How to Wash Curly Hair – Best Tips with Conditioner

Learning how to wash curly hair can help you avoid making it frizzy and damaged. In this article, you will get a tutorial with steps for cleaning your curly hair with conditioner, co washing it, the best way to go about it and whether or not washing at night or everyday is appropriate.

How to Wash Curly Hair
Washing Curled Hair

Washing curly hair should be a simple technique that you should follow to keep healthy, hydrated and beautiful hair. Starting from the frequency to the type of detergents or products for washing it, you should be careful on almost everything you do to it in order to avoid big knots and frizzing. Below, we will discuss the steps on how to clean it, whether you should clean it everyday or at night and just about how to go about the whole procedure.

Natural curly hair is typically dry. It is dryer than other hair types and therefore should be handled or cleaned with extra attention to avoid damaging it. One of the first assignments you will have is to AVOID sulfate shampoos because they remove the little hydration your hair already has. Therefore, always choose to use the best sulfate-free shampoo such as Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream – Sulfate Free Cleanser, if at all you will use shampoo for cleaning it. With that, let’s look at the best way to wash your curled hair.

Co-washing is one of the options you have. But what exactly is it? And how often should you wash curly hair?

Co washing Curly Hair

Co-washing is a relatively new term when it comes to maintaining hair or curly hair care. In this method, a conditioner is used. It is from the terms conditioner and washing that the word co-washing is derived. In this method, instead of washing your curly hair with the shampoo of your choice and following it with the conditioner, you will skip doing the shampoo part. The benefit is that if you have multi-textured curly hair, you will end up with healthier hair.

How to Wash Curly Hair with Conditioner – Tutorial Steps

When choosing to clean it with a good quality conditioner, you can do it almost everyday. Therefore, leave just one day for shampooing your curls. You, first of all, need to get the best quality product to use for this purpose. Here is the follow-through-procedure.

Best Shampoo for Curly Hair
Sulfate Free Shampoo
  1. Buy a moisturizing shampoo for use. Natural and organic products sold at drugstores are usually the best. Check the labels to ensure that the product does not have any silicones.
  2. Ready with your shampoo, rinse your curls with lukewarm water.
  3. Once you have rinsed and ensured that all the hair is wet, apply the conditioner you bought. Ensure it is adequate. Massage it into your scalp and use your fingertips to remove any dirt and accumulated dandruff.
  4. Rinse well to remove all the loosened dirt and conditioner.
  5. Take a palm-ful of conditioner and put it on your hair. Now use a wide-toothed comb to comb through the hair. Pay more attention to the ends in order to avoid or remove any tangles.
  6. Allow the conditioner about 15 minutes after which you should rinse while leaving some of the conditioner in it.
  7. Do the final rinsing of the curly hair, but this time, use cold water. It is important because cold water seals cuticles. This helps in reducing frizz and increasing the shine of your curls.
  8. Using a towel, squeeze out the excess water. DO NOT wring or rub the hair. Terrycloth is not the best. You can use an old cotton t-shirt though or a microfiber towel.
  9. Apply the best products that you prefer and allow time to dry. Perhaps washing curly hair at night will give you time to dry it well. While drying, avoid touching it because it will cause fry-aways and some frizz in your hair.

Washing Curly Hair Everyday and At Night – How Often Should You Clean It?

Everyday washing of wavy hair and curled ones is not really advised. If you have oily hair type, you will find it appropriate to wash it perhaps once a day or at least once in a few days. However, this cannot apply to this type of hair.

  • Curlicious hair is known to be dry and therefore it is not good to wash it everyday, or too often.
  • If you wash your curly hair every night, you will end up damaging the strands and its strength.
  • Opt to go a full week without shampooing it. Even the best shampoos should not be put onto your head that often. You will end up destroying it.
  • Instead of washing curled hair with shampoo, choose to condition it. See above about washing curling hair using conditioner.
  • If you want to use shampoo for some reasons, ensure that you condition it just after, even if you washed it at night.

Since the washing is an art, ensure that you do not scrub your curls, especially when combing with the conditioner. Use a cleanser such as DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser which is without sulfates and will not remove natural oils and moisture from your hair. Another important tip is for you to wash your curlicious assets less often. You may just want to massage your scalp with a good conditioner rather than wetting your head every night. With these tips on how to wash curly hair, you will have healthy and beautiful curls everyday.

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