How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap Naturally Using Comb, Brush for Babies

Here’s how to get rid of cradle cap in babies as well as adults. We evaluate the uses of the cradle cap brush and comb in the fight against the condition. Also discussed is how to get rid of cradle cap naturally.

How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap in Babies

Newborns are prone to cradle cap in their early weeks of existence. This is common and does not in any way occur as a result of poor hygiene. It is believed that hormones from the mother cause an over production of sebum on the scalp.asa result, some dead skin cells tend to stick and form crusts.

Getting rid of cradle cap naturally
Getting rid of cradle cap naturally with a natural shampoo.

One can make use of some remedies made at home to get rid infants cradle cap. To begin with, one could start by rubbing some oil on the scalp. This helps in loosening up the scales so that lifting up the dry patches becomes easy. Rubbing your fingers over the scaly patches to gently massage the area will play a great role in loosening the flakes.

Once this has been done, shampoo the baby’s hair. Using warm water will help to get off the scales. Ensure shampoo used is gentle enough for the soft and tender skin. After this, one should use a cradle cap brush or comb to lift up the flakes. The best results are achieved when this is done on wet hair. Repeat this   procedure daily until the condition gets better.

In case regular shampoo does not make the condition any better, it is advisable to make use of medicated shampoos. These are meant to fight dandruffs and will help to get rid of the cradle cap. They contain active ingredients necessary to get rid of the condition.

Tar helps in reducing flakiness as well as prevents the skin from drying out. Ketoconazole and selenium sulfide contain antifungal properties that are helpful in treatment of the condition. Those that contain salicylic acid on the other hand are not recommended for use on toddlers. This is because it is easily absorbed into the baby’s skin.

Where the cradle cap condition of the newborn does not seem to get any better, it is advisable to see a doctor.  He will prescribe the right medication for the condition. Other times when the doctor should be seen immediately is when the condition gets infected, is painful or itches. Cradle cap should not be associated with these negative effects. The doctor will know what is most suitable for the newborn.

Cradle Cap Comb

Cradle cap forms some crusts on the baby’s scalp that may take some time to go away. Using a fine toothed cradle cap comb can help to pickup flakes from the scalp. These work best when the scalp has been moisturized. This could be done using mineral oils.

The brush will help in getting rid of tangles in a baby’s hair. These tend to come with easy grips for safety of the babies on whom they are used. The cradle cap brush does not have as soft bristles as the brush does. The purpose they serve though is similar.

The best brush to settle for is one with dual density teeth. This gives a chance for one to adjust what thickness they use depending on the dampness and thickness of the baby’s hair. Those that have chunky handles are also great to use as they are easy to hold.

Cradle Cap Brush

The skin of toddlers is very sensitive. One important tool when deciding on how to get rid of cradle cap in babies is a cradle cap brush. There are different brands of these available in the market. These have bristles that will gently remove the flakes from the baby’s scalp. It works best when the affected area has been softened up using some oil or after shampooing.

How do you get rid of cradle cap on baby or adults with comb
Brushing it off.

An example of this is the Bean-B-Clean cradle cap brush. This should be used each day as instructed. Start off by wetting the scalp with some warm water. Apply on the affected area the preferred baby oil. Using the brush, apply some gentle pressure in circular motion as you massage the scalp of the baby. Once this has been done, rinse off the baby’s head. Ensure that the brush is also kept clean by washing it up using clean water and soap. Rinse it thoroughly in between the uses and let it dry in open air.

Another option would be to use a tear free shampoo to clean up the baby’s scalp. Rather the head of the baby sufficiently and use the brush to massage scalp. Using the brush this way helps to loosen the cradle cap debris. This brush though should not be used on skin if it is irritated or has abrasions.

How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap in Adults

There are two main ways on how to get rid of cradle cap in adults. These are the use of homemade remedies and the use of medicated products. Both come with their advantages. The home remedies tend to be cheaper and readily available.

Severe cradle cap in ear of adult
Severe cradle cap in ear of adult.

To loosen the crusts apply some mineral oil on the scalp by gently rubbing it in. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes. It can also be left for as long as a whole night for severe cases. Once this is done, use a fine toothed comb to get the crusts off the rest should be done while shampooing.  The cradle cap should be gone within two months.

In case the cradle cap lingers on, replace normal shampoo with medicated shampoo. Products such as Heads and Shoulders or Selsun Blue can go a long way. They contain active ingredients that will help to fight the condition. The shampoo can be used every day and the usage reduced to three or two times a week. During the other days, regular shampoo will do.

Other than medicated shampoos, there also are hydrocortisone creams that can help ease the condition. These are applied twice in a day for two weeks unless advised otherwise by the manufacturer or doctor. Some of these are available over the counter while some can only be bought with a prescription.

In case the condition does not get any better, it may be time to see a doctor. Once it is healed, ensure you keep brushing the scalp gently every day. Also keep shampooing the hair thoroughly. This will help keep the condition away.

How to Get Rid Of Cradle Cap Naturally

For people who love using natural remedies, it is possible to wonder how to get cradle cap naturally. There are various natural products which are readily available that people can use to get rid of cradle cap. These and how to use them are discussed below.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

This contains acidic properties which help in exfoliating the toddlers’ cradle cap. The vinegar should be diluted with two parts of water. After this, the solution is gently massaged on the area with the condition and left to rest for ten minutes. This is then washed off.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar natural treatment.


This herb contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are great in relieving cradle cap symptoms. One can make use of calendula cream on the scalp to get rid of it. This will help to relief the symptoms of cradle cap.

Baking Soda

This is yet another way and how to get rid of cradle cap naturally. Make a paste using baking soda and rub it around the affected skin. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before washing it off. This will loosen up the flakes and it will be easy combing them off.

Shea Butter

Shea butter goes a long way in eliminating cradle cap. Given that the skin of a toddler is quite soft and tender, it efficiently gets absorbed by the scalp. This ensures that no greasy residual is left behind. Rub some on the affected part and leave it on for 20minutes. After this, use a cradle cap comb or brush to pick the flakes up. Wash the skin up using shampoo after this.

Petroleum jelly  

Brands such as Vaseline are a simple yet convenient way of loosening up the cradle cap flakes. Apply some on the area that has been affected and leave it overnight. Use a soft brush to rip the now softened flakes off the skin.

Olive oil
Olive oil is also known to get rid of cradle cap in babies and adults

Coconut Oil

This works like most of the other oils. Apply it before going to bed and leave it overnight. In the morning brush off the flakes from the hair and shampoo it. These should come off easily since they will have loosened by then. A soft towel can also be used to rub off the flakes.

How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap on Forehead

In severe cases, the forehead also gets affected by cradle cap. How do you get rid of this? There is not much difference in methods use to get rid of the condition. To begin with, use your favorite oil to soften up the flakes. One could apply some mineral oil or any other skin oil on the area. Leave this to soak in for some time before rubbing the area with a soft piece of cloth. Use a mild soap to clean up the area after that.

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