How to Make Hair Thicker and Appear Fuller Naturally with Foods & Extensions

How do you make black hair thicker? Is it possible to make hair thicker naturally? Which are the best ways on how to make hair thicker and fuller regardless of hair type?

  • How can I make my hair thicker?
  • What can I do to make my hair thicker?
  • How to make your hair thicker for men
  • What Makes Hair Thicker?

There is a thing about thick hair that makes every woman and man go gaga. It appears full, luscious and healthy. If you do not have thick hair, you will try anything possible to achieve it even for a while. It is not easy to make your hair thicker, but with patience and willingness to try some of the tips highlighted here, you may achieve a full head of hair.

Your crowning glory’s thickness will depend on the foods you eat, your hair care routine and the products you use on daily basis. Here are some of the best tips on how to make hair thicker for women and men. It is also possible to make any hair type thicker, whether African American or Caucasian hair types. Without further ado, learn how to make hair thicker and fuller.

How to Make Hair Thicker and Fuller – Tips

Thinning hair is a problem for both genders. However, it depends on various factors. Therefore, if you want to begin treating your thinning or hair loss problem, know the root cause.  Some thinning problems are caused by hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, pollution from the environment, stress, allergic reactions, poor hair care regimen and using harsh hair products. The sooner you discover the root cause, the better for you in finding a long-term solution on how to make hair thicker and fuller.

Another way on how to make hair thicker and fuller is using by using home remedies for thick hair. These are mostly protein treatments that your hair requires so much. Furthermore, they enable you clean up your scalp and keep in it hydrated. You can make use of these while you are not too busy at home.

You can also ensure that you get thick hair by choosing your hair products carefully. Avoid shampoos that have sodium laurel and laureth sulfates compounds. Similarly, you should avoid silicone-based shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers.  Instead, settle for products that have natural or organic ingredients, they may require a lot of work when using them on your head, but they help you achieve thick and full hair without further adding harmful chemicals to your hair. Additionally, invest in volumizing shampoos, conditioners, mousses and sprays as well.

It is also wise to treat any infections you have on your scalp. If you have an itchy scalp, you should have it checked for ringworms, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition that could be making your hair not to grow thick and healthy. How to grow thicker and fuller hair highly depends on the health of your scalp. Therefore, your scalp’s health should be perfect if you want a head full of thick hair.

It is of importance also how you wash and treat your hair thereafter. Instead of washing everyday, you should do it every 2-3 days in a week. If your hair is too oily, you can use conditioner to wash your hair daily, but use a shampoo followed by a conditioner once weekly.  The temperature of your water also matters if you want to keep your hair free from damage. Therefore, use cold water if you can stand it, if not use lukewarm, never use hot water on your tresses, it will make it weaker.

How to Make Hair Thicker Naturally Using Masks and Oils

The secret to thicker hair is conditioning and moisturizing.  Therefore, you must deep condition your hair and give it enough moisture to give it life and vibrancy. Unfortunately, some over the counter hair products cannot provide enough hydration to your hair. You have to get it from natural homemade masks and oils.

Masks and oils are the best ways on how to make hair thicker naturally at home. Masks can be pocket friendly and give results within a short time. This way, you can use them any time without worrying about their price tag.

How to make hair thicker naturally requires the use masks such as:

  • Avocado and ripe banana
  • Beaten eggs and honey
  • Garlic boiled in coconut oil
  • Oat flour added to your conditioner
  • Olive oil, mixed with cinnamon and honey

How to Make Hair Thicker for Women

In this world, no one can put false appearances than women can.  They can fake lashes, lips, dimples on cheeks and now, how to make hair thicker women tips requires faking it. This is possible from the use of extensions. If you are not sure how you can make your hair thicker or fuller using a extensions, it is important to seek the help of a professional stylist.

It would be very shocking to put expensive extensions on your hair in a way that shows they are just that, extensions. Similarly, getting a wrong color of your extension on your hair would be an eyesore.  For this reason, before buying, find a good hair stylist to fix them or make sure that you know how to do it yourself and choose the perfect color or ask someone to help you.

Furthermore, ensure that you do not make it a habit with some of the extensions especially the clip-ins which can give more damage to your hair in the end. If you do not like faking it, then you should brace your thin hair and start eating more healthy foods. How to make hair thicker women foods should be rich in iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

Types of Extensions to Make Hair Thicker

Various extensions to make hair thicker exist in the market. They come in various prices and quality. Therefore, you will have a wide selection depending on your budget. Similarly, you can decide whether you want long or shorter extensions.

The first type is known as clip-ins extensions. These are usually made of synthetic or human hair among other substances. Clip-ins extensions are easy to fix at home, but if you are not sure how to fix them, ask a professional or a friend to do it for you.  Another type of hair extensions is weaves, which are more permanent that the clip-ins. Weaves are sewn or glued on to your hair or scalp. You can sleep in weaves, wash them and style depending on the quality of the weave. Finally, you can fake thick hair using wigs. Since most of them are pricey, you need to choose one done in a style you cannot live without, or else buy different wigs for different occasions.

List of Foods That Make Hair Thicker

Do not just eat foods that make hair thicker once, but rather you should add them in your daily diet. If you want a thick crowning glory, you must enjoy eating some of these foods:

  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Fish especially salmon
  • Walnuts and other types of nuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Citrus fruits especially oranges, tangerines and pineapples
  • Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kales
  • Carrots  among other best and healthy foods for hair growth

How to Make Black Hair Thicker – Getting Thick Kinky Hair Tips

Black hair like any other type is delicate and should be given a lot of TLC. How to make black hair thicker requires doing and not doing some of the following:

  • Avoiding blow dry, flat iron or any other heat styling
  • Massaging scalp with Jamaican Black Castor oil
  • Avoiding chemical processing, bleaching or double processing
  • Wearing protective styling such as bantu knots, braids and twists
  • Deep conditioning hair
  • Moisturizing with natural oils that will not clog scalp pores

How to make black hair thicker may require a radical shift from chemically processed hair to curly hair. Changing to natural hair can be difficult for anyone who was used to manageable hair. However, by using Brazilian keratin treatments and certain mousses, it can be easy.

How to Make Hair Appear Thicker

When you have tried the extensions, eating right, going natural for an African American and your hair is still thin, you should think of coloring your hair. Ask your stylist to put low-light colors that help you with how to make hair appear thicker.

Similarly, you may want to buy hair growth products that make use of laser such as a comb or a helmet. Although these products are expensive, they are known to be effective. Find a laser product that has been FDA approved.

You can also go for hair transplants. Hair transplants work on how to make hair appear thicker by adding your own hair gotten from another part of your body. A professional surgeon can do this without leaving you with scarring.

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