How Personal Trainers Can Become Better Public Speakers

If you are considering a new career path in becoming a personal trainer, then there are going to be many factors that you must consider if you want to position yourself as a fitness expert. Not only must you learn how to become proficient at helping people reach their fitness goals in a safe and effective way, but you must also invest the time in learning how to run your own business which can be quite stressful. One skill you must develop is the art of public speaking.

Speaking in public is a firm and clear step into the public light and the rewards for people who move out of the shadow of their own potential are great. Anyone who decides to embark on presenting or speaking in public is placing themselves in a leadership position and accepting a position of influence. This is a crucial step you must take as a personal trainer if you want your clients and industry peers to take you seriously.

Facing Your Emotions

When we begin presenting or speaking we may experience a range of emotions: fun to fear, thrill to vulnerability or confusion to epiphany. “These feelings are often attached to speaking in front of groups of people” says Dan Smith of the professional public speaking website Keynote Speaker. We understand the leadership or influence that comes with speaking in public and may not know how to handle it.

In these times we are out of our comfort zone and have two characters talking to us. They are boldness and doubt.

“The voice of doubt births discouragement and encourages us to withdraw, to hold back, and to resist change & challenge” says career coach Austin Young of The Coaching Institute. “The doubting self wishes to protect our vulnerability and encourages fear and withdrawal and diminishes our sense of dominion and business presence.”

It discourages leadership, shrinks vision and shuts down the potential for great communication.

Establish Business Presence

Boldness encourages us to move into action and take some risks. The emboldened voice urges us to live fully in the moment. It is the custodian of excitement, epiphany, discovery and growth. It encourages you to connect to your audience and to trust you have a business presence.

With boldness we move  into a confident understanding and use of the speaking in public skills we  have and embrace learning more about our weaknesses in order to progressively succeed. We are prepared to make mistakes but also reap rewards and begin speaking in public with confidence.

Through this experience our public speaking skills mature. We develop a fundamental sense of our own dominion when in communication with others.

Getting good at speaking in public we step into the light of influencing others, particularly for those of you who become speakers for business. If done with your audience’s good in mind and with a sense authenticity, we can begin to call ourselves leaders.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

Be aware that with every new challenge you will either meet growth and discovery, or live in safety through the voice of doubt and discouragement. Both aspects of our nature are necessary for our well-being and both need to be called on at any given time.

Contrary to most people’s feelings, speaking in public is an area that does not need to call on doubt, caution, fear or anxiety. It does need preparation, authenticity, skills and a connection to why you are speaking and a benevolence toward your audience and yourself.

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