Make Your Own THC E Liquid With Wax Liquidizer

THC e liquid is a favorite way to vape cannabis because it’s so tasty, easy, and discreet. Not to mention that vaping is much better for your overall health than smoking.

You will find 2 primary ways to make the switch to THC e liquid. Both of these techniques are similar, but there’s one crucial difference. One you buy pre-loaded into a cartridge while you make the other one yourself.

Making your own THC e liquid allows huge savings, greater customization, and more control.

Making THC e liquid with Wax Liquidizer is our topic today because this product makes it nearly effortless to enjoy a tasty vape while saving money.

By the way, you can use your THC e juice in any vape from fancy mods to simple pods.

Explaining THC E Liquid

THC e liquid is a combination of mixing solution and some form of cannabis concentrate. You can’t put cannabis wax into a pod vape because the substance is too thick. The way the vape works, it can’t handle it. Therefore, before you can make your own DIY cannabis juice, you have to thin the wax. That’s where the mixing solution comes in.

When you purchase pre-filled vape cartridges, you’re purchasing a combination of a concentrate like BHO along with a mixing solution. These cartridges aren’t pure concentrate but instead, they’re a blend. Think about that when you consider what you pay for these things!

Those cartridges at the dispensary cost around $35 for .5 ml of juice. If you buy your own concentrate and mixing solution, the same gram of concentrate transforms into 3 ml or 6 times the amount for nearly the same price.

You’d have to be made of money or stupid not to give it a shot at least once. Once you do, you’ll probably be hooked. It’s not only easy, but it’s also kind of fun.

Wax Liquidizer Is The Best THC E Liquid Mixing Solution

Wax Liquidizer isn’t the only company on the market making mixing solutions, but it’s the best. The flavors are subtle but delicious, the product is reasonably priced and easy to use, and it’s been endorsed by online publications like 420 Pony and appeared in MassRoots.

The Denver based company ships any of their 6 flavors and mixing tools all over the world. If you’re lucky, you can even find it in your favorite vape shop.

Curious what you’re vaping? They hear that! For more info about the blend of food grade ingredients in Wax Liquidizer, check out their website.

THC E Liquid Transformation

The simplest way to create your custom THC e liquid is to order the whole starter kit from Wax Liquidizer when you order your liquidizer. You’ll get handy tools like a blunt tip syringe and a heatproof mixing glass.

Just mix one gram of concentrate with two ml of Wax Liquidizer to achieve vape perfection. Like a stronger mix and have a hefty vape on hand? Change that ration to 1:1 for a powerful punch. Dilute your juice down to 3:1 if you like to nurse a gentle hum instead.

Warm the 2 substances in the microwave or heat the outside of your mixing container with hot water and watch the two ingredients combine fluidly. They’ll stay like that for months so don’t be afraid to make a huge batch for the ultimate convenience.

Vaping Your THC E Liquid

Your juice is now ready for any type of standard vape. No special equipment is necessary. If you can refill your tank, atomizer or cartridge, you can use Wax Liquidizer.

The company got rave reviews from a simple disposable cart on a 510 battery at a local vape lounge in Denver earlier this year. Vapers loved the subtle flavors that compliment instead of drown out their wax. They also enjoyed the sizable yet smooth hits even from such a simple vape apparatus.

Isn’t it time to try something new? Wax Liquidizer is the THC E Liquid solution to pricey pre-filled vape cartridges carts from the dispensary!

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