Laser Hair Removal Cost – How Much for Full Body, Ideal & Permanent Removal

This post explores the various aspects that affect laser hair removal cost. Wondering how much does laser hair removal cost? Learn the things that will affect how much you pay as well as the ideal laser hair removal cost, full body laser hair removal cost and how to get affordable laser hair removal.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Whenever one wants to undertake a procedure, the price has to come up. While the cost of having body hair laser treated is high, this tends to be a lifetime investment and is far much better than the pain of waxing and shaving regularly. This being the case, how much does laser hair removal cost?

There is no fixed cost for laser hair removal. This is because there are variances in each individual. This makes the duration of time taken to remove hair vary. The longer it takes, the higher the cost will be. Among things that affect the cost include:

Area to be treated: A person seeking armpit laser hair removal may not be charged the same amount as one who wants their legs done. Larger parts will cost more than smaller parts. However, for people seeking treatment for multiple areas, most laser centers will offer packages that may cost less in the long run.

Type of skin and hair: Most lasers work best on dark hair on people with light skin. This is because it is easier to target the melanin in the hair follicles. As a result, such people may take less sessions. People who are dark skinned with light hair use lasers with less light intensity. This helps to prevent scarring. The downside to the latter is that it takes more time and will thus cost more.

Number of sessions: Some people will be required to go to the esthetician more times than others. This could be caused by their hair density or even body physique. The more the time required the more the cost.

Type of equipment used: Great laser equipment has more power and allow for treatment of a large area. They also are more effective since they can easily reach deeply rooted hairs. These features and the fact that the machine does not require any cool down time make the laser hair removal process fast. This allows for the clinic to charge less and still be profitable.

As can be deduced from the above information, there is no telling how much one will have to part with. The best way to get a fair deal is to visit a number of clinics and get a quotation. While at it, be wary of practitioners who charge too low in comparison with the others. It is possible that their lasers won’t give impressive results. Also ensure that the laser center has more than one laser device or that the one they have has the option for change of frequency since no single frequency will work on all the skin types.

Ideal Laser Hair Removal Cost

Like discussed above, there is no telling how much laser hair removal may cost. Some things are certain though. The lesser the sessions required, the lower the cost will be. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts the average cost of laser treatments at $429

Since most of the charges are based on the part of the body being treated and the number of sessions  each will take, the ideal laser hair removal cost in the bikini area lies between $350 and $500. Areas that are larger such as the back will see one parting with anything between $600 and $900.

The chest area tends to be cheaper than the back and will cost between $350 and $600. The legs cost from $600-$850 while the arms will go for $250-$350. The cost of hair removal on the neck and the face normally compares with that of the back which is between $600 and $900. In ideal situations, the cost of laser hair removal per annum is less than the cost of waxing within the same duration. With time, annual amounts become much lesser as only touch ups will be necessary.


Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

Full body hair removal gives one the convenience of never having to shave. Full body laser hair removal is effective and permanently reduces the amount of hair on a person’s body. When the regular and recommended sessions are done, one will only be required to do some annual touch ups.

During the consultation stages, the pricing of the full body laser hair removal cost should be steady and clear. Most laser centers will offer pricing based on single sessions per body part or a package of six sessions per body part. In cases where the cost is not well outlined and seems overly cheap, it is best to keep off. Such places tend to have poor treatments which will ensure the client requires more treatment sessions which in the end will cost more.

For full body removal, the cost will lie between $3000 and $5000. Three to six treatment sessions are normally carried out. These may be done between intervals of six weeks. To achieve the desired results, it is best to follow the recommended treatment schedule.

Affordable Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal is a great option that will save one time in the long run, one thing remains a major obstacle to accessing it. Laser hair removal cost is a major setback to gaining permanent hair reduction for most people. This begs the question; are there affordable laser hair removal treatments?

The best way to saving some bucks on the treatment is scheduling consultations with various laser hair removal technicians. Most of them offer free consultations as well as a patch removal to see if you are a good candidate for the treatment. With this, you can find out which one of them is most affordable.

Also look out for special offers in clinics around you. These are normally advertised in most clinics’ websites on their promotions section. Purchasing full packages also tends to be more economical as opposed to being charged per single session. Taking advantage of these will lead you to enjoying smoother skin at an affordable cost.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Cost

When one is doing a consultation with the medical technician who will carry out the treatment, the issue of permanency is bound to come up. Permanent laser hair removal cost is not charged differently. The effect per session is always long lasting. To achieve permanent results, one should complete the recommended set of treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Cost NYC

Laser hair removal cost NYC just like in any other region will be affected by a number of things. It will differ from one individual to another depending on the part of the body, number of sessions, type of hair and the clinic at which one is having it done.

The pricing of the best rated laser centers in NYC include Euphoria Spa at $750 for a nine sessions package, Beam Laser Spa with $150 per session, Bare Beauty Laser Hair Removal with packages starting from as low as $250, Skin Laser Rejuvenation at $150 per session and Romeo and Juliet Laser Hair and Removal center with packages of six at $450.


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