How to Remove Age Spots – Age Spots Removal Naturally at Home

With so many options on how to remove age spots, it is important to get the details of each method so as to choose the best. We give details on the best ways to remove age spots including laser and natural removal of age spots.

Can Age Spots Be Removed?

There are various ways through which age spots can be removed. The starting point should be at home using natural remedies. If these do not work, try topical creams. These could be over the counter or prescription strength creams. For severe spots and fast results, the best removal method would be through medical methods.

How to remove age spots naturally with papaya and other treatments
How to remove age spots naturally with papaya and other treatments

Laser Removal of Age Spots

One of the methods for treatment of age spots is through laser removal of age spots. Laser therapy makes use of beams of light that are made to penetrate the skin layers up to the point where the melanin producing cells are. The brown pigmentation absorbs the light and transforms it to heat energy. This is what is used to destroy pigmentation.

To prepare one for the process, it is important to wear protective glasses as the light produced is too bright. This is more so when the treatment is being done on the face. During the treatment, one may feel some tingly effect on their skin. The sensitivity of one’s skin and the light intensity used are what will determine the amount of discomfort that one feels.

After treatment, the area will scab and turn pink for about 14 days. Depending on how well the initial treatment works, one may be required to go back for other sessions for complete removal of the spots. The physician will advise as may be appropriate.

How to Remove Age Spots Naturally

When age spots start appearing on the skin, one should treat them immediately. This will make it easy for them to be removed. When given attention early enough, it is possible to use home remedies to get rid of them. These are cheap, easy to use and convenient as one decides when they want to use them. Here’s how to remove age spots naturally.

Papaya: This fruit contains enzymes that can help in removal of skin blemishes age spots included. This should be used in its raw form. Grate some of it and rub it on the spots. Leave this on for 20 minutes. After this rinse it off with lukewarm water. Apply this twice daily for a brighter and cleaner looking skin. Before using it on a large skin area, do a skin patch test on a small area. Papaya contains elements that some people could be allergic to.

When using a ripe pawpaw, one can make use of the inner side of the peel. Scoop off the pulp and seeds and rub the inside of the peel on the spots.

Onions: Onion juice can help to remove age spots due to its acidic nature and bleaching properties. One can use this by slicing onions and rubbing them on the spots. One could also blend onions and apply the paste on the skin. Leave these to dry on before rinsing it off. Garlic works in the same way as well. To enhance performance, onions can be used together with honey or vinegar.

Dairy products: Milk contains lactic acid which has sloughing effects on the skin. One can use buttermilk on the spots, yoghurt or plain milk. This should then be left on the skin for it to take effect. People with oily skin may want to mix these with some lemon juice. Tomato juice could do as well. For fast results, one could apply before going to sleep and sleeping in it. One should use a moisturizer after this.

Aloe vera: Its juice is known to contain medicinal properties. Fresh unprocessed aloe juice works best,. Extract some from a leaf and leave it on for a while. Do this two times each day for a better looking skin.

Age Spot Removal with Lemon Juice

With its bleaching properties, lemon juice can help to clear up any age spots one may have. Using it is easy and all one needs to do is extract fresh juice from a lemon. After this use a cotton ball to rub it the spots. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing using cold water. This is not appropriate for people with sensitive skin as it would irritate their face. Noticeable change should be after two months.

Best Way to Remove Age Spots

There are different forms of treatment for age spots but not all of them will be suitable for every situation. The best way to remove age spots is by taking into consideration characteristics of specific spots as well as the person who has them

For people who start treatment immediately they start to appear, the best removal method would be using home remedies. These will work fine on them. Home remedies are also a great option for individuals who do not have enough cash to spend on professional treatment. This form of treatment is however not fit for people who wish to get rid of the spots fast.

For people who want the convenience of home treatment but cannot afford to use homemade treatments, topical products are the best. These manufactured products include creams, lotions, gels and serums with skin lightening ingredients. They are convenient for people on the go as they are easily portable as opposed to home remedies. Some of these though may be too expensive yet they require to be used for up to six months.

For people who want to have the removal done fast and with the best results, professional treatment would be the best. A dermatologist can conduct laser therapy, cryotherapy, dermabrasion or chemical peels. These work fast and the fact that they are done by a professional makes them perfect.

How to Remove Age Spots at Home

Removing age spots at home is easy. one can make use of natural remedies such as aloe vera, honey, milk or lemon juice to eliminate the spots. Vinegar and skin lightening creams are also available for getting rid of age spots. These though take a long time for effects to be seen. It is therefore important for one to be patient enough and follow the routine.

How to Remove Age Spots with Hydrogen Peroxide

According to, hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove small age spots. This treatment is an inexpensive one and the product can be obtained over the counter. The target age spot may take some time before it is completely gone.

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