Red Bumps on Chest & Small RaisedItchy Red Bumps on Chest

Conditions such as dermatitis could cause red bumps on chest. While some of these tiny, small or little red bumps on chest may be simply annoying, others could be serious health conditions. Whether one has itchy red bumps on chest and back or non-itchy bumps, it is important to know what has led to their formation.

Tiny, Small or Little Red Bumps on Chest

Whichever description we give them, the tiny small or little red bumps on chest could be dry, itchy or even scaly. At times they may be accompanied by a fever. While some bumps may seem to develop abruptly, there are those that develop with time. These may seem to puff out of the skin as a result of continuous irritation. Some of the bumps may develop from inside before they become visible on the outside.

small red bumps on chest
small red bumps on chest

To treat these tiny red bumps, it is important to know what their causes are. Some bumps may occur as a result of dermatitis. This occurs when some substances to which the skin is allergic to get to contact it. Things such as detergents, excess sebum, soaps and lotions could lead to bumps on chest. Medical conditions such as shingles and psoriasis could also cause bumps.

To treat any bothersome bumps on the chest, it is important to refrain from scratching them. While scratching provides temporary relief, it could lead to infection or scarring. For medical conditions, one may be required to see a doctor who will administer some topical creams. These may include emollient moisturizers, oatmeal baths or calamine lotion. For severe cases, hydrocortisone creams will be beneficial.

Once treatment has been successful, it is important to prevent more from forming. Avoiding substances and products that could cause allergic bumps could help. Harsh soaps that could have a drying effect are also important to avoid. In case the chest bumps are related to reaction to jewelry, keep off them.

In case the chest thumps are accompanied by breath shortness and swelling of the face see a medical professional immediately. Where it is as a result of medication, usage should be discontinued immediately.

Itchy Red Bumps on Chest and Back

bumps on the back
bumps on the back

Bumps are common on any part of the body. They could appear as a result of an allergic reaction, a disease or skin disorder. These may be caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Some of these bumps may be localized on a certain part of the body or spread all over.

Itchy red bumps on chest and back are common. They may be as a result of atopic dermatitis. This is identified by inflammation, scaling and intense itching. Prolonged rubbing and scratching could cause a prominence of the bumps. It is common in both children and adults. Some immune system complications could lead to this condition. It is not clear though what its exact causes are.

Contact dermatitis on the other hand forms an itchy rash and is caused by the skin coming into direct contact with substances it is allergic to. These could be chemicals in cosmetics, fabrics, medications, soaps and detergents. These may cause the skin to become oversensitive causing formation of red bumps on the skin.

Other than dermatitis, microbial infections could also lead to bumps on chest. These could be as a result of fungal infection on chest. Ringworms could also cause itchy bumps on chest. These tend to be oval or circular in shape. They keep getting worse and one should see a dermatologist as soon as the bumps start worsening.

Pityriasis Rosea results in formation of inflamed itchy bumps on the chest as well as on other body parts. This condition is harmless and disappears on its own. It therefore requires no treatment. It only lasts a few weeks.

Hives could also result in an itchy rash on the chest. Since it has various causes, knowing what an individual’s cause is important. This will help in avoiding it. Sweat and heat rash could cause bumps as well. These are most common in people who engage in strenuous activities such as athletes. When the sweat glands get blocked, inflamed bumps may form. Women could experience these on their breasts after they have worked out.

Red Bumps on Chest and Back Not Itchy

itchy bumps on the chest
itchy bumps on the chest

The presentation of red bumps on chest and back not itchy is widely variable. The only way to have a right diagnosis is by seeing a health care provider. Among some of the bumps known not to be itchy include acne vulgaris. This is an eruption of non-infectious bumps which are most common on the face but which can as well form on the back and chest. This is mostly caused by hormonal changes. Where the condition is severe and left untreated, it is possible for it to leave scarring once it heals.

Pityriasis Rosea occurs in many young adults. It starts off as a single bump which then extends to cover other parts. It is associated with scaling and is mostly not itchy. These could last for up to nine weeks. A blood test is necessary to diagnose it.

Raised Red Bump on Chest

A raised red bump on chest can be as a result of many things. These could be itchy or not itchy, painful or painless. Some of the causes include insect bites. Mostly these will itch and be painful. Contact allergies could result from a change in bathing soap, fabrics and detergent. It is also possible to have raised bumps as a result of hives and dry skin. The best way to have the red bump on chest diagnosed is by seeing a dermatologist

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