How to Curl Thick Hair with Wand, Straightener and Curling Iron

How do you get luscious curls on thicker hair? Learn how to curl thick hair with wand, straightener and curling iron. You can save a trip to your stylist and curl your thick hair at home with wand, straightener and curling iron.

If you want head turning curls on your hair, you have to be prepared to work for them. They do not just occur. You have to use certain products and tools to create them. You do not have to be a hairstylist to create curls on your own head. By just being cautious not to burn your scalp or hair, you can make it happen and achieve the most bouncy and sexy curls ever.

It is much easier if you were born with naturally wavy or curly hair. However, if you have straight thick hair you will need the techniques to achieve the curls. On the other hand, curly or wavy hair can be a tad boring and you may covet the silky smooth locks. This is how to straighten thick hair. For you who is dying to learn how to curl long thick hair or just short hair that is thicker, stick around for the best ways. In this article, you will find a systematic guide on how to curl thick hair.

How to Curl Thick Hair Fast (with Little or No Heat)

For most people they think that curling hair requires the use of heat. However, this is not entirely true. You can make use of other methods that require little or no heat at all. These methods may seem a little old, but they can come to your rescue when you need the luscious curls for a date, prom, wedding or a job interview.

First, how to curl thick hair fast requires that you clean and dry your hair. It should not be completely dry but rather damp.  If your hair is dry and clean, make use of a spritz bottle of water to dampen it. Depending on the length of your hair, divide the hair into four or more sections and secure them with pins or rubber bands. Once the hair is divided into different sections, start twisting each section at a time.  You can do the twisting away from the face or towards the face or both to create a tousled look in your curls.

Curl the twisted section into a bun.  Use bobby pins to hold the bun securely in your head, and continue to do the same for the rest of the hair sections.  If you must use heat, blow your hair until it is dry. Alternatively, sleep with buns overnight and remove the pins in the morning. However, before you sleep in the buns, spray them to enhance the curling process. Remove the bobby pins, take off the buns and separate the curls with fingers instead of a comb. You can scrunch your hair to add body to it.  Spray to hold the curls and you are ready to flaunt.

How to curl thick hair with little or no heat may take about 10-20 minutes of your styling time depending on whether you had twisted overnight or you used a drier to dry the dampness and enhance the curling.

How to Curl Thick Hair with a Wand and Create Spiral Smooth Curls

If you have tried using a straightener before, you must have realized how it is easy to leave lines and bends on your hair. It is never the case when using a wand.  It gives you smooth spiral and full curls depending on the width, shape and material of your wand.

The best curling iron for thick hair should come with a glove to protect your hand from heat.  How to curl thick hair with a wand necessitates for waiting for it to heat up appropriately. It should be hot enough in 2-4 minutes time.  Therefore, use this time to spray a heat protectant to your hair and to hold it into a high bun and clip it.

How to curl thick hair with a wand after holding your hair involves:

  • Getting 1” sections of strands of hair if you want saggy curls and more than 1” for tight curls
  • Wrapping hair around the base of the wand towards the tip
  • Holding the section of hair on wand for 5-10 minutes or until the hair feels warm on your wrapping hand
  • Once you are done with one section clip the curls into your head to avoid losing them immediately and do the same for all sections on your head
  • When done curling the whole head, undo the clips and flip your hair to remove ringlets on your hair
  • Use a holding spray for long lasting curls.

How to Curl Long Thick Hair

Many admire long hair, but barely do they know how hard it is to curl it. Long thick hair can have an excellent straight look. However, when it comes to curling it, you have to try various methods and see what works best for you. No single method fits all long thicker hair types.

Using a Flat Iron

The best flat iron for thick hair can keep your hair straight and it can help on how to curl long thick hair. You will need to clean your hair and use a little conditioner if your hair is not greasy, otherwise use none if your hair is greasy. Dry your hair preferably with a blow drier so that it can dry out completely, using a flat iron on wet hair can damage it.

Apply a heat protection serum and heat the straightening iron. Put your hair in the flat iron and clamp at about 1-3 inches from the scalp. While keeping the flat iron clamped, twist hair 1½ times or at 180 degrees on the flat iron. You should do this while twisting to make the curls tighter. Do not hold the flat iron on sections of hair for more than 20 seconds unless your hair is really thick. Once done with one section spray it to hold and move on to the next section until you curl the whole head of hair.

Curling Long Thicker Hair with Curling Iron

How to curl long thick hair is also achievable with a curling iron. There are of two types with a clip or clasp or clip less.  Either way, each can give you curls if you apply a heat protective serum and layer your hair in three sections. Take the following steps to achieve those curls:

  • Hold curling iron in a vertical manner while the clip or clasp is facing forward. You could alternate for the clasp for face backwards for a messy look.
  • Clamp a section of your layered hair 1-2 inches thick at a distance of 1-2 inches from the ends
  • Curl  hair while keeping the curler from your face all the way up to the roots of your hair
  • Hold the iron curling iron for 12-15 seconds before releasing the clip and moving on to another section of the hair until all the hair is curled.
  • Comb the curls with your fingers and spray with a maximum holding spray or loose holding spray depending on the outcome you want from your curls

Curling with Rollers

You can achieve bouncy curls with rollers. There are various types of rollers, therefore choose the once you have available. You could have Velcro, bendy or hot rollers. Before you get your hair rolled up, spritz your hair with salty water for maximum hold of curls. Once, you are done spraying the whole head, section the hair according to the size you want your curls to be. Wear the rollers overnight and remove them in the morning, better still, if you are in a hurry, blow dry or use a hood drier to dry your locks around the rollers.

Cotton Rags Curlers

Sometimes you may not have a flat iron, curling iron or rollers in the house and you need the curls to flaunt for that special event. You can still achieve them by making use of cotton rags from an old t-shirt or towel. All you need to do is to cut the old fabric into strips of equal width and roll your hair on them.

Your hair should be clean and not overly conditioned. Furthermore, it should not have any tangles. Therefore, make sure you comb it out with a wide toothed comb as you condition. Rolling hair on the strips should be as if doing it on rollers, however, you would have to secure them by tying their ends near the scalp. For a messy curls effect alternate between over and under when you roll your hair on the cotton strips.

Other Non Conventional Curlers

How to curl long thick hair is also possible with a headband and a sock bun. For the headband method, you have to wear it around your head and tuck sections of your hair around it and sleep like that overnight.  The sock bun method works best if you get your clean hair into a high ponytail, then get a sock and cut the toes so that you have a donut like sock. Use this donut sock to get the ends of the ponytail around it for curling. You should remove it the following morning when your hair is all dry and curled. Do not forget to spray a holding spray on the curls made with headband or the sock bun.

Best Way on How to Curl Short Thick Hair

How to curl short thick hair should not be a nuisance. All you will need is to get the right curling iron. If you have the right diameter of the curling iron, you should achieve the curls you have always wanted.

You will need to clean your hair first, and then dry it before applying a heat protectant. Once the hair is protected from the heat, you can wrap it around the curling iron from the base and if your hair is much shorter from the center. Do this while your hair is divided into two sections.

Further get smaller sections from the larger ones, wrap it around the curling iron, and hold for 10 seconds. If there is no improvement after 10 seconds, make it 15. Avoid brushing the curls until you are done with curling the whole head and the curling iron has turned cold. How to curl short thick hair should be quicker than on longer hair. It takes approximately one hour to curl long hair.  Short hair takes half an hour or less, if you have the right tool.

How to Curl Thick Hair with a Straightener – Tips

The trick on how to curl thick hair with a straightener is to twist the sections of your hair as much as possible as you wrap it around the flat iron. Furthermore, you should not move along the strands quickly. You should be slow if you want the hair to hold longer lasting curls.

Furthermore, how to curl thick hair with straightener does not mean that you leave the curled hair unclipped. Use clips on the curled sections so that they can continue curling as you move to the rest of the hair sections. You can know that a section is ready by touching the wrapped hair to feel its warmth. If the section is warm, then the heat will have acted on it to make it curled.

How to Curl Long Thick Hair with a Curling Iron

How to curl long thick hair with a curling iron requires tact. You have to be able to wrap your hair around the base of the barrel of the coiling iron rather than the tip or center.  If you get your hair wrapped at the furthest base, the curls will be more pronounced.

How to curl long thick hair with a curling iron takes a lot of time, however, the outcome is worth it. You also have to have the curling iron with the highest temperature setting as possible in order to work effectively. The best temperature should be at 400 degrees or more.

Tips for Curling Thick Coarse Hair and Frizzy Hair

Dealing with thick coarse and frizzy hair can be such a pain when it comes to curling, because it ends up looking totally messed up, messy in a bad way. You can avoid this mess by bearing in mind these tips for curling thick coarse hair and frizzy hair:

  • How to curl thick coarse hair should not be done on wet hair, coarse hair is delicate and therefore can damage easily with heat curlers
  • How to curl frizzy thick hair should be done after anti frizz smoothing cream, serum or spray has be used to tame the frizziness.
  • In case you use hot rollers to curl thick coarse hair and frizzy hair, it helps not to take them off too soon
  • Above all tips for curling thick coarse hair and frizzy hair, using a smoothing conditioner and probably a leave in before curling can help you a great deal.

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