How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Face

Signs of aging on the face can make you look old even when you are young. This does not have to be the case. Here’s how to get rid of age spots on face. And if you cannot afford the best treatment for the dark blemishes, you could opt for ways on how to cover age spots or even lighten them. You can conceal them using makeup.

Brown Age Spots on Face

In most cases, the cause of brown age spots on face is the extrinsic aging process. This is mostly caused by damage of the skin by sun. It happens when there is prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. When one goes without protection from the sun rays, over a long time, the skin gets damaged with time. One may not feel the effects immediately but with time they will be visible.

Age spots on your face can be covered or concealed using makeup, but that is not a permanent solution.
Age spots on your face can be covered or concealed using makeup, but that is not a permanent solution.

Photo-aging is the word used to describe formation of brown age spots resulting from sun damage. How much one gets these brown spots is determined by a person’s skin color and how much sun exposure they have had. The lighter a skin tone that one has, the more the spots they are likely to have. They also occur more in people who have had prolonged exposure to sunlight.For photo aging to occur, one has to have had repeated exposure. With time the skin loses its ability to repair the damaged skin cells.

Best Treatment for Age Spots on Face

The face is very delicate. Although age spots on the face do not cause any harm, some people may want to get rid of them for cosmetic purposes. Due to its visibility, it is important to choose the best treatment for age spots so as to get rid of them.

Seeking professional treatment is important. This will ensure that you get to learn the best way of getting rid of the spots without risking discoloring the face. Some of the best methods are:

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser therapy
  • Dermabrasion
  • Bleaching creams
  • Cryotherapy

How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Face

When choosing a treatment for age spots on face, one should consider the efficiency of the method as well as ensure it has minimal side effects. Any further damage that may be caused on the face will remain visible and could even make the situation worse. When treatment is done professionally, it is possible to have a spotless and young looking face. Below are ways on how to get rid of facial aging spots.

Using home remedies: There are home remedies that can be used to lighten age spots on face. These are normally gentle enough for use even by people with sensitive skin. They also are economical and can be used by persons who cannot afford the luxury of expensive age spot products. Most of these are natural.

Topical products: Home remedies require dedication in following recipes in making the removal product. This may be time consuming. For a person who still wants the convenience of treating the age spots at home but using manufactured products, there are fading creams for this. These are available in both over the counter and prescription strength. Where one is not sure what may work for them, a doctor can be consulted.

Medical procedures: There are professional methods for removal of age spots. Cryotherapy, chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser therapy are some of the procedures that could be performed on an individual to get rid of the spots. These are the most effective means.

How to Remove Age Spots on Face

There are different ways on how to remove age spots on face. These mostly involve procedures done by professional medical practitioners. One will therefore have to see a dermatologist to see how well they can work with them and choose the most convenient method. Some of these include:

Topical treatments: These are forms of medication meant for external use. They could be in the form of creams of lotions. These contain bleaching agents such as retinoids and hydroquinone. There also are steroid creams meant for age spot elimination. These products come in either over the counter or prescription strength. Mild spots can be faded by over the counter products while more severe ones will need one to get prescription from a dermatologist.

Cryotherapy: This involves the use of liquid nitrogen as a freezing agent to help get rid of the marks. This as a result destroys the extra pigmentation found in age spots.

Dermabrasion: This method makes use of manual sanding of the pigmented skin. It makes use of a wire brush which is made to rotate at a very high speed. This removes the top layer of the skin where the age spots are. This gives room for formation of new skin which tends to be evenly toned. One may experience irritation from the process which will then go away with time.

Chemical peels: This applies the same concept as dermabrasion. This one however makes use of acidic chemicals to peel off the top skin layer. These are in different strengths depending on extent of damage. More than one treatment session may be necessary for effective results. A lot of after-care is necessary as the skin becomes susceptible to sun damage after treatment.

Laser therapy: A pulsed light treatment is a great treatment for these spots. This is normally referred to as photo-facial. These come in different varieties with differing side effects. They are mostly chosen depending on individual skin type and color as well as depth of discoloration to be treated.

How to Lighten Age Spots on Face– How to Fade Age Spots

Is the process of skin aging catching up with you already and are wondering how to lighten age spots on face? That is normal. We all want to learn how to fade dark and spots and get back our flawless skin. What one uses should be determined by the type of age spots one has. Some common means of fading them include:

  • The use of over the counter fade products can help lighten up spots on the face. These normally contain active skin fading ingredients such as retinoids, arbutin and hydroquinone. It is important to check out their ingredients to ensure that they do not contain ingredients one is allergic to. Do a patch test first. These are to be used as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Taking antioxidants can help to fade away age spots.
  • Some home ingredients have natural bleaching qualities. Lemon juice applied over time can help to lighten up the age spots. Use it twice daily. This may cause the skin to be sensitive. Milk products also contain lactic acid which can help to fade them. Vinegar, potato slices and onions when rubbed on them will also help.

How to Cover Age Spots on Face

With time, getting spots may be inevitable. This makes knowing how to cover age spots on face important. There are various ways through which these spots can be camouflaged. Skin camouflage creams is one option. Tanning creams can help to blend the skin where the spots are hypo-pigmented.

Another way would be through the use of makeup. Artistic application of makeup can as well help to cover them up. One can learn how to do this through online tutorials. They will give instructions and suggest what products are best depending on the skin tone and type being dealt with.

How to Reduce Age Spots on Face

Age spots are not so much a sign of growing old but the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight. To reduce the rate at which they appear and prevent the skin from premature aging, it is advisable to always use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of above 15. One should also avoid tanning.

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