How Early Can You Have Pregnancy Symptoms?

How early can you have pregnancy symptoms? Does morning sickness occur right away or after a week as a symptom of pregnancy? It has been a few days since you engaged with your partner. You now are feeling some symptoms which you are not sure if they are pre-menstrual or pregnancy symptoms. The questions lingering on your mind are:

  • How soon can pregnancy symptoms be felt and signs are seen?
  • Is it possible to have the symptoms of pregnancy right after?
  • Are there symptoms that one can experience within a week of pregnancy?

We get to answer these and discuss some more on early pregnancy symptoms.

How Early Can You Have Pregnancy Symptoms
How Early Can You Have Pregnancy Symptoms before the Tummy Starts to Bulge?

Can You Have Pregnancy symptoms Right Away?

Medical practitioners claim that the first pregnancy symptoms can only be felt after implantation has taken place. Any period before then is considered too early for the signs to show.

On the other hand, mothers dispute this allegation. Apparently some mothers can tell a day or two after intercourse that they are pregnant. Since most women are completely in tune with their bodies, they are bound to notice any changes that occur.

Some will experience nausea and tender breasts after two days or there about. Their suspicions are then confirmed when they experience implantation spotting and cramping a few days later. The more pregnancies that one has gone through, the earlier the symptoms are bound to kick in and the more they are bound to recognize them.

This though does not always happen. Some women do not always bear early pregnancy symptoms and only realize that they are after a missed period.

Can You Have Pregnancy Symptoms After a Week?

A week after ovulation and fertilization, it is possible to know if a woman is pregnant. This is because they will exhibit the early signs of pregnancy at around this time.

One of the early changes that a woman may feel is a tenderness of the breasts and an enlargement of the nipples. This could be attributed to the rise in hormonal levels which in turn cause an increase in the supply of blood to the breasts.
Cravings for some foods could also set in as early as a week into the pregnancy. An aversion for others such as caffeinated products may be felt too. Sensitivity to the smell of food may also be observed. This may either feel comfortable or make one’s stomach to turn.

The amount of vaginal discharge is likely to have increased by the end of the first week. After the egg white cervical mucus has been seen during ovulation, an increase could be noted after conception. The appearance too is likely to have changed to milk white. Any woman can notice this and especially those who are charting their cycles.

While most women experience it six weeks after conception, there are those that start to feel nauseous and fatigued a week after. There might be an increased urge to take more naps. Tasks that were simple and could be accomplished without much effort start to feel taxing.

One may also get mood swings in the first week. One becomes too weepy and highly irritable. At one moment they may be laughing out loud and the next moment start crying for no particular reason. They will feel offended at the slightest provocation

How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptoms?

People are different in showing signs and symptoms. But how early can you get pregnancy symptoms? Scientists put the first time after which one can experience pregnancy symptoms at six to ten days when implantation occurs.

The experience of individual women is however different from this. Some women experience the symptoms of pregnancy way before implantation takes place. There are those that start to feel their symptoms two days after conception.

What makes the symptoms distinctive is the fact that they appear way before when premenstrual signs are likely to occur. This way the women are sure that the only reason they could be feeling the way they do is as a result of a pregnancy.

How Soon Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy symptoms can feel almost like pre-menstrual symptoms. Each woman is different in the way their body reacts to change. While some will feel the pregnancy symptoms early enough, others will go for weeks without any symptoms. That explains the disparity in the answers to how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms.

Women who are trying to conceive are likely to note changes in their bodies earlier than those who are not. For women who chart their menstrual cycle, the first signs of pregnancy will not go unnoticed.

Amongst the early signs of pregnancy they are likely to experience are:

How Early Can You Have Pregnancy Symptoms - Pregnancy Test Results
Pregnancy test results can really surprise you if you have no clue you conceived.
  • Increased urination: This is caused by an increase in progesterone levels.
  • Breast changes are also likely to be noted. This is caused by an increased flow of blood to them making them fuller, heavier, more sensitive and sour.
  • Fatigue: women find themselves getting all worked up after undertaking light tasks.
  • Elevated body temperature: If a woman is charting their basal body temperature, they will notice that the temperature remains elevated even after the normal luteal phase of post ovulation raised temperature is over.
  • Cramping is another symptom that one may exhibit in early days of pregnancy. This is usually almost of the same nature as menstrual cramping. The only difference is when it happens.
  • One of the greatest give away of a woman’s pregnancy is when they experience implantation spotting.

While different women experience different symptoms, the same woman may also face different symptoms with different pregnancies. For women who have been pregnant, noticing the symptoms may not be so hard. On the other hand, first time mothers are bound to confuse early pregnancy symptoms with pre-menstrual ones. This is more so if the pregnancy is unplanned. Due to the lack of anticipation, the early symptoms may also go unnoticed until they get to miss a period.

How early one feels the pregnancy symptoms is dependent on individuals. While the symptoms may be there all along, if no pregnancy is being anticipated, they will go unnoticed. Only after a test may one reflect and put all the clues there had been together.

On the other hand, any woman anticipating a pregnancy can notice some of the above symptoms as early as two days after conception. Implantation bleeding may occur around six to ten days later.

While these could give one a clue when they get pregnant, the most certain way to get to know the status is by taking a pregnancy test. This will cast away all doubts and confirm any suspicions.

How Early Can You Have Morning Sickness in Pregnancy?

More than half of pregnant women experience this discomfort which usually strikes in the morning. Despite its name, it is possible to set in any time of the day. Morning sickness could be mild with minimal queasiness or severe leading to frequent vomiting.

For most women, morning sickness starts at around the sixth week of the pregnancy. Since each woman is different, a few report feeling sick even a week after conception.

While there are set guidelines on the various symptoms and when they are bound to occur, women are different. Those that are in tune with their bodies may seem to experience the symptoms earlier. However, it is only that they notice them while others do not.

The given timelines should only be used as a guideline since these are not cast in stone and different bodies could react differently to being pregnancy. With all that though, you should now have a clear idea on how early can you have pregnancy symptoms. Comment below if you still have doubts on how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms.

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