Laser Hair Removal for Men at Home & Cost in NYC for Face & Groin

This post widely explores laser hair removal for men. Get information on laser hair removal for men NYC, the cost of laser hair removal for men and factors affecting it, Brazilian laser hair removal and home laser removal.

Laser Hair Removal for Men NYC

For men who are tired of their routine hair maintenance, laser hair removal can help them in significantly reducing it. Through regular treatment sessions, it is possible to have the amount of hair in a given area reduced permanently.

Laser hair removal for men NYC can be performed by a professional medical practitioner or an esthetician. It works by emitting intensive light energy into the hair follicles. The pulsed light is then absorbed by the dark pigmentation of the hair and converted into heat energy. It is this light energy that disables and loosens the hair cells that produce new hair growth.

After the first laser hair removal for men, one should be in a position to see some change through the reduction of body hair on the area of treatment. Since laser treatment only treats hair that is in its anagen phase, more than one session is required to achieve desired results. The hair that grows back after treatment tends to be lighter in color as well as thinner in size. With multiple treatments, there is a permanent reduction of the hair.

The traditional laser hair removal for men NYC was only appropriate for people with a light complexion and naturally dark hair. However, with development in technology, people with darker complexions and light hair can as well enjoy laser hair removal. The intensity of light used on this group is however low and removal may thus take more sessions as compared to the light complexion and dark haired group.

When planning your laser hair removal for men NYC, it is best to plan it around the time when there is least sunlight. This is because it is recommended that the area of treatment should not be exposed to direct sunlight after treatment.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for Men

Removal of hair in the pubic area dates back thousands of years back. However, it was made popular by women in the 20th century when bathing suits lessened in size. I the past decades, going Brazilian, as the process is called, have become common practice. Men too have joined in the practice and Brazilian laser hair removal for men has gained popularity as well.

Brazilian laser hair removal for men yields more permanent results than most Brazilian hair removal styles. A full Brazilian laser hair removal gets rid of all pubic hair. There are variations though depending on personal preferences. There is a Brazilian with a strip, triangle or even with custom design. It is all up to a person’s choice and how they want to look.  Not all designs are possible though. It will depend on your hair density down there and the views of the professional carrying out the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Men Groin

When it comes to laser hair removal for men, there is no body part restriction. Laser hair removal men groin can be a great option under the right circumstances. It is therefore important to research if it is right for you.

In case you decide that you are going to have laser done on your groin, it is important to find a person who is experienced at doing it. Successful laser sessions will go a long way in keeping off ingrown hairs which are common in the area as a result of their curliness and the area being damp from lack of exposure. Despite all this, the hairs are easy to deal with since they are shallow thus increasing the effectiveness of laser treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Face for Men

For men who no longer want to spend much more time shaving their beards or are uncomfortable with their bushy eyebrows, laser hair removal face for men could be their redemption. A smooth and professionally groomed appearance can be achieved through this process that helps in eliminating the need for further shaving or waxing.

It will also cub irritation as well as inflamed razor bums that are a common thing in males who shave. For those who are not ready to do away with the whole beard, lower part removal will help to decrease shaving sensitivity. One can also opt for a full sculpting of the brows which will help to reduce the bushiness while not losing you masculinity. A uni-brow cleanup will also leave you looking neat.

Laser Hair Removal Men Back

Laser hair removal can also be used on areas such as the back. Laser hair removal men back will help to rid one off unwanted back hair. Many sessions will be required to clear up the hair and regular touch ups may be necessary with time.


Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Men

The cost of laser hair removal for men will vary since it will be affected by a number of things. The part of the body on which it is being done is one of the determining factors. Larger areas will cost more while smaller area cost less.

Where one chooses to have their laser treatment also makes it differ. Some states will be more costly than others. The type of hair that one has, its density and growth rate may influence the cost as well. Dense hair will require more sessions and thus increase the cost. Among some of the average cost of laser hair removal for men depending on area of removal include:

  • Beard: $75-$100
  • Eyebrows: $25-$60
  • Ears and nose: $15-30
  • Back: $60-$350
  • Bikini: $100-$200
  • Arms and legs: $100-$400
  • Chest and abdomen: $10-$400

Home Laser Hair Removal for Men

In case you feel that you cannot trust anyone else to do hair removal on you, it is possible to acquire a device for home use. Home laser hair removal for men devices are normally hand held. They are comfortable to use and come with operating instructions.

The devices work just like the professional laser devices which emit light. This is then transformed to heat which destroys the hair by suppressing and stunting its growth. These tend to have lesser risks associated with lasers since they use light that is of a low absorption rate. The method is also economical in terms of time spent at the doctors. One can use it at their own convenience. Above all, it saves you money.


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