Liver Spots on Face Causes, Pictures and How to Remove Them

Liver spots on face can be unsightly. But what are they? What causes them? How do you get rid of liver blemish spots on face as well as how to remove liver dots from face.

What Are Liver Spots on Face?

Liver spots on face are light brown or black blemishes. These are also associated with other names such as senile lentigines, lentigos and age spots. These spots are harmless and quite common in persons aged over 40 years. They form as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun.

What Causes Liver Spots on Face

When these blemishes appear, it is possible for one to start wondering what causes them on face.  Liver spots in most cases are found on areas where there is prolonged exposure to sunlight. The face happens to be one of those parts. These are primarily caused by a chronic exposure to the sun. They may not form soon after exposure but they take time. As a result, eliminating them could also take time.

Other than exposure to the sun, there are other risk factors. With age, the metabolism rate changes. As a result, the liver may get overwhelmed by toxins and fail to efficiently get rid of them. Due to the absence of anti-oxidants and as a result of the oxidation process, dark brown spots may form on the face.

Another cause is old age. People aged above 40years are likely to get liver spots. This is attributed to the fact that with age the growth of skin cells slows down. This makes the blemishes more pronounced. With age, the spots also tend to increase.

Normally, in all these cases production of melanin is accelerated. This occurs as a protective mechanism to help protect the underlying skin layers from UV lights. A high production of melanin leads to formation of the spots. This is most common in people who spend a lot of time outdoors. To take preventive measures, it is important to always wear sunscreen.

Liver Spots on Face Pictures

To help differentiate these blemishes from other skin conditions that one may have, pictures of liver spots on face can help. These give a clear distinction and help one tell apart these blemishes.

How to Get Rid of Liver Spots on Face

There are many ways through which one can get rid of blemishes on the face. Which method is best depends on financial capabilities, severity of the spots as well as how fast the patient wants them gone. Below are various methods on how to get rid of liver spots on face.

For brown spots that are not too severe, one could make use of home remedies to treat the liver patches on face. Lemon juice is known to be natural skin bleach. If applied on the liver dots, it will help to get rid of them with time. One can make use of it by extracting fresh juice and using a cotton ball to dab it on the spots. Slicing a lemon and placing the pieces on the spots could also help. This though is not for people with sensitive skin.

Another home remedy is vinegar. This helps to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the spot with time. Dab some apple cider vinegar on the spot daily until desired results are achieved. The same can be done using honey, aloe vera and onion juice.

Other remedies for liver spots are skin lightening creams. These are available over the counter. They contain active ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin, hydroquinone and retinoid. There also are some that are prescription strength. These are meant for topical use and manufacturer instructions ought to be followed for them to yield results.

The last option for treating dark age spots on the skin is through medical procedures. These are carried out by professionals. These methods are most effective and results can be seen faster than in the other methods. Laser treatments make use of beams of light to destroy the pigment producing excess pigmentation. When these are no more, the treated skin lightens helping it attain a uniform tone with the rest.

Dermabrasion and chemical peels exfoliate the top skin layer. This reveals newer skin that is free from blemishes. It takes some time for the skin to heal after the procedures. The skin also becomes sensitive. This calls for enough after care to ensure the treated area does not get infected. Two to three sessions may be necessary to lighten the spots well enough.

How to Remove Liver Spots from Face

When liver spots strike, the next step one is likely to want to take is treat them. For the best results, it is best to go for medical procedures on how to treat liver spots. These will go a long way in making the spots vanish very fast. Among some of the options on how to remove liver spots from face that one could use include:

Cryotherapy: This is a procedure that involves the use of freezing elements such as liquid nitrogen on the spots. These destroy the skin cells on the spots and as the skin heals, the spots fade. This method is known to be effective and has no side effects.

Laser treatment: This involves the use of light energy to destroy melanocytes. With no melanocytes, the skin pigmentation which leads to dark blotches cannot be produced. This leads to the lightening of the area. More than one session may be necessary to completely get rid of the liver spots.

Chemical peels: These sloughs off the skin’s top layer. When applied on the face, they will peel off the skin with the liver spots. This wounds the skin and as it heals, new and lighter skin is revealed. With this method, more than one session may be required. The concentration of the acidic solution used to peel the skin may vary.

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