Homemade Body Wraps that Work for Weight Loss, Ingredients & Solution

Which homemade body wraps work? Discover homemade body wraps that work for weight loss. You could use these ingredients to make a homemade body wrap solution.

Losing weight can be a tad stressful because you have to watch what you eat and on top of that make exercise a lifestyle. It is not easy to wake up early in the morning to hit the gym the first thing; you would rather do something else. Body wraps on the other hand, have been raved to provide a shortcut to weight loss. What is a body wrap and can it really make you lose weight?

Homemade body wraps for cellulite on stomach and weight loss
Homemade body wraps for cellulite on stomach and weight loss.

It is important to understand how body wraps work. Do body wraps work to lose weight? This is the only way you can go a head to try it knowing that you might get the results you want or probably not. Going to a spa for body wraps is quite relaxing. Did you know that it is possible to get the same results as those from a spa at home and for much less? Yes, you can with homemade weight loss body wraps recipes of your choice.

The good thing about homemade body wrap ingredients is that they are mostly natural and you know what they are unlike in spas where you may not get the full list of components in your body wrap solution.

3 Homemade Body Wraps That Work

Three different kinds of homemade body wraps that work include oils. Oils come in variety of essential oils and carrier oils. You can choose to have a blend of essential oils or just one type and add a few drops of carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba and olive oil. Alternatively, you can blend two or more organic oils and get wonderful results in your wrap.

The other body wrap that work and can be made at home, is the minerals. If you want to go, right with these you must look for salts of different kinds, which are packed with various minerals your skin could use. Instead, getting magnesium, potassium or MSM, a sulfur component, powders is also ideal.  Epsom salts are packed with magnesium and sulfur and are not only when good when used in baths, but also in body wraps. Dead Sea salts also have their share of calcium and other minerals that are beneficial to your skin.

In the third category for homemade body wraps that work, is herbal body wraps. You can either choose to buy herbal solutions from drugstores or make your own infused with fresh herbs from your kitchen garden. Similarly, herbal powders such as kelp, ginger, calendula, chamomile and lavender among others can give you an herbal body wrap your skin will love. Choose those that appeal to you most with their healing properties or those that give you a good scent.

Homemade Weight Loss Body Wraps – Who Shouldn’t Use

Unfortunately, herbal homemade weight loss body wraps are not safe for everyone. It is good to find out if you are in perfect condition to take up a body wrap by yourself at home. This way, you will avoid being rushed to the emergency room, and that is incase somebody else knows that you are having a body wrap.

Herbal body wraps are very strong and should be avoided by people with high blood pressure. Of course, these people use certain medications throughout their life. The herbs can interfere with the medications and probably bring up complications.

Homemade body wraps results before and after
Before and after results and reviews.

People with heart conditions also should desist from having herbal homemade weight loss body wraps. The fact that you are wrapping yourself at home means that you are not a professional, but are doing so to save on so many costs. However, using the wrong material to wrap you or doing it so tightly can lead to restricted blood flow. A body wrap that would lead to a heart attack is not interesting. They same case applies if you have hypertension, you should desist from wrapping yourself at home with solutions containing herbs.

The other group of people who should avoid using herbs in their body wraps is those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. These conditions cause you to itch so badly. Using herbs would only make the situation worse.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers is the other group, which should avoid using herbal homemade weight loss body wraps. It has not been proven how the herbs can interfere with the milk, but there are claims that this could happen. Furthermore, when pregnant you do not need to lose weight.  You can do it after delivery and breastfeeding and do it effectively.

Homemade Body Wraps Before and after

If you want to lose weight, you must have a record of what you are trying to achieve. The same case applies to anyone who tells you that a certain home remedy works. Therefore, taking homemade body wraps before and after measurements and pictures is important.

Epsom Salt Homemade Body Wrap
Results – Before and after epsom salt DIY wrap.

This will give you a clear indication on whether the recipe actually worked or flopped. If you cannot take your own measurements and pictures, ask a friend to do it or better still your spouse they would be more than willing to walk that journey of weight loss with you.

You can forget the homemade body wraps before and after pictures, but please do not forget the measurements. How else will you know whether you have lost any weight? If you must use a weight scale do it, you may have lost a pound or two, but that is just from the water your body loses through sweating, not fat burnt. If use the weight scale after two days, you will have your original weight prior to the body wrap.

Homemade Body Wrap Ingredients

Most DIY body wraps recipes will require you to use water to dissolve the salts and other ingredients. However, you can also use whole milk and goat’s milk. Milk is packed with healthy nutrients for both the skin and body. Therefore, using it instead of water is also beneficial.

If you have itchy skin or any other skin condition that you would want to deal with during the body wrap, you could also add some witch hazel. This is antimicrobial agent and your skin would benefit greatly from it.

Some people also go ahead to add apple cider vinegar. It is perfect for any fungal or bacterial infections on skin. Furthermore, it balances the skin’s pH. It would not hurt to try in the recipes for a tingly effect.

Homemade Body Wraps for Stomach

The most common homemade body wraps are for the stomach. The reality is that inches are lost considerably. However, the loss is not permanent. If you want to lose the inches permanently on your belly, you may have to burn the fat with aerobics, cardio exercises or weight training. Body wraps will give you a smaller waistline for that special event, but not for a lifetime.

Best Homemade Body Wrap Solution

The best homemade body wrap solution is that which moisturizes your skin because this is the main role of body wraps. It should leave the skin hydrated. Furthermore, the skin should be firm and toned. This is why the best body wrap solution will make cellulite appear less visible.  Look for ingredients that are natural ,but with oils that will nourish your skin deeply.

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