them most of which are easily accessible. Some of these are as discussed below.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe juice is a gel like substances and is derived from Aloe Vera. This is one of the earliest known substances used to treat skin conditions including cradle cap. By using aloe vera juice regularly on the affected part of the scalp, it will help to reduce the symptoms associated with the condition. Such symptoms include itchiness of the affected area as well as getting rid of the scales and roughness associated with cradle cap. This remedy is gentle enough for the skin of a newborn

Aloe vera juice natural remedy for cradle cap
Aloe vera juice natural remedy for cradle cap

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic qualities. It can also be used for cradle cap treatment. This though should be used cautiously as some babies may be reactive to it. It is not to be used on people with sensitive skin and should never be used undiluted on the skin.

To counter its side effects it is always advisable to dilute it using clean water. This should be done in a ratio of 1:10. Unlike other natural remedies, it should be washed off almost immediately and should not rest on the baby’s skin for more than fifteen minutes due to its toxicity.

Other natural remedies include extracts from the raw seeds of the grape fruit seed as well as apple cedar vinegar. Where the above remedies have not been effective, the best of the natural remedies are coconut oil and olive oil.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Cradle Cap

Coconut oil has many benefits. You can use it to stop and get rid of a cradle cap. Rub a little coconut oil on your hands and then in circular massaging motions, apply it on the baby’s skin. This should soothe the baby and adds a calming effect on the baby’s skin. Avoid pouring coconut oil on the affected area as it might drip into the baby’s eyes and mouth which would cause discomfort to the baby.

Let coconut oil rest on the affected area for a few minutes. The time it is left to rest is at the parents’ discretion. There are those who will let it rest overnight and wash it in the morning. The time though should be long enough to allow the oil to soak in. this will help to loosen the flakes and thus make detaching them from the scalp easy and painless.

Once the flakes have been sufficiently softened up, using a soft baby brush or cradle cap brush, gently massage the affected area. This should help in detaching the already loosened up flakes. If the flakes are severe or if they still hold on to the baby’s skin, use a baby’s comb to gently detach them from the baby’s skin. Wash off the coconut oil using a mild natural shampoo and rinse it with clean warm water. This should be enough to get rid of the cradle cap within a short time of regular use.

Cradle Cap Remedy Olive Oil

Another one that falls under the natural cradle cap remedies is olive oil. This is also known for its healing properties. When it is olive oil for cradle cap is used to treat the condition, the chances of recurrence are minimized. This oil also comes with the advantage of being more readily available and cheaper than coconut oil.

Olive oil
Olive oil is also known to get rid of cradle cap in babies and adults

Cradle cap remedy olive oil is used by applying it directly on the head of the child in small quantities. One then uses bare hands to gently massage the affected area using circular hand movement ensuring that olive oil is evenly distributed on the area.

Once this has been done let olive oil rest on the baby’s skin for fifteen to twenty minutes during which olive oil soaks the flakes and scaly crusts around the affected area. The soaked flakes are then lifted off gently using a soft brush. Where the baby brush is ineffective, a soft baby comb should be used. The area under treatment is then wiped using a soft cloth before washing off any residue with clean water and baby soap.

Home Remedies for Cradle Cap in Infants

Treating Cradle Cap in infants need not be an expensive affair. There are several readily available home remedies which not only treat but also heal Cradle Cap. Olive oil and coconut oil are among some of the popular home remedies for cradle cap in infants.

Shea butter is another great option. Unlike the above mentioned oils, it is soft and easily works on the affected area without it leaving a greasy residue. Pure petroleum jellies, such as Vaseline, are also other known natural remedies.

The best home remedies are those that are pure, not perfumed and without chemical additives. Apply a thick coat and massage the affected area gently. Let the Vaseline or Shea butter coating stay overnight. In case you are worried that the beddings may get dirty with the application, you can apply the remedy during the day and leave it to rest for a few hours.

Once the duration is over, wash off the remedy using some clean water and a mild baby soap or shampoo.

Another option would be mineral oil. This is applied with a soft cloth and is washed off after sometime to remove the flaky matter from the affected area. It is effective if left to rest on the baby’s skin for a few hours and should be washed off with normal baby soap.

Home Remedies for Cradle Cap on Face

In most cases, cradle cap is limited to the scalp. This though is not always the case.  The condition could spread to the face and neck in case it is severe. When treating cradle cap treatment for the face, it is important to be cautious especially when using home remedies for cradle cap on face. This is more so because some of the remedies may contain substances that may harm the baby’s sensitive body parts such as eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Organic or extra virgin coconut oil and shampoos will get rid of cradle cap fast
Organic or extra virgin coconut oil and shampoos will get rid of cradle cap fast

Shampoos are especially to be avoided since they may contain harmful substances. The same applies to tea tree oil. Instead, treatments such as Vaseline are best suited for use as treatments for the face. Vaseline is a pure petroleum Jelly that contains no chemical additives.

Additionally, almond oil is gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin and is suitable for use on the face. Lastly, cradle Cap brush can be used as a home remedy for Cradle Cap on face. It has very soft bristles which  can be used to lift loose scales off the baby’s face.

Herbal Treatment Cradle Cap

A number of herbal treatments are available for Cradle Cap. Calendula, popularly known as marigold, is favored for its rich healing properties. Calendula is known to have properties that help the skin to counter common viruses. It also has anti-inflammatory agents which helps soothe the skin, in addition to anti-genotoxic properties. Calendula is commonly found in natural oils.

Similarly other herbal remedies have been used to enrich cradle cap baby oils. These include Chamomile and lavender which are known to add to the relaxation and soothing effect on the baby’s skin. Aloe is also herbal treatment which is used to primarily treat the symptoms of cradle cap.

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