How to Prevent Razor Bumps on Legs, Bikini and Neck After Shaving

How to prevent razor bumps and how to prevent razor burn – very important to learn especially if you shave. Here’s how to avoid razor bumps on legs, neck and face when shaving, waxing or removing hair. Also find out how to stop razor burn using the best ways of avoiding razor bumps when shaving.

Some people quickly think it is herpes, yet they are just razor bumps. Grooming is very good and whether you are shaving your legs, bikini line, and beard for men…just about anywhere on your body, you can get razor bumps. They don’t really select where to show. The biggest question we all have on our minds is how to prevent razor bumps every time we shave. Is avoiding shaving bumps something possible? What is the best way to cure razor bumps and burn? Some of the best products for preventing bumps such as Swedish Skin Care Razor Burn Freedom and Tend Skin Solution for Razor Burns and Ingrown Hair are highly recommended, but we will look at various options to use to stop the them.

What are Razor Bumps?

How to Prevent Razor Bumps and Burns

Razor bumps are a frequently occurring skin irritation that results from shaving. Also known as pseudofollculitis barbae, razor bumps start appearing like small pimples, bumps or ingrown hair on the skin areas where you shave. The irritation occurs when hair is shaved and begins to grow right back into the skin instead of coming out of the skin. The curly hair follicles of the shaven area have a higher tendency to curl back into the skin and cause razor bumps and razor burns.

Sometimes, hair that is closely shaven has a sharp edge and can easily penetrate the skin, which will result in inflammation and swelling. The swelling is a normal body defense mechanism. So, razor bumps are not just because the hair curled and grew back into the skin. However, as I researched on who struggles to find out how to prevent razor bumps, I noted that more women search for ways to stop the razor bumps or ingrown hair than women.

Statistics show that people with curly hair experience razor bumps more because the curly hair tends to curl back into the skin when it grows after shaving. About 60% of African Americans and Hispanics, and 20% Caucasians are affected by the problem of razor bumps. For us women, we keep searching for way son how to prevent razor bumps on legs, neck, bikini lines and so on, but men would like to know how to prevent razor bumps on the beard. So, let’s find out the ways to avoid shave bumps.

 How to Prevent Razor Bumps on Legs, Bikini Area and Neck

So what does it take to prevent razor bumps on legs, face and neck? According to WebMD, there is not a way to go about this, unless you stop shaving. However, with a simple practice of the best techniques of shaving, you will be able to avoid. I am not going to teach you A to Z about shaving bikini lines, beard, legs, neck and just about anywhere you want to shave, but the tips we are going to discuss next on how to prevent razor bumps will go a long way in helping you avoid razor bumps. Follow each of the tips because they are your best shot to stay away from the problem.

Wash the Area You Want to Shave

This will really help you avoid razor bumps on the face and neck. If you are one of those people short on time and want to get things done quickly, then you will not be able to prevent razor bumps. An oldie tip is to use a gentle cleanser on the beard, legs and even pubic area before shaving. This will clear the area of any dirt and bacteria that may contribute to razor bumps.

Shave. But Don’t Pluck

A damaged razor blade plucks hair instead of shaving causing razor burn and bumps

You might not pluck your hair or perky whiskers straight away from your neck and chin, but the condition of your blade might cause just that. The best way on how to prevent razor bumps on face, neck and legs is to ensure you use a sharp razor, which will cut the hair with every single stroke and not pluck them. A blunt razor is likely to pluck the ingrown hairs and cause razor bumps. Here are quick tips on how to prevent razor bumps by not plucking:

  • Soften the hair you are shaving. A hot steam will go a long way in helping you avoid shave bumps.
  • Shave the right way – with the grain to avoid shaving bumps that may occur from plucking. We’ll look at that in detail below.
  • Make short strokes
  • Clear the blade of the cream and hair after every stroke
  • Use light pressure with every stroke to red bumps on neck that may form from the burns

Use the Correct Shaving Techniques for Face, Neck and Legs

Well, now you know. Shaving is not just those strokes. No, there are correct techniques for shaving and wrong techniques as well. Techniques used on how to prevent razor bumps will involve the following tips:

  • After every short stroke, rinse with cold water to prevent razor bumps by closing up the pores, which might attract already cut hair to penetrate and cause razor bumps. Warm water will increase the opening up of the pores and cause bacteria to penetrate the skin and even cause an infection with the razor bumps.
  • The right way to make the strokes is the direction your hair grows. Many men get shave bumps because they believe the only way to get a clean shave is to make razor strokes against the beard. This will lead to slicing of the skin and cause razor bumps. In order to prevent razor bumps, direct your strokes to the direction the hair grows.

Rinse with Cold Water

After shaving clean, rinse with cold water. You already know the reason for this – to close the pores and prevent tiny pieces of hair and bacteria, which will also prevent shaving bumps. Stay away from warm water if you want to avoid razor bumps. You can also rub the area with alum block. It is optional to apply alum block after shaving, but it will not only prevent shave bumps but also help heal accidental cuts.

  • Instead of rubbing, press a cold wet cloth on the area you have shaved for about 5 minutes. It will help prevent tearing your skin – which often causes razor burns and eventually razor bumps.

Avoid Shaving Creams with Alcohol Ingredients

Too excited with the packaging that you forgot to read the label to check the ingredients? Well, your skin is very sensitive so you need to know what exactly you are applying on it if you want to prevent razor bumps. Alcohol as an ingredient in shaving creams will dry your skin. Dry skin is one of the commonest reasons for razor bumps. In order to avoid razor bumps, try creams that are oil based.

Other Tips to Avoid Razor Bumps

  • To avoid razor bumps, always shave moist skin.
  • Avoid disposable razors because they are known to cause razor burns and razor bumps.
  • Avoid razor bumps on your armpits by delaying the application of antiperspirant and deodorant for 20 minutes. Freshly shaved skin needs time to heal and calm.
  • Always shower in the skin and after fully lathering your skin. If you prefer outside the shower, make use of top quality shaving creams on your skin and rinse thoroughly when done.
  • To avoid razor bumps, you will need to avoid bar soap and old razors.

How to Stop Razor Bumps after Waxing or Shaving

Once they start developing, razor bumps can become very painful and grow into big pimples that are unsightly. Is there a way on how to stop razor burns? Well, think ingrown hair. We have already discussed how the razor bumps are formed. Once they have started forming on your legs, neck, beard region, bikini line or just about any place you shave closely, you can easily stop them from growing into big razor bumps. Here are simple tips on how to stop razor bumps.

Ingrown Hair Infection

  • WebMD advise that there is only one way to stop razor bumps and that is using a clean needle “to release the embedded hair shaft.” That will stop the razor bump from developing. There are more tips though that can help you stop razor bumps and razor burns.
  • When they start developing, stop using perfumes and scented lotions on them. This will reduce the reaction of the skin and can stop razor bumps from growing bigger.
  • Don’t pick at the razor bumps. In order to stop razor bumps, allow them their peace. Razor bumps will only become worse if you keep irritating the skin around them.
  • If you have a routine of shaving daily, then you need to do some changes in order to stop razor bumps. Simply allow about 3 days before your next shave.
  • Do you peer in the mirror? Well, as soon as you notice that shave bumps have started to show, start applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly. It will soften the area and prevent irritation, and of course help stop razor bumps.
  • A cold compress will be handy in how to stop razor bumps. Always have one ready as soon as you see razor bumps forming. Once you have used the cold compress to stop razor burns and irritation, pat dry. Do not scratch or rub the bumps.

Avoid Razor Rash to Avoid Bumps

What is a razor burn? A razor burn is that irritating rash that sometimes appears after shaving. The mild forms of razor burns will be slightly itchy but will create a noticeable red rash on the face and neck, or wherever you have shaven. When they turn to severe cases, razor burns will form razor bumps. So, what is the difference between razor burns and razor burns?

Difference between Razor Burns and Razor BumpsRazor Bumps

Both razor bumps and razor burns are potential complications that may occur after a close shave to the skin in an incorrect way. What most people don’t know is that there is a difference between razor bumps and razor bumps. Most of us concern ourselves with how to stop razor bumps and how to stop razor burns. A razor burn, as we have seen, is an irritation on the skin that occurs as a response to improper shaving. When you shave incorrectly, you remove the top layer of the skin. The body responds by increasing blood flow to that irritated area, which will then turn red.

On the other hand, razor bumps are caused by the pattern of hair growth and bacterial infections.  Anything from curly hair growing back into the skin to using a dirty razor, wearing tight clothing to excessive perspiration (according to Mayo Clinic) will cause razor bumps. Both razor bumps and razor burns can occur anywhere on the skin, provided any of the causes cause them. In women, they are common around bikini lines – an area of the body that is said to harbor a large amount of bacteria.

Difference between Razor Burns and Razor Bumps - Razor Burn

How to Prevent Shaving Red Rash for Black Men

Other than finding out how to prevent razor bumps, it is important to learn how to prevent razor burn because the former can develop from the latter as well. Here are tips on how to prevent, cure and get rid of razor burn and bumps for black men and women.

  1. Soften the hair before shaving. This is a good tip for men shaving the beard, but it is also very useful for anybody shaving anywhere. In order to prevent razor burn, ensure that you don’t shave when the area feels like a brillo pad. Get the beard or any other area you are shaving very soft. A hot steam is good for softening the beard for a nice shave and to avoid razor burn.
  2. Exfoliate first. Yes, if you are a man, this is not just for women. Removing dead skin before shaving will bring out any ingrown hairs and prevent razor burn from forming.
  3. Using those multiple blade razors available on the market today may not be the smartest thing if they leave you with razor bumps and burn. Sometimes a safety razor does the job just fine. Many blades can chew up your skin, leaving you with razor burn irritations.
  4. Rule of the thumb on how to prevent razor burn – shave with the grain. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman here. Learning to shave with the grain is the best way on how to prevent razor bumps and burns. You will not be able to remove all the hair in one swoop, but it will prevent razor burn and bumps because you will not slice your skin.
  5. In order to avoid razor bumps and burns, shave in light short strokes. Too much pressure is an invitation for razor burn.
  6. Always use a sharp razor. Yes, cutting tomatoes with a dull knife isn’t fun because you end up tearing the tomatoes instead. The same goes for shaving. Prevent razor bumps and burn by avoiding dragging and tearing the hairs you are shaving.
  7. To prevent razor burn, clean the blade after every single stroke. Yes, it’s time consuming but it will help you make clean cuts.
  8. Clean the blade with alcohol. You know one of the main causes of razor burn and bumps is bacteria from your blade.  Rubbing alcohol will do away with these bacteria and prevent razor burns and bumps.
  9. Rinse the shaven area with clean cold water to close up the pores and then apply moisturizer to prevent razor burn and bumps from forming.
  10. Apply razor bump cream known to prevent ingrown hairs from forming. High Time Bump Stopper and Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution are industry leading creams used to prevent razor bumps and razor burns.

Once you finish shaving, you might notice that shave bumps have already formed. Finding how to cure razor bumps is likely the next step. There are many home remedies used to cure razor bumps. Most people use creams and lotions that are touted to get rid of shave bumps. However, the success of these as cures for razor bumps is debatable. Share your experience with any if you have used them. Lotions and creams used to cure razor bumps, especially those containing glycolic acid have over 60% chances of treating razor bumps. Aloe vera gel is also a good product used on how to cure razor bumps. Remember that the fewer the times you shave, the less likely you will get razor bumps.

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